The green trousers marked their beginning with decent and formal trousers. It was the time when people of the Soviet Union used to wear such colourful trousers. The green is based on the environment and this is the pure colour with the essence of eco-friendly nature. Moreover, green pants are now available with several unique designs and patterns. These green trousers actual origin was from the British. Generally, the western culture adopted such frames and it spread worldwide. People love to wear such evergreen coloured shirts and pants. The same is available for all age of people and different varieties are forming new colours. The fabric has a main role to play in this regard and so it is recommended to wear green cotton trousers.

Features of Green Trousers:

The different features of green pants are,

  • The trousers generally remain light-weighted and provide easy to wash.
  • Different lengths are also available for green trousers which can be bought according to the requirement.
  • The best finishing of fabric is provided on these trousers to make them strong.
  • The checked green pants are having the best pattern. It is good to be worn for parties or functions.
  • The green trousers are available for all age group.

Which Fabric is Best for Green Trousers?

The recommended fabric for green trousers is cotton. Although, there is strong linen also still the cotton would be the best choice for green colour. The green colour seems to be light and doesn’t acquire much heat and so the cotton would help to absorb zero heats. So, this is going to make a good choice in both summers and spring. For winters, one can choose wool green trousers as it makes use of thick cloth. So, choose the fabric wisely.

Fashionable and New Green Trousers for Gents and Ladies with Images:

Here are the best designs of the green colour pants stylish collection in 2019.

Green Pant Designs For Men:

1. Green Cargo Pants:

The green trousers men had always remained as an evergreen choice. It just makes everything look evergreen. The green cargo pants are also a category of such type. This is extremely a lovable product with many resources. The design in the image is completely a cargo pattern with added pockets provided.

  • Fabric Used: The cargo is used as the main fabric here and generally men take a chance for cargo pants.
  • Matching Outfits: Combine these trousers up with a full sleeved white t-shirt along with a pair of white coloured sneakers, that will go perfectly with the colour scheme.

2. Green Formal Pants:

The men green pants are always best in looks. The formal green pants are generally meant for some formal meeting or occasions. An employee working in a company can get this product for daily use. This is a formal look green pant which remains extra classy. The overall design of the pants is very simple and well-presses nature should be maintained for the same. This is something rejoice from the side of the green pants.

  • Fabric Used: The cotton is used as the main fabric here.
  • Matching Outfits: Pair these trousers with a blue coloured checkered shirt along with a pair of blue and white coloured sneakers as well.

3. Khaki Green Trousers:

The emerald green trousers are the best-looking trouser for men and so, as the khaki green pants are. The green colour is mixed with some other colours to make it look bright. The design in the image provides a new designable emerald green trouser where the bottom of the trouser is looking good.

  • Fabric Used: The linen fabric suits the best this product. Moreover, it can be also worn for parties and functions around.
  • Matching Outfits: You can wear a white full-sleeved shirt along with a pair of brown coloured oxford shoes as well with these trousers.

4. Green Cropped Trousers:

The dark green trousers are termed as the best colour trousers in winters. The light colour has less sunlight absorbent power and it provides more comfort. So, one can really enhance the overall personality by just wearing the matching outfits. So, buy green cropped pants at a very easy price in online stores. The design shows a newly added perfection for women in terms of cropped trousers. These trousers look best from the bottom itself.

  • Fabric Used: The cotton is also used as the main fabric here for providing comfort.
  • Matching Outfits: Pair these trousers with a white coloured full-sleeved shirt and also a pair of black coloured Loafers as well.

5. Green Check Trousers:

The green check pants are well-nourished with designable looks. The property of mint green trousers is used for making the product success. The check designs are always unique and look every time green. It would be best suited for some big parties and functions.

  • Fabric Used: Even, linen is used as the fabric for it. One can easily buy the given product anywhere in the market. This is only possible because of the popularity and demand of the same.
  • Matching Outfits: You can keep your torso bare along with a pair of white and black coloured sneakers to along with these trousers.

New Pants For Women in Green Colour:

6. Green Skinny Trousers:

The green ladies trouser are always added with some new designs. This type is new-fashioned skinny trousers. It depends on choices to choices. These skinny green trousers are completely attached to the legs and give a pencil jean look. However, it is more comfortable in comparison to jeans.

  • Fabric Used: The cotton is added with linen to make the fabric complete. Moreover, the skinny trousers in the picture shown can be worn for parties, functions, or even daily use.
  • Matching Outfits: Pair these trousers with a white coloured full sleeved relaxed top along with a pair of white coloured heels as well.

7. Green Silk Trousers:

The ladies green trouser is making use of many types of fabric. Each type of fabric has a different role to play. It would also be a good choice for hot summers and springs. So, make a choice for such a good trouser. The design of these trousers is something fine lines added onto the structure. Moreover, silk makes the trouser go smooth.

  • Fabric Used: Here, it is silk which is going to be used as the main fabric. The silk is quite soft and elegant in comparison to other fabrics. The silk products always have a soft nature and so does a green silk trouser have.
  • Matching Outfits: You can pair these trousers with a white coloured half sleeved t-shirt along with a pair of brown coloured shoes as well.

8. Green Cotton Trousers:

The green cotton trousers are the most bought trousers by women on the Internet. The online stores have a number of varieties to show and it may difficult to choose the best. Don’t try to wash the trouser every day to ruin its quality. A quality assured product is always given the priority. The design in the image is simple and unique. The cotton fabric makes it look good and fine.

  • Fabric Used: Pure cotton has been used for making the product good for use.
  • Matching Outfits: Pair these trousers with a black coloured cropped top and also a pair of black coloured heels as well.

9. Green Floral Trousers:

The choice of floral trousers is always made by women who love to wear some different designs. The olive-green pants women would be a great choice regarding this product. It would really enhance your look after wearing the matching outfit for the same. The design in the image is provided with some extra patterns of floral. The flowers are added as the major design.

  • Fabric Used: The cotton is used as the main fabric for the green floral trousers.
  • Matching Outfits: You can wear this trouser along with a pair of pink coloured heels and also a white coloured sleeveless top too.

10. Green Linen Trousers:

The green linen trousers are known for the fabric used. The linen is one of the strongest fabrics used for making quality products. This is the reason why people switch to linen clothes. The design of this trouser is perceived with the latest pattern and long length.

  • Fabric Used: The quality assurance is provided by the linen fabric.
  • Matching Outfits: The best outfit that will go along with this trouser is wearing a sleeveless white coloured top along with a pair of white and blue coloured loafer shoes with it too. It will overall look very fantastic and gorgeous as well.

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Green Trousers:

The different dos and don’t s of wearing green trousers are,


  • The size of the trouser is first priority choice. So, do make a proper choice for a regular fit of trousers.
  • Do choose matching outfits along with green trousers. One can be enhanced by such looks.


  • Don’t wash your green trousers daily otherwise the colour starts decaying.
  • Don’t use dark green trousers in sunlight. It would absorb more heat and let you feel uncomfortable under it.

How To Style Green Trousers?

  • The green trousers can be styled in some natural ways. If the trousers are formal then there is no need to make a change regarding style. It looks simply the best.
  • The trousers like straight leg, checked can be folded from the bottom.
  • Try to wear the matching colour outfits as it would provide the same personified look overall.
  • Moreover, you can style the green trousers with a white t-shirt. So, choose an appropriate style according to the clothes you wear.

The green trousers are made up of different fabrics. These fabrics measure the overall quality and look of the trousers. Some of the famous mixed colours are olive green, mint green, dark green, light green, emerald green trousers. All of them are chosen according to the season and requirement. So, never choose the wrong product or style when buying the same. Also, the market is full of a number of varied collections for green trousers. The best choice is still in your hands and any one of the top 10 can be chosen. So, be appropriate and make the right choice by considering other products also.