Did you know there are a lot of factors to consider when you choose bathroom floor tiles? Along with appearance, cost, strength, and water resistance, floor tiles are typically installed because they are easy to maintain and are anti-skid. But you don’t have to settle for plain and boring. We present you with an array of the best bathroom floor tile designs in this article to go through so that you can make a perfect choice for your bathroom.

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Best Bathroom Floor Tile Designs In India:

Here are our 15 simple and modern bathroom floor tile designs with images. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Rough Tiles for Bathroom Floor:

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Rough tiles for your bathroom are a perfect solution when you want a rustic feel to your wash area. The porous nature of these tiles helps you maintain the site well against spills or discolouration. The tiles’ dark grey finish goes hand in hand with the bathtub and space’s wall colour giving it a raw feel.

2. Textured Toilet Floor Tiles:

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If you are looking for an elegant, safe, and durable option for your bathroom flooring, textured tiles are the perfect option. These tiles are generally made out of porcelain or ceramic, suitable for both traditional and contemporary bathrooms. Slip-resistance is one of the best advantages of these textured tiles creating visual interest for people.

3. Bathroom Vinyl Floor Tiles:

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If durability is what you are looking for, then vinyl floor tiles are the perfect choice for your bathroom. It is a material formed by sandwiching affordable and practical covering that lasts longer. The waterproof nature of this material makes it a perfect option for bathrooms. It can also withstand scratches and comes in attractive colour options.

4. Classic Bathroom Foor Tiles Designs:

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Classic bathroom floor tiles can be a perfect option if you want to have a visual impact. The large white and black hexagonal and octagonal tiles are part of some of the thoughtful designs giving your wash area a soft finish. Typically white or greys are the colours used to add to space’s vintage feel and create an elegant design.

5. Stone Bathroom Floor Tiles:

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Stone tiles in the bathroom add to the raw feel of the place, creating a rustic finish. These tiles add a distinctive feature to your bathroom since colour variations are making a warm impact. The natural look of these rocky tiles is highly durable. The cleaning process is also pretty simple for these tile floorings.

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6. Decorative Toilet Floor Tiles:

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Decorative bathroom floor tile is an alternative when you want to make a statement. The white floor tiles’ unique black patterns create a beautiful contrast to the all-white toiletries and colour palette of the room. This can create a unique and personalized look for your intimate area, giving a glimpse of your taste.

7. Moroccan Bathroom Floor Tiles Designs:

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Kajaria is one of the companies that produce bathroom floor tiles with Moorish art forms on them, often found in Moroccan architecture. The Moroccan bathroom floor tiles designs represent intricate patterns that wonderfully incorporate the exceptional tile work. These tiles come in several colour combinations, and you can choose the one according to your choice.

8. Geometric Bathroom Floor Tiles:

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If you have a taste for creative flair, then geometric toilet floor tiles are the best choice. The intricate shapes, patterns, and finishes create an extraordinary impact on the floor. It comes in unique colour combinations creating a statement floor in your bathroom. This is the reason why geometric tiles are gaining prominence.

9. Traditional Bathroom Floor Tiles Designs:

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If you are looking for a way to incorporate historically famous elements into your wash area, traditional bathroom floor tiles designs are the perfect option. The symmetrical patterns on the floor tiles are usually made out of marble, creating a classy finish. It is not only comfortable but is resistant to spots and blemishes, helping you maintain the floors easily.

10. Wood Tile Bathroom Floor:

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If you want to incorporate wooden flooring into your restroom, you look into the floor tiles with a mix of wood wax. These wooden tiles for bathroom floors add a sense of security to your wash area that is slip-free. It is a perfect option to create an elusive restroom, especially for wet feet, common in bathrooms.

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11. Rustic Bathroom Floor Tiles Designs:

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Rustic bathroom floor tile is one of the best options for adding a raw feel to your wash area. These tiles’ finish is in between glossy and matte finish creating a unique décor for your space. There is a massive demand for rustic tiles in the market due to its innovative design. It doesn’t compromise on the shiny feature while imparting a traditional look.

12. Funky Bathroom Floor Tiles:

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Funky bathroom floor tiles designs are a perfect way to display a punch of vibrant colours. It creates a sense of adventure in the interiors of your bathroom. The mismatched floor tiles bring a splash of colour that is not only fresh but stylish, creating a fun-loving ambience in your bathroom. These tiles are in contrast with the simple colour palette of the walls and toiletries.

13. Master Bathroom Floor Tiles Designs:

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The wide spacious master bathroom floor tiles are usually made out of a grey porous stone, also known as slate. These are a perfect addition to the wet surface of your bathroom and are easy to handle. It is durable since it has resistance to stains, making it an appealing option, especially in the bathing area. To make it more impenetrable, you can use penetrating sealants.

14. Spanish Style Bathroom Floor Tiles:

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Johnson bathroom floor tiles designs are a perfect example that depicts Spanish style in your wash area’s flooring. The milky white glaze is one of the distinctive features of these floor tiles. The seamless design blending unique pieces creates an aesthetically pleasing look. The versatility combined with durability creates a perfect ambience for you to enjoy a peaceful bath.

15. Contemporary Bathroom Floor Tiles Designs:

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The rounded lines that predominantly focus on shape and form are prominent features of contemporary toilet floor tiles. The elegant colour, combined with the sober design, creates an aesthetic elegance to your bathroom. Unlike the modern systems, the contemporary floor tiles give you a soft rounded line featuring the space in a unique light.

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The decorative and functional properties of the bathroom floor tiles provide a beautiful texture to your wash area. With the 15 best bathroom floor tiles designs in this article, you can transform your simple bathroom into a rejuvenating one. With the choices we presented, hope making a choice has become easier! Don’t forget to let us know how this article has helped you!


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