Who doesn’t love the chance to represent their taste in their house? We all concentrate on the décor, design of the rooms, furniture, etc. but we all tend to forget the vital part of our homes, flooring! With the list of floor tile designs in this article, you can have a general idea about what you want in the interiors of your house.

The interiors of any house are a representation of our vision and how we expect it to be. The colour palette, furniture, and flooring combined form a beautiful place you call home. Go through the floor tiles designs in this article that you can implement in every room in your house.

Best Floor Tile Designs For House:

Here are our 25 simple and modern floor tile designs with photos. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Bedroom Floor Tiles Design:

Image Source: pinterest

The space, where you spend most of the time and represent your vibes, is your bedroom. This is a bedroom floor tiles design that has long elongated tiles in a rectangular shape in a colour combination of white and grey. This perfectly blends with the colour palette of the walls and décor in the room. The accessories in the room blend absolutely with the floor tiles and some of the items complement it too. The lighting reflects beautifying the space even further.

2. Floor Tiles Designs For Living Room:

Image Source: pinterest

The living room is a representation of your taste for all of your guests to see, and this is one of the best floor tile designs for the living room. This is a large living room that has flooring tile in white with a brown border in between the large squares. This design looks in sync with the décor of this space living space, which only has white wall colours and wooden furniture. The large tiles represent the space that the room provides, making it look large.

3. Floor Tiles Design For Hall:

This room resembles a perfect floor tile design for the hall, making it look stylish. The flooring has a sleek finish with a tint of sea green colour and a beautiful pattern with black in the sitting area. This design stands out in the background of the plain flooring, and the interiors go hand in hand with the whole set-up. The natural light lifts the beauty of the room since there is a large glass window with wooden slabs on the side of the room.

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4. Kitchen Floor Tiles Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Flooring in your kitchen needs to sustain a lot of things like spillage, scratches, and what not! This kitchen floor tile design is a perfect solution that is a mixture of both elegance and durability. The flooring is a classic white square with black diamonds in between that matches the white dining table and all the kitchen accessories. There are small rectangular tiles on the walls and the divider that are easy to clean and don’t compete with the white and black flooring tiles.

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5. Floor Tiles Design For Dining Room:

Image Source: iconworldoftile.com

The dining area in every house has many happy and sad memories related to food; many of us enjoy it as a family. This dining room floor tile design has an imported Italian marble tile that has a beautiful and classy finish. The natural look of this tile flooring makes it suitable for any type of dining area setup. Here we have a pure pinkish tint in the flooring, which is in contrast to the wooden chairs and white dining table. The planta on the sides of the room adds to the décor along with vases on the table.

6. Bathroom Floor Tiles Design:

Image Source: pinterest

The tiles in your bath space need to be spot-proof so that they can sustain the bathing process without leaving long-lasting stains. This is a bathroom floor tiles design that serves the purpose correctly, as the design has bright colours with an attractive design that is in contrast to the plain white coloured tiles on the walls and bathtub. The tiles on the wall of the bathroom are quite the opposite of the colourful patterns on the floor, making it a perfect option for the bath area.

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7. Balcony Floor Tiles Design:

Apartment culture has been gaining popularity not only in urban but in rural areas in our country where small balconies are the best options for fresh air. This balcony floor tiles design with wooden tiles gives you the feel of being somewhere outside your home. These wood tiles are best suited for rough and tough usage and have a unique pattern on them, which makes them stand out. One of the most significant advantages of using this type of flooring is it doesn’t take much effort to clean these tiles.

8. Floor Tiles Design For Stairs:

Image Source: pinterest

The pathway to any house is the staircase. Duplex houses have staircases in the house to access the upper part of the house. This is a floor tile design for stairs that perfectly blend in with the whole design of the surroundings, and you can opt for it in several colours. This design can also be incorporated anywhere you have stairs. The colour you choose has a significant effect on the way your house space looks. Choosing brown or black can be beneficial as they hide stains well!

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9. Office Floor Tiles Design:

Entrance for any office plays a vital role in creating an impression on the people who work there. This is one of the best office floor tiles designed with marble tile in a combination of creamy white and black. There are square-shaped tiles divided by a large rectangular elongated black tile. There is a long patterned tile on the pillars in between the floors that stand out. The finish of this flooring looks glassy, and smooth, giving an impressive look wherever you use these types of tiles.

10. Outdoor Floor Tiles Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is an outdoor floor tiles design that has multi-coloured tiles, and it is best suited for places that need to withstand weather conditions. The multi-colour option looks sombre and has grey as the prominent component in the colour palette. The whole design with colourful tiles of different shapes goes hand in hand with the total look of the house. The maintenance of these types of tiles is much more comfortable and looks elegant.

11. Designer Floor Tiles:

Image Source: pinterest

Anything designer means having a representation of your unique taste in the interiors of your home. This is one of the best designer floor tiles where the likeness of botanicals onto the ceramics bring life into the space where these hexagonal tiles are installed. The tiles are hexagonal, and the design inspired by the forests makes you represent your love for nature. The colour palette is dominated by the tint of grey, with a chair in contrast to the flooring.

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12. Flower Design Tiles For Floor:

Image Source: pinterest

This is the best example of using wood that has flower design tiles for the floor. It is designed in such a way that it includes intricate details that go with the surroundings. Most of the flooring tiles are simple, and therefore this type of design stands out in itself looking attractive and appealing to anyone. You can find sheets of this design that can easily be installed. Brown, white, and gold are the predominant colours you can see in this design with several geometric shapes along with beautiful flowers in the centre.

13. 3D Floor Tiles Design:

Image Source: pinterest

These 3d floor tile designs are a perfect example of geometric marble design. It has a 3d effect making the floor look different in different directions. This design looks unique and gives your flooring a classy and remarkable look. The colour combination of black and white on the floor seems authentic and similar to an old movie background feel. It complements the antique furniture placed all around the room. It looks like steps from one way and diamonds from another.

14. Parking Floor Tiles Design:

Image Source: pinterest

The garage or the floor where you park your vehicles needs flooring that can sustain heavy loads. This parking floor tiles design is the perfect example of such an option where the tiles are made out of heavy-duty material that is of durable quality with varying colour options. Driveways, pathways, and parking areas are some of the places where these types of tiles can be installed. Brick colour is the majority colour you can find in this type of design along with the black, and blue following.

15. Garden Floor Tiles Design:

People with a beautiful garden in your backyard or on your terrace need this type of tile design that includes both pathway tiles and some space for greenery. This is the best garden floor tile design that beautifies the area with a square cement tile alternating with a square space for grass. This design makes your garden area look beautiful, along with paving a pathway. The grassy area absorbs excess water, which is suitable for water preservation too!

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16. Lobby Floor Tiles Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Every multinational company or hotel have ample space while you enter, known as a lobby or passageway. This is the lobby floor tiles design that helps impress the people who come to the area, making them more intrigued about the place. The base flooring is of plain marble with a unique design in the middle that is in contrast to the background, making it look attractive. This design is in dark brown which matches the standing area in the lobby.

17. Italian Floor Tiles Design:

Image Source: kajariaceramics.com

Refinement is what you get when you want an Italian floor tile design. This design has a white stone background with grey veins all over the floor, beautifying the space. This pattern makes your floor unique, along with brightening the space. This type of tile looks beautiful in living rooms and lobby areas, and it is a prominent design in Italian tiles. Although white tile is ubiquitous, the grey veins make all the difference in bringing life into any space.

18. Brick Design Floor Tile:

Image Source: pixabay.com

This is one of the best brick-design floor tiles that can be used for many purposes and in many places such as alleys, sidewalks, or even on floors. These types of tiles present you with a unique view making it look rustic. These tiles are durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. You can find them in several shapes and sizes, depending on your taste and need.

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19. Spanish Style Floor Tile:

Image Source: pinterest

If you are looking for an old-world look for your home, then this Spanish-style floor tile is a perfect option. Made out of cement, this type of flooring has a fired clay colour finish. These types of flooring tiles come in different shapes and sizes that you can adapt according to your taste and environment. They are durable, too, they last a long time. These tiles match the interiors of this space, which represent the Spanish culture.

20. Terrace Floor Tiles Design:

Image Source: dizitalcard.in

This terrace floor tiles design combines both the look and the furniture all around the space. The flooring is entirely made out of cement little squares with a colour combination of colour variants of black to grey, giving it a beautiful texture. If you observe keenly, there are small squares onside every large square. But looking at it whole makes it look like a big square design. The furniture matches perfectly with a similar colour palette that makes your tea time on your terrace more enjoyable.

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21. Corridor Floor Tiles Design:

Image Source: made-in-china.com

The corridor is similar to the common area between the flats that are popular among rural and urban areas. This is one of the best corridor floor tile designs that has a white marble background with a large black border with gold veins in between. The inner area consists of artistic corner designs with a colour combination of gold, white and black. The whole pattern of this design is simple yet beautifies the space.

22. Gucci Floor Tiles:

Image Source: pinterest

Gucci is one of the prominent fashion brands based in Italy, making many luxurious items. It has been in trend to inculcate Gucci floor tiles, where the designs from this top brand started marking its place in the interiors of our home. This design is similar to a mosaic with rectangular tiles that come in multiple colours. Various colours of the flooring make it different and funky looking.

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23. Mediterranean Style Floor Tiles:

Image Source: pinterest

The friendly lifestyle is represented in the Mediterranean-style floor tiles, where the use of warm colours is predominant. This style generally inculcates natural materials such as ceramics, wood, etc. This flooring is a perfect option for rough usage where there is little to no damage for many years. These tiles are slip-proof and match the interiors of the space. Convenience, boldness, and simplicity can be found in this type of tile design.

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24. Star Pattern Floor Tile:

Image Source: pinterest

This is one way to spruce up the otherwise dull space where the star pattern floor tile does all the work. The medium-sized tiles with a white background have massive grey stars in the centre of the squares. There is also a miniature form of stars with a similar design on all four corners of the square. The grey stars against the white background elevate the design, making the floor look elegant and beautiful.

25. Swimming Pool Floor Tile Designs:

Image Source: kajariaceramics

Relaxation is what comes to mind when you think of a swimming pool. It offers a place for you to relax, making it a perfect spot to spend time with friends and family. This is one of the best swimming pool floor tile designs that not only beautifies the area but also enhances the look of the water. The underwater flooring is blue, giving the water a beautiful tint. There is a seating area elevated above the pool with gold, grey, and white pieces forming a mosaic where there are chairs for you to relax and enjoy some peace.

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Flooring is an essential and integral part of every house. Unlike previous times, the material of tiles is not restricted to ceramic, as they are available in several elements and can be used all around the house. With the plethora of floor tile designs in this article, you can get your research done before you start choosing the floor tiles for your home.


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