The linen is one of the oldest materials than cotton. It had its origin in Georgia in the late 70s. Moreover, many items have been designed under it and the first one was a handkerchief. The linen is said to be made up of fibres and flax plant. Now, it is considered as more strong than cotton and can be dried with a higher rate than cotton. So, it can be considered as superior. Now, the beginning of linen trousers has been marked after cotton trousers. People believe to have because of the main fabric as linen. It is the strongest material and can provide a better-quality product. Such linen products are very good and should be bought for quality assurance.

Importance of Linen Trousers:

  • The linen pants are very important nowadays and this is becoming possible because of linen fabric only.
  • It is considered as one of the finest and strongest materials for making trousers.
  • One can wear it for formal and party also. It is available in various designs for both men and women.
  • It is always advised to look for a quality product which can run for a good period of time. And so linen trousers are playing a good role in maintaining the strength of the trouser.

Features of Linen Trousers:

  • The main features include, The colour property is quite adequate and it doesn’t get blurred easily.
  • The strength of the linen pant is very good in comparison to other materials.
  • It is elastic in nature.
  • The moisture-absorbent property of the linen trouser is quite good.
  • It can also provide a high level of comfort for both men and women.
  • There are no acidic effects over it and so there is nothing to worry about it.

Which Age Group is Preferred for Linen Trousers?

The proper age group for wearing the same is 20-50. This is the age group where both young and old age people can find their way to wear. There are some designs that are also meant for old aged people. The strong nature of the linen trousers is making it possible to find a way in the market. It is suitable for the age group for both men and women where they can enjoy the different styles and comfort zone of linen pants.

List of Top Linen Trousers with Latest Designs and Patterns:

Here are the best models of linen pants for gents and ladies in fashion with images.

Linen Pant Designs For Men:

1. Wide Leg Linen Trousers:

The men linen pants have a variety of things to share. The wide leg linen trousers are also one of the known types. Generally, these trousers are long for men. The picture would make you everything clear. The design of the wide leg pant is also simple and no extra pattern is added. It is just like simply the best.

  • Fabric Used: This is a white linen pant which no extra fabric used. Simply cotton and linen are used as the main fabric.
  • Matching Outfits: You can pair these trousers with a black coloured half sleeved shirt along with a black coloured pair of loafers as well.

2. Casual Linen Trouser:

The casual linen pants are one of the most bought trousers nowadays. The men linen trouser is generally catching the attention due to casual wear. First of all, one of the finest fabrics is used in the making of the trouser. The black linen trouser gives a party look. One would enforce to get this trouser at any price. The design for this trouser is completely simple but looks very cool as a designer for black colour. Overall, simple features are kept for this trouser.

  • Fabric Used: This trouser used linen is the main fabric.
  • Matching Outfits: These trousers can be worn with black and white checkered full sleeved shirt along with a pair of black coloured shoes.

3. Summer Linen Trouser:

In the hot and unwanted summers, it is good to wear summer linen pant. These trousers are simply made up of light cloth so that one may not feel heavy. The design for this trouser is simple present at the sharp points. Overall, it is a plain navy linen trouser.

  • Fabric Used: Cotton is mixed up with linen for making it perfect as summer linen pant.
  • Matching Outfits: The matching outfit with these trousers will be a light blue coloured full sleeved shirt along with a brown coloured pair of loafers as well. This outfit will look perfect with these trousers.

4. Petite Linen Trouser:

The petite linen trousers are narrow bottom pants which look designable. Though they are light in weight and also considered as casual linen pants. This design is a light brown linen trouser for men which would be a good choice in this regard.

  • Fabric Used: Although, linen fabric is used sometimes canvas is also used in place of it.
  • Matching Outfits: The best outfit to pair with these trousers will be a full-sleeved blue coloured shirt along with a black and white coloured pair of running shoes.

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5. Cropped Linen Trousers:

The cropped linen trousers are rarely available for men at online stores. So, the grey linen pant would give a perfect look like formal trousers. The cropped design for this trouser is to be seen at the bottom. This gives it a different look for men.

  • Fabric Used: The linen fabric is considered as one of the top fabrics for making pants. The linen pants when cropped give a more enhanced look, but these are mostly worn for a party or function. So, the choice should be appropriate.
  • Matching Outfits: You can keep your torso bare with these trousers, and wear a pair of blue and white coloured sneakers with it as well.

Linen Pants For Women:

6. Cotton Linen Pants:

Cotton linen trousers are going to be a good choice for women. The female linen pants are generally in demand on both the stores and they love to wear the same. The picture shows a blue linen pant for girls. The trouser design is giving an advanced look for this trouser with regular patterns. The cotton is used which makes it a light-weighted trouser.

  • Fabric Used: Pure linen is used as the fabric for the pant. So, make a simple choice in this regard.
  • Matching Outfits: Pair these trousers up with a black coloured sleeveless top along with a pair of black coloured heels as well.

7. Straight Leg Linen Trouser:

The girls’ linen trouser include a variety of cotton and linen designable trousers. The green linen pant is the choice made for ladies linen pant. The green colour provides the evergreen look. The design in the image is a long straight leg linen work which extra work to be seen at the bottom. Moreover, a unique pattern is followed throughout.

  • Fabric Used: Linen is used for this pant.
  • Matching Outfits: Also, the matching outfits include green coloured straight leg linen trousers. Along with this trouser, you can pair a white coloured sleeveless top combined with a silver accented sandals as well too.

8. Slim Fit Linen Trousers:

The ladies linen pants also include some slim fit linen trousers. The slim fit as the name suggests that it is fit for ladies but not skinny. The fit trousers can also be a choice for someone but the level of comfort is also high. The slim fit design of the trouser makes it look beautiful. The designer look is provided for this skinny trouser. The image shows a good looking slim fit trouser with the best fit.

  • Fabric Used: The pure linen fabric makes it look strong and quality assured product. The collection of slim fit linen trousers is high and one can choose from the best quality products.
  • Matching Outfits: The beige linen trouser can be worn with a full sleeved red coloured shirt and a pair of beige coloured heels.

9. Maternity Linen Trousers:

The linen trouser women are enriched with a number of styles. The maternity linen trousers are a kind of loose trousers. These trousers are favourable for summers and one enjoys a high level of comfort under it. The white linen pants have been chosen as the best colour for the same. The pattern can be matched with maternity.

  • Fabric Used: Linen
  • Matching Outfits: You can wear these trousers with a half-sleeved white coloured top along with a pair of silver coloured sandals as well too.

10. Linen Formal Trousers:

The formal linen trousers are going to be the simplest look for women. These trousers are chosen when the choice for the formals is to be made. The woman working in a company as an employee may need such formal linen trousers for daily use. This is an orange coloured simple formal trousers with a new look. The complete work of linen is shown here.

  • Fabric Used: Linen
  • Matching Outfits: The best matching outfit with these trousers will be to wear a white and black coloured vertical stripped half sleeved top along with a normal pair of flat sandals which is gold in colour.

Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Formal Linen Trousers:

The do’s and don’ts of wearing formal linen trousers are:


  • The regular fit is needed in the case of linen trousers. One can’t look good if the trousers are not fitting properly.
  • Make sure that if the length of trouser is big then fold it from the bottom.


  • Don’t make trousers look tight around the waist. They are mean to remain loose and fit.
  • Don’t wash them regularly as it may ruin the actual colour of the trouser.

How to Style Linen Trouser?

  • The linen trousers can be styled according to the actual need. Follow the do’s and avoid the don’ts of the same.
  • So, first of all, choose a trouser that fits you properly. There is nothing to do with formal trousers but styled trousers like maternity and slim fit trousers can be folded from the bottom.
  • It would enhance your look and provide you comfort. So, style any type of trouser in the simplest way and don’t try to make it complex.

The linen trousers are good enough to be worn in both summers and winters. This is possible because of the fabric linen which seems to be suitable for any season. Some of the latest designs for both men and women are hitting the market and they love to wear the same. Here, one should make a proper style format and know all the properties to how to look good while wearing linen Pants. This is done in contrast to give formal or party type look. So, from a number of designs and colours, available one can choose the best option.

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