The blue trousers marked their entrance in India after black and brown trousers. The origin of the same is said to be from the USA. The western colour is staring using colourful pants after 1928. Their level increased with the use of enhancing fabric. The first choice for wearing blue trousers was made in the US and it generally became a trend there. Later on, it spread to different parts of the world and now not only blue, but different shades of the same are also available. The world is now enriched with the royal look. It can be conveyed to both men and women as the blue trousers are available for them. So, one has a complete collection to choose from the varieties of blue trousers.

Features of Blue Trousers:

The different features of blue pants are,

  • Different colour has a royal look in the market. This royalty is a perfect choice for men.
  • Along with blue, different shades are included like navy blue, sky blue, light blue, emerald blue, etc.
  • The blue trousers are not going to absorb much heat and it is a beneficial point.
  • The blue trousers non-reactive to acids and so there is no effect of acid over them. The colour will remain natural.

Which Fabric is Best for Blue Trousers?

When talking about blue trousers, cotton will be the best fabric for it. The blue colour is generally a less heat-absorbent colour and it is not going to heat you in summers. The cotton will play a major role in deciding the comfort zone. The cotton should be used as the main fabric for blue trousers. So, one should make a choice for blue cotton pants.

New Collection of Blue Trousers for Men and Women with Images:

Here is the list of blue pants in new designs for parties and functions.

Men’s Blue Trousers:

1. Blue Check Pants:

The blue trousers men are common nowadays and they love to wear the same. Blue is the colour of royalty and pure nature. This adds to the complete figure of the men. The design of the blue check pants is different from others. Simple checks are present on it which looks very cool. Some long pants will be suitable for parties and functions.

  • Fabric Used: This trouser used fabric is Cotton.
  • Matching Outfits: The matching outfits include black shoe and a white shirt. This would be a great choice made by men for parties and functions. So, kindly choose the same design and get a dashing look.

2. Blue Formal Pants:

The men blue pants also include one of the formal and decent looks. The formal blue pants are the same category of decent looks. It is the best option for an employee to wear it for the office or attending some formal party. The design in the image looks formal with the latest pattern. The blue colour makes it look bright for summers.

  • Fabric Used: The cotton is used as the main fabric here with no extra design.
  • Matching Outfits: Pair these trousers up with a white coloured full sleeved shirt along with a pair of black coloured shoes too.

3. Blue Checked Trousers Men:

The blue is the most chosen colours by men. This is because blue signifies royalty and the royal look is what we all are looking for. Also, choose a branded trouser for the same. So, get a new look and be creative in whatever you do. The blue checked trousers men are simply casual checked trousers and simple patterns. These patterns are provided in the form of checks.

  • Fabric Used: High-class linen is used for making the trouser a success.
  • Matching Outfits: The matching outfit would include a shirt of any colour and black shoes. This is the best type of trousers for wearing it for a party.

4. Blue Cotton Pants:

The blue colour pants are usual nowadays since it is summers. The cotton had always remained in demand since produced. The light-weighted cloth is suitable for hot sunlight and this also provides a high-level of comfort. This trouser can also work in winters. The design is kept simple for this trouser. The image shows a blue coloured cotton pant with small regular designs embedded into it.

  • Fabric Used: Cotton is always chosen for hot summers and springs. At the same time, light colour shirt/t-shirt should be chosen in summers.
  • Matching Outfits: This can be the best choice for daily use when worn with a light blue coloured shirt. So, it is a beneficial product from both sides.

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5. Blue Striped Trousers:

The blue striped trousers are now again the choice for men wear. This would help you make a complete choice for yourself. This would enhance your personality and let you shine with some royal look in blue. The stripes are bringing some new designs on the trouser. The picture of blue striped pant will make it all clear. Simple stripes would give a different look for parties and functions. One can’t consider it for a formal party/meeting.

  • Fabric Used: Linen is used as the fabric here and so it is considered as strong trouser.
  • Matching Outfits: The matching outfits include best light-coloured shirt of any colour and brown shoes.

Blue Pants For Women:

6. Blue Floral Trousers:

The blue floral pants are the choice of blue trousers women. This is a new design added in the collection which turns out to be more suitable when worn for some event. The floral or flowers are scripted as the major design on the blue coloured trousers. Slim fit girls/women can wear the same for some great parties.

  • Fabric Used: The cotton is used as the main fabric so that it can be soft and comfortable.
  • Matching Outfits: The matching outfit includes a white shirt and black flats for women. It would really provide a surprising look and make you look beautiful in the attire.

7. Blue Cotton Trousers for Women:

The ladies blue trouser is made up of many types of fabric. The linen and cotton are the best one chosen for daily use. Here, we are generally talking about blue cotton pants for women. Women have an advantage here as most of the trousers for them are made up of cotton only and the cotton is responsible for soft nature. The design of this trouser the image gives a new look for the latest fashion. Simple working is crafted alongside the trouser.

  • Fabric Used: The main fabric used for this trouser is Cotton.
  • Matching Outfits: This time make a choice according to the matching outfit and it would include your blue earrings, top, shirt, sandals, etc.

8. Blue Patterned Trousers:

The blue patterned trousers are navy-blue trousers for women. For these blue pants will also be a perfect choice. So, make a perfect choice for yourself after selecting a quality blue patterned trouser. The pattern here includes some extra design over the plain blue trouser. The picture shows one of the top designs, which is perfect for a wedding or function.

Fabric Used: Cotton is used as the fabric for the same.

Matching Outfits: You can easily wear these trousers with a sleeveless white coloured t-shirt, along with a pair of black coloured heels as well.

9. Blue Linen Trousers:

The dark blue trousers for women are also a good-looking choice. Now, it is going to be a good-quality trouser with strong essence. This is suitable to wear in both summers and winters. The design works with the work of linen. This is a unique pattern of simple designs as crafted on the trouser.

  • Fabric Used: Linen is treated as a strong fabric and used here.
  • Matching Outfits: Pair these gorgeous looking blue linen pants with a white coloured full sleeved cotton shirt along with a pair of nude coloured heels. You can either choose stilettos or pumps for your heels.

10. Blue Casual Trousers:

The blue casual trousers are the choice made by women for daily use. Also, it is the most suitable choice. This is a simple design which is good to be worn as daily use. Even, small girl kids can wear it at home. It provides a high-level of comfort. The picture shows a light blue trouser with no new design over it. It measures the level of simply the best.

  • Fabric Used: The cotton is again going to be used as the main fabric here. This marks the choice of better quality and long-lasting product.
  • Matching Outfits: You can wear this trouser with a white coloured sleeveless t-shirt and also a pair of silver coloured heels, coupled with a black coloured belt.

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Blue Trouser:

The dos and don’t of wearing blue trousers are:


  • A regular fit size trouser is always ok for both men and women. It will never let you down in terms of a perfect look. So, do choose the fit size.
  • Do make a choice of blue trousers with the perfect matching outfit.


  • Don’t wear too long blue trousers.
  • Don’t wash them regularly.
  • Don’t make a match with some unusual colour.
  • Don’t wear too cropped blue trousers.

How To Style Blue Trousers?

  • The blue trousers for men can be styled in the simplest way. If they are some long trouser then it can be folded from the bottom.
  • Try to wear a matching outfit along with it and the black shoe would be an appropriate choice.
  • The blue trousers for women can be styled along with black flats or sandals.
  • Keep proper press of the same and wear in the simplest way. Don’t try to fold it for from the bottom as it would look for women.

The blue trousers are adding their various properties in the market and becoming famous. This colour along with different shades like navy blue, emerald blue, light blue, sky blue is chosen for trousers. People love to wear new designs and patterns of the same and finally, they have made a choice for blue trousers. The royal blue pants men are the best choice for some big party or function. The design of the same can be checked on the online stores. This will give a royal look to both men and women. So, invest in something which can really yield big.

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