13 New Wall Tiles Pattern Ideas for 2018

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Do not under estimate what a wall tile design can do to your home. They have to potential to set the mood of your house, whether classy or vibrant. Picking out the right set of wall tiles is very important and must be considered as a careful process because it includes finding the right set of tiles that match in color, size and texture with all the other tiles and other decor of your home. Wall tiles are much more exclusive than floor tiles because you have the liberty of choosing just a small amount of tiles for one wall or a large number of tiles for all the walls with no consequences thereafter which makes it much more flexible than floor tiles.

Take a look at some of the wall tile design that you may want to consider for your dream home.

1. Lines:

Wall tiles designs 1

Love to keep it simple? Here is an ideal choice. These longer tiles do require you to spend much more time when applying them on your wall. This wall tile design goes well with your living room, kitchen or your bathroom which is absolutely perfect.

2. Rectangular Wood Tiles:

Wall tiles designs 2

These tiles are much more intense than most of the wall tiles in the market. They add a sense of intense decor to your home and has the ability to match every single accessory in your home. These wood tiles can be made from reclaimed wood as well making you a very environmental person.

3. Squares:

Wall tiles designs 3

Glowing with a sense of elegance that would otherwise be absent from your home these tiles are one of a kind and match every home very securely. These squares have are of Japan origin and have taken the world by complete storm over the past few years. The tiles are available in many different colors as well so that you can pick the tiles of your choice.

4. Colorful Wall Tiles:

Wall tiles designs 4

This wall tile pattern is perfect for two rooms, one, the bathroom wall and the other is your child’s bedroom wall. In both these situations the colorful tiles help to increase the brightness in your room and will most definitely look even better on a white background. The colorful wall tiles work well on one exclusive wall with a white wall surrounding.

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5. Metallic Designs:

This is probably the most progressive design of the lot and maintains the fact of how many designs wall tiles have to offer. Metallic tiles are easy to attach and can really improve the look of your luxury home. Accessorize with some potted plant or a vase to make it look more stunning.

6. Glass Wall Tiles Design:

Glass walls are the next big thing when it comes to great wall tile designs. You can use glass tiles to spice up your bedroom considerably. Glass walls can be showcased ceramic tiles or complete glass tiles which are both available for you to choose from.

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7. Porcelain Tiles:

Wall tiles designs 7

Another attractive tile for your home this is a very sophisticated wall tile design which is perfect for your home. Porcelain tiles are an absolute beauty when maintained and can be made of small tiles or can be made of one complete big tile that can take up a complete wall or all the walls in your home.

8. Thread Less Pattern:

Wall tiles designs 8

Wall tiles are normally an exclusive affair and there is no exception with this concept which uses a thread less pattern of lines thus giving it the name. It is vibrant and is full of life. This new wall tiles design is full of energy and comes in a range of attractive shades.

9. Stone Wall Tiles:

This is yet another classy and simple tile design for your home. With some mildly colored furniture and apt sofas, this tile will elevate the overall look of your house. They come in a range of prices and the price fluctuates with the texture of the tile you choose.

10. White Wall Tiles:

White has the capacity to add some elegance to your house. While maintaining the color can be tuff on the long run, especially with kids running around the house, it nevertheless is the ideal pick for the modern-day homes. It adds to the ambience and makes your house look bigger.

11. Ceramic Wall Tiles:

Ceramic wall tiles are always the trendy option. It is known to beautify your house and adds a special touch of look to it. Get ready to make your house look luxurious with this glamor.

12. Decorative Wall Tiles:

Who doesn’t like a tinge of decoration to your living room wall tile? With intricate designs and vibrant colors, they are a perfect choice for your home. The best part is, they have a huge collection of designs and shades to offer.

13. Marble Wall Tiles:

Marble wall tiles are a true beauty. Their polished surface and smooth looks adds to the overall beauty of the home. It has the potential to elevate the look of your house. The marble tiles usually come in mild colors and yet make a bold statement.

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Wall tiles, whether for the living room or any other room of your house, requires a careful consideration. Keep in mind, the color of the floor tiles, your furniture sets and the overall mood of the house. Once you know this, make the right choice of wall tile. Seek expert advice, and a lot of store owners will help you out. Browse through the internet and choose the appropriate tile.

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