Trousers have been worn in the western world since ancient times, and nowadays, they are now the most common forms of clothing for both men and women. The first recorded use of trousers dates back to the sixth century BC by Greek geographers. These geographers were horse riders, and riding on horses for long periods was not an issue due to wearing trousers. Both men and women horse riders with trousers can be found in ancient times. There are trousers of various make and colours these days, one of them being the popular white trousers fashion. Girl’s white trousers have been the favourite garment mainly among the younger generation or crowd, who want something unique and different to wear.

What Are The Features of White Trousers:

  • White trousers are eye-catching and look extremely well when worn during the day or at night.
  • These women’s white cotton pants are easy to wear and very comfortable for longer periods.
  • There are a lot of white pant styles that one can choose from.
  • White trousers are a perfect balance between formal and informal outfits.
  • Versatility is also a key factor when wearing white trousers, as you can wear these trousers with any kind of shirt or top.

Which Fabric is Best For White Trousers?

Many fabrics can manufacture white trousers, all of which will deliver the same result. But cotton or poly-viscose should be the go-to fabric for manufacturing white pants. The fabrics that should avoid for white trousers are mostly rayon, nylon, and other types of these kinds of synthetic fabrics. This is because cotton is the most comfortable fabric for making any trousers, especially black and white pants.

Fashionable White Trousers Collection for Men and Women with Images:

Here are the best white pant designs for ladies and gents in trend.

White Pants For Men:

1. White Linen Trousers:

If it’s the summertime and you want a simple combination for the hot weather, then there is nothing better than white colour pants. These white trousers in linen fabric will be perfect for any dress code. Simple and sophisticated design, with a straight fit with a little tapering at the bottom of the white linen trousers. The waistband has belt buckles with front zippers.

  • Fabrics Used: Linen is the only material that is used.
  • Matching Outfits: These trousers will look great with a blue colour checkered full sleeve shirt, along with brown colour loafers, with the shirt tucked away under the trousers.

2. White Silk Trousers:

A formal look with white silk trousers looks great, and coupled with a blazer; you will find the right outfit for your favourite occasions. These kinds of white silk pants are very versatile and can be easily dressed. These trousers have a tapering shape towards the bottom part of the legs. There are no such designs with just simple looks.

  • Fabrics Used: In this case, about 60% of the material is linen, while the rest, 40%, is made from silk.
  • Matching Outfits: Pair these white silk trousers up with a brown colour buckle shoe, a blue colour full sleeve shirt along with a white colour blazer.

3. White Summer Pants:

These white summer trousers for men are specially made for summer and hot weather conditions, and therefore, these trousers are mainly made from breathable fabrics. These white summer trousers also hang the most away from the body and are thus very comfortable. The fitting of the trouser is more relaxed and a straight fit as well. The bottom of the trousers is slightly flared and covers all of the ankles.

  • Fabrics Used: Cotton and linen are the favourite fabrics used in this case.
  • Matching Outfits: A half-sleeved shirt in white colour and a pair of brown sneakers would be sufficient to style up.

4. White Skinny Trousers:

Not everyone can pull off skinny trousers, but if you like your trousers to be well fitted, the white skinny trousers route will be the best decision for you. Ill-Fitted white pants may look up plain embarrassing for you. These skinny white pants’ design is pretty simple, just like any other white trousers. The waistband has belt buckles, along with front zippers. The fitting is tapered at the bottom and stays close to your skin.

  • Fabrics Used: Mostly, polyester is used as the material, with elastin and spandex to give the trousers their elasticity. Cotton can also be used.
  • Matching Outfits: A full-sleeved blue dotted shirt and pale colour loafers will look great with these trousers. The shirt should also be tucked.

5. White Tailored Trousers:

Like and love to wear tailored suits, shirts, and pants? Then it would help if you tried out these white tailored pants. Tailored trousers have been a favourite among men for ages and can be worn on any occasion or season you may like, be it summers or winters. The white tailored trousers have a straight and slightly relaxed fit towards the bottom. The end of the trousers extends only up to the ankles. Apart from that, it looks plain and simple.

  • Fabrics Used: Linen is the most used material.
  • Matching Outfits: Wearing black-white shoes and a blue-coloured striped full-sleeved shirt will help you look great with these trousers.

Pants For Women in White Colour:

6. White Cotton Pants Women:

If you want white cotton pants for women who are very comfortable and look fashionable, then this pair of pants should be the right fit for your job. It will make you look very geeky but also playful as well. The design of the white cotton trousers for women looks very simple, with a slim fit and a tapering downward cut. The lower end of the trouser has the sides slightly cut with a thick border.

  • Fabrics Used: Main fabric that is used in this case is cotton.
  • Matching Outfits: These trousers can be paired with a yellow-sleeved or a sleeveless top and a pair of nude-coloured stilettos.

7. White High-Waisted Trousers:

If normal waist trousers are not your thing, you can try out white high-waisted pants. These white high-waisted trousers extend over your waistline and reach your upper-end torso. The trouser design is simple, has a skinny and tapered fit, and extends up to the ankle.

  • Fabrics Used: In this case, a bit of elastin is used, along with most of the material being polyester. Elastin gives the skinny fit some stretch.
  • Matching Outfits: Pair these trousers up with a nude colour crop top and nude colour heels.

8. Black and White Striped Pants Women’s:

These are uniquely looking pants with a flared bottom, and the fit is very much relaxed. The whole black and white striped pants are in black with white stripes through them, in a vertical order. In the black and white striped pants, women have a wide garter belt around the waistline. The length of the pants extends over your feet and has a flared shape. The fit is relaxed.

  • Fabrics Used: Cotton and polyester are the main materials that are used.
  • Matching Outfits: These trousers can be paired with white or black colour heels and a v-neck relaxed white top with full sleeves.

9. White Wide Leg Trousers:

These white wide-leg pants have a relaxed fit, with the bottom part of the pants wide in shape. If you like to look trendy without going overboard and want something more associated with style and fun, then you can go for these white wide-leg trousers. The design is very simple, with the only colour used is white. The shape of the pants resembles a bell, with the lower part having a wide flared design. The waist part is also high rise as well.

  • Fabrics Used: Only polyester material is used.
  • Matching Outfits: Pairing up with a full-sleeved lace top with a white and black colour combination, with white and black colour heels will do perfectly.

10. White Cropped Pants:

If you love to show off your flattering smooth legs, these white cropped trousers should be an instant pick for your wardrobe necessities. These white cropped trousers will make your natural leg line look much better. These trousers also keep you cool during summer as well. It has a straightforward, plain and smooth design that makes your legs look fantastic. It is a high waist and a garter belt at the waistline. The bottom part of the pants has some lace design work.

  • Fabrics: Fabrics like viscose are used mostly, along with polyamide and elastin, to give the pants their soft and stretchy feature.
  • Matching Outfits: Wearing these white trousers with a designer top with half sleeves and having a relaxed fit will look great. Also, pair up with white colour heels.

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing White Trousers:


  • Always make sure that you are wearing the right size for your black and white pants.
  • The fitting for the trousers should always be perfect.
  • Cotton should be the best fabric to choose when buying white trousers.
  • Provide a clear tone that matches your white trouser and the rest of the outfit.


  • Never plan to wear white pants made from synthetic fabrics, as they are more on the uncomfortable side.
  • Do not wear white cargo trousers, as cargo trousers are a hard trend to pull off.

How to Style White Trousers:

  • Wearing footwear like loafers or sandals with slim-fit white trousers is a good start.
  • You can wear a white shirt or top and a heritage blazer for a stylish finish.
  • Wearing dark-coloured tops, shirts or t-shirts with loose white trousers is also a great style quotient.
  • Accessorising leather jackets or handbags with white satin trousers is a great welcoming change.
  • You can also wear sneakers with your white trousers, for a more casual look.

With a good amount of guidance, thinking, and research, white cotton trousers will not be that hard for you to pull off. You have to make sure that you are selecting the right kind of brand as well as the material. Combined with good fitting, you can be assured to have new favourite apparel in your wardrobe, without a doubt. Apart from that, you can always wear white trousers for any occasion that you may like, be it formal or informal. Hopefully, you will find the right white trousers for your daily style and needs.

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