Home decor has evolved from the wall paintings in the caves to the engraved wall art in the recent past. Modern art, technology and creative ideas are transforming the houses into beautiful homes and are depicting the personality and lifestyle of the members of the house living in it. This is the reason why wall tile designs have seen massive upheaval in modern times. When it comes to wall tiling in your living space or at the office, you must plan properly and be trendy because a small mismatch can ruin your image of a beautiful design. In this article, we will see the stylish wall tile designs that match your creativity and can be executed in your dream home.

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How To Choose The Best Wall Tiles?

You have a design in your mind of how your wall tiling should look like but are unable to decide on how to start. Here are some of the tips for choosing the best wall tiles designs.

  • Firstly decide on what type of tiles to use in different rooms. Vitrified/ceramic tiles are the best products available in the market, which combine both the beauty and purpose of the homes efficiently.
  • Next comes, the area where the tiles are to be placed. The interior tiles are different from the exterior tiles. Hard and concrete tiles should usually be used on the exterior walls to withstand all weather conditions.
  • The budget is also an essential factor that should not be ignored. Tiling work usually begins just before the completion of the project (construction of the house). The budget at the final stages may become a bit tight. Choose the tiles wisely so that your cost does not cross the anticipated budget.

Best Wall Tiles Designs In India:

Take a look at the 25 simple and modern wall tiles designs that you may want to consider for your dream home.

1. Exterior Wall Tiles:

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The above tiles are best used on the exterior walls. The alternate shapes with different colours make it look like a unique piece for the external walls. The texture of the tile looks so complementary that it can withstand any weathering conditions. Dust, stains, and any scratches are not so easily visible on these tiles, which makes them a perfect choice for the exterior walls.

2. Interior Wall Tiles Design:

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These tiles make the perfect choice for the living room. The rusty iron look makes the living room look extravagant. During the day time, the sunlight from the windows enhances the beauty of the tiles, and during the night, the lighting from the ceiling makes the rusty iron tiles shiny.

3. Buddha Wall Tiles:

Lord Buddha is considered the messenger of peace and taught about Nirvana. These tiles in the house depict the nature of the people and how calm and peaceful they like to live. The golden-coloured Buddha sitting on the rock under the tree is seen in the picture. These tiles, when placed at the entrance of the house, will give a pleasant look to the persons coming into the house.

4. Ganesha Wall Tiles:

Lord Ganesha is widely considered the remover of all the obstacles in life. Hindus consider him as the god of beginnings and are honoured at the start of all rites and ceremonies. These tiles are mostly used at the entrance of the house or in the pooja room. Putting these tiles at the opening of the house is believed to be a good omen. There are so many varieties of Ganesha tiles that can be chosen, but this one looks vibrant and bold with the wooden carvings on the back.

5. Radha Krishna Wall Tiles Design:

Image Source: staynish.com

Hindus consider Radha and Krishna as the eternal lovers in the world. There are many romantic stories about this couple in ancient books. It is said that Krishna enchants Radha with the music from his flute. The pictures of this couple are available in various forms like paintings, photo frames, and even tiles. These tiles can be placed either in the living room, or at the entrance, or in the bedroom, or in the pooja room.

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6. Wall Cladding Tiles:

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These wall cladding tiles can be effortlessly used outside to augment the exterior home look. These tiles are water-resistant, and fire-resistant, and also can be sustained in any weathering conditions. Hence, using these tiles allows us to continue to enjoy its colour and finish even after many years. The contemporary stone finished look makes it look elegant on the compound wall or the garden walls.

7. Printed Tiles For Wall:

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Earlier tiles were only used in the kitchen or the washrooms. Those days are gone, now it is the trend of digitally printed wall tiles designs. These printed tiles on the walls give an out-of-the-box look transforming the walls into stunning artwork. These tiles can be cleaned easily and are long-lasting and even give us a gorgeous look. The whales in the turquoise blue water in the above picture look as if they are going to come alive at any moment and frolic with us.

8. Floral Wall Tiles Design:

These tiles bring the eye-catching and beautiful appearance of nature into the house. With these tiles, you can add life to your design. With such a varied mixture of designs and sizes, a perfect look is guaranteed for your home. These tiles can be utilised for the interior or the exterior walls. If you are fond of flowers and are very much attracted to them, these tiles make a perfect choice for your dream home.

9. Kitchen Wall Tiles:

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The kitchen is the place where you can experiment with the tiles and their versatile designs. The backsplash of a kitchen is the first and foremost place to consider remodelling. The kitchen is the place where we cook and eat. Hence this place must be neat and hygienic. White is the universal colour that gives us a luxurious look. Adding kitchenware pictured tiles alternatively compliments and completes the look of the kitchen.

10. Wall Tiles For The Living Room:

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The living room is the principal room of the house. The tiles in the living room should be chosen carefully. This is the sophisticated living room tiling. The diamond-shaped satin-like tiles with mirrored tiles in between give it a stunning look. The lighting in the mirrored tiles makes it eye-catching to anyone who passes through the living room.

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11. Wall Tiles For Hall:

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The hall is also an essential room of the house, just like a living room. Here, in this room, you have some regular meetings with your family members or with outsiders. Hence this room should look classy. The tiles in the above picture are satin textured tiles with a golden finish depicting the royal look. The sunlight coming through the windows gives the tiles a shiny look.

12. Office Wall Tiles Design:

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The office is the place where we spend most of our time apart from our home. Hence it is necessary to ensure that the office provides the employees with the right atmosphere to work with a pleasant and decent look. The tiles for the office should be chosen wisely. The above pattern is a homogenous alternate band of black and whitish brown that complements the office look.

13. Balcony Wall Tiles:

The balcony is the place where you sit and relax and have a good time with your family and friends. So this place should give us a relaxing look. In the above picture, the tiles with the natural stone look are unbeatable with their subtle rustic tones. These tiles, when laid on the wall, add texture, colour, and warmth effortlessly. Since these tiles are from natural stone, they are highly resistant to rough weather conditions. The natural grain patterns look lovely and unique. Thus, no two tiles look alike.

14. Pooja Room Wall Tiles:

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The Pooja room is the worshipping place in the house. Hence there should be religious paintings or photo frames and even religious tiles present in this room. Om is considered a sacred sound and a spiritual symbol in Hinduism. Every individual in their household often uses these tiles in their pooja room. Other tiles, such as gods and goddess tiles, are also being used. The diya tiles used in the bottom complete the look of the pooja room.

15. Bathroom Wall Tiles Design:

Today, bathrooms have also become one of the essential rooms in our homes, requiring a lot of attention and focus for a perfect ambience. Choosing a darker shade of grey or dove grey ceramic tiles can add a subtle character to this space. It can beautifully complement the gleaming white bathroom fittings. An extensive range of colours, shapes, patterns, and sizes are available in the ceramic tiles offering a lot of choices.

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16. Bedroom Wall Tiles:

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A bedroom is a place wherein you should have a perfect atmosphere to have a sound sleep. Hence the design of the bedroom is so critical while planning for a house. This is an example of an extravagant, lavish look of a bedroom. The textured, natural stone wall tiles are the first thing that we see in this picture.

17. Parking Wall Tiles:

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Parking tiles for the house should be chosen very carefully because the regular tiles which can be placed on the wall do not go on the floor. These tiles should be hard, preferably made of concrete to withstand vehicular movement, and also, these should be durable. The above picture is a classic example of the parking tiles. The alternate placement of black and grey diamond-shaped tiles looks like a perfect artwork made on paper.

18. Garden Wall Tiles:

The Garden is the place where you spend a considerable amount of time. A perfect, well-looking garden at the entrance or in the backyard depicts the beauty of the house. A person can imagine how the house looks from the inside by just looking at the beautiful garden, and for that, the placement of tiles and the type of tiles used is crucial. In this picture, natural stone tiles and wooden finished tiles are used, which gives a fabulous look to the garden. If you want a luxurious look at an affordable price, then this type of design best suits you.

19. Compound Wall Tiles:

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The exterior wall, which runs through the perimeter of the house, is a compound wall. This is the wall that is noticeable to everyone (pedestrians) who passes through the house. Hence, designing these walls in the best possible way is necessary. The textured rectangular stones are used as titles for the compound wall, which makes it look classy and straightforward. Such types of tiles are hard, dust resistant and also can resist any weather conditions.

20. Elevation Wall Tiles Design:

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These are glossy tiles, excellent wall applications which are gleaming and are perfect for any elevations. These tiles reflect the light and give a brighter look, which makes them genuinely magnificent in every sense and imparts a striking look to your elevation.

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21. Tiles On Stair Wall:

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These are the wooden tiles used for the walls of the staircase. Wood has always imparted a classy look. Since wood is hard to maintain, wood-look tiles are used. Usually, ceramic tiles are used. These tiles on the wall have made the staircase look fabulous with a perfect match to the risers and treads and the baluster.

22. Wooden Wall Tiles:

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These tiles are much more intense than most of the wall tiles available in the market. They add a sense of great decor to your home and have the ability to blend in with most of the accessories present in your house. These tiles can be made from reclaimed wood as well, making you an environmental person. These types of tiles are budget-friendly.

23. Contemporary Bathroom Wall Tiles:

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These are the regular tiles that can be seen very often in the washrooms of many houses. Porcelain tiles are absolute beauty when maintained correctly. These tiles are water-resistant and hence used very commonly in the bathrooms.

24. Stone Wall Tiles Design:

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This design is yet another simple, classy, and hard-looking tile design for your home. Such type of tiling is usually done for the exterior walls such as garden walls or compound walls. The broken stones with a non-homogenous pattern are adopted to give us a perfect and outstanding look. Such type of walls has the capability of withstanding all the weather conditions.

25. White Wall Tiles:

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White can add some elegance to your house. While maintaining the colour can be tough in the long run, especially with children moving hastily inside the house, it nevertheless is the ideal pick for luxurious modern-day homes. It adds to the ambience and makes your house look more prominent.

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Wall tiles designs create a significant impact on the overall look of the home internally and externally. The tiles are highly resilient materials that are laid in neat rows over a variety of surfaces. Glossy tiles have become one of the most preferred choices in the living rooms or the kitchen. Keep in mind one thing that these tiles require regular maintenance, i.e., cleaning them regularly, makes them look glossy. Highly durable tiles and which are resistant to any conditions should be chosen because the wall tiles are the permanent fixtures in the house. Last but not least, the budget is the one that should be taken care of because the installation of tiles is a one-time investment.


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