For many people, trousers or pants are one kind of apparel only. But there is a keen difference between the various casual wear trousers as well as formal wear trousers. The casual trousers first came into existence in the mid of the 20th century. Before that, the trousers were only used for corporate events and official use. Later with the development in the fashion world, short trousers, business casuals, colours casuals, pleats, cuffs, fly trousers, etc. came into the market which added to the stock of casual wear in both men and women. Be it casual pants for ladies, teens or even gents, the pants have always added to both a simple look as well as a stylish one too.

What are The Features of Casual Trousers?

Here are the features of the best casual trousers design,

  • The casual pants come with properly gripped waistbands which makes mechanism secure.
  • Most of the casual trousers are worn without any kind of belt loops which is also known as Sprezzatura.
  • The casual jean trousers are given a kid like a look with the suspender buttons which is a popular design among the teens for a funky look.
  • A promising design in the latest casual pants is the one with side adjusters which help in providing proper grip to the trousers on the waist.

Which Fabric is Best For Casual Trousers?

With regards to the material of the types of casual trousers in dark, they can be bifurcated by the wearer. For the women colours dark trousers materials like cotton, sew, microfibers, cloths, silk, rayon, polyester, acrylic, nylon, cotton lycra, fleece, and even spandex is the best. While for the dark pants men’s gathering, texture like cotton, polyester, and spandex are the broadly chosen ones. Be that as it may, the present material in the pattern for men is the cloth material joined with slight cotton material just as cotton polyester material as well.

Stylish Designs of Casual Trousers for Gents and Ladies in Trend:

Let we have to look at the top 10 stylish casual wear trousers ruling the fashion market globally for both men and women.

Latest Mens Casual Trouser Designs:

1. Men’s Casual Cotton Pants:

If you are looking for something that would perfectly suit your vacation mood, this pair of black casual trousers men design in harem style is the best to carry. The trouser is given a length similar to the capris with a baggy style look. With a regular thickness, the trouser gives enough space for your skin to breathe properly.

  • Fabric Used: This wide leg loose men’s casual trousers design is made out of cotton material which makes it suitable for summers, spring and fall seasons.
  • Matching Outfits: As the pant style is designed for vacation mood, the pants can be carried over sleeveless waists as well as t-shirts.

2. Casual Cotton Trouser Pants:

For a trendy look, these casual cotton pants have been the first choice of men. The pants are given a straight cut and edge design too which makes it more stylish and modern to wear. With high-quality material, the trousers are best carried for casual outings.

  • Fabric Used: Made out of cotton material, this casual pants for men comes in a variety of colors to select from. The pants also come with some features similar to the formal designs.
  • Matching Outfits: Easy to wear for every kind of event, the pants give a stunning look when worn with cotton t-shirts in plain or prints.

3. Casual Linen Trousers:

Be it a morning walk or spending some comfortable time outdoors, this is the best men casual trousers design you can have. The trouser is given a totally loose fitting which makes it cosy during walks, gyms, yoga, houseware, etc. Again, the elastic grip adds to its accurate fitting.

  • Fabric Used: Coming to the fabric of this amazing trouser design, it is made using linen material. With a straight cut, the pants are given drawstring like closure.
  • Matching Outfits: The list of matching outfits for this piece it can be the best carried with lightweight t-shirts, or even sleeveless waistlines.

4. Lightweight Casual Trousers:

Want to wear something that is light to wear and trending? This grey casual trousers with Cargo design is an ideal match for every kind of occasions. The trouser is given a box like the baggy look that comes with the loose fitting with stylish pockets and loose waist fitting.

  • Fabric Used: Available in a wide range of colors, the jogger’s cargo pants are made using cotton material with an elastic waist for increasing the comfort levels.
  • Matching Outfits: Cargos best go with short tees in cotton. Also, fancy waistlines are also much in trend along with these casual male trousers for occasions like trekking.

5. Khaki Casual Trousers for Men:

For the men looking for a slim look in casuals, a pair of Chino beige casual trousers is the best to go with. With a good slim look, the trousers are given a beige colour that is widely selected for the trekking and outdoor events lovers. With a mid-rise waist and flat-front pleat, it is the best for summers.

  • Fabric Used: These funky gents’ casual pants are designed from cotton and elastane material with a woven design which comes with a complete chino look.
  • Matching Outfits: Whether you go with plain or printed t-shirts, every piece is amazing to give you a ravishing look.

New Collection of Casual Trousers For Women:

6. Casual Summer Pants For Women:

Summers is all about light material and cool prints. And this pair off-white casual trousers is one of the best pieces to have in your collection. Made out of cotton material, the trousers are given floral prints with elastic waistline which makes it more complacent.

  • Fabric Used: These women’s casual pants trousers are designed using light cotton material that gives it the best fitting and thickness best for summers.
  • Matching Outfits: This lovely pair of trousers can be carried out with short tees or even short tops in cotton for a superb summer look at beaches or any outdoor events.

7. Printed Casual Trousers for Women:

For fashion lovers, here is an astonishing trouser design that is proper to give the women a sexy look. The printed casual pant is given a snake print in black ink which is given a high waist and stretching design. The trouser is given a high waist design, with an elastic waistline that gives a perfect grip on the waist.

  • Fabric Used: The stretchable trouser is made using a material like spandex and polyester in a knitted pattern with a flare design.
  • Matching Outfits: For a lavishing look, this trouser can be well accompanied with different tops like halter, off the shoulder, crop tops, etc.

8. Regular Fit Casual Trousers for Women:

Looking for a perfect combination of business casual trouser pants? Bossini is an ideal design to be worn. The black casual pant gives the best appearance for any type of look you are willing to have. With a loose fitting, the trouser pants come with ankle length for a classic look.

  • Fabric Used: This solid piece of trousers is made with standard material like polyester. This means the trouser comes with a loose fitting and straight cut for a modish look.
  • Matching Outfits: Looking for the best matching outfit for this pair of trousers? Try a loose and stylish top.

9. Green Casual Trousers:

Are you planning a trekking trip? Got a roadster for the big day? Yes, the roadster green casual pants are specifically designed for such occasions. The trousers are given a Capri length which makes the trekking comfortable and fun to attend the event.

  • Fabric Used: Made out of elastane and cotton material, the trouser is given a good waist rise look for a good grip over the waist. The pant is also given a woven design that increases its durability.
  • Matching Outfits: Be it halter tees, short tees, long tees or any simple top, they are sure to give the roadster an appealing look especially for the summers.

10. Blue Casual Trousers:

Much conscious about wearing something that is trendy as well as elementary for casual wear? Try the plain skinny ladies casual pant design. The trouser is given a length similar to the Capri as well as an elastic waist for required grip over the waist.

  • Fabric Used: Best for spring and summers, these women’s trouser design is made with cotton material along with polyester. The pant is given pencil pants look with plain design.
  • Matching Outfit: This design is the best to be worn for outings. Carry a simple or regular tee or short top and you are done.

The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Casual Trousers:

The casual pants come with particular dos and don’ts which if followed perfectly, give the best look to the wearer. Here is what you need to keep in mind.


  • Go for casual trousers that come with flap pockets with cool appearance.
  • If not aware of proper matching, go with a dark casual wear trouser and light top for the best look.


  • Avoid wearing too loose, too tight or even too long types of casual trousers.
  • Don’t forget to wear pants that are well tailored.

How to Style Casual Trousers?

  • Wear khaki casual trousers for attending a casual event with a t-shirt and denim jacket.
  • Match the printed casual trousers with a solid top and ballets flats or sandals for a cute summer look.
  • For winters or springs, look for flannel brown casual trousers for a casual fashion look.
  • If you are going to remain active outdoors, it is best to go with cargo trousers in casuals.
  • For a sophisticated casual appearance, go with the twill chinos trouser design.
  • Wearing a blazer or any sport coat would be good for a smart business look on casuals.

Be it casual pants for ladies or men, they have always given an appealing look for both regular looks as well as outdoor visits. Currently, the designs like cargo pants, drawstring designs, sweatpants, pajama pants, chinos, corduroy pants, suit pants, joggers, etc. have been the most demanded casual trousers. With different colours and designs, they are also popular for casual business looks also. They not only give a sharp look but are properly durable and flexible for a comfortable look for any kind of casual event indoor or outdoor. So, are you ready for an incredible look with the latest casual pants design?

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