In our series of discussing new style possibilities created with versatile colours, we have today to share with you all about matching shirts for blue pants. Blue colour pants are quite popular across genders to create a sophisticated and plush style statement, and there is an array of styling possibilities for matching shirts with blue pants. Most of us often can think of neutral common colours such as white and beige, but how many can think of unique creative styling ideas? That is why we have compiled the best styles of matching shirts with blue trouser pants. Let us go ahead and check out all these trendy styles in fashion this season.

Which Colour Shirt Suits Blue Pants?

Before we get into details of matching shirt colour with blue pants, let us briefly discuss the styling possibilities. When we talk about blue pants, given the plush and edgy royal finish of the colour, we have quite a lot of possibilities in terms of shirt colours to style them beautifully. Quite often, we think of white colour shirts with blue pants. While that is a common, timeless, and chic combination, we can also style blue pants with cream, grey, off-white, and beige shirts and go bright with other colours such as red, pink, and maroon. What do you think?

Best Matching Shirt With Blue Pant Styles With Images:

Here we go; let us now check out a particular combination of shirt ideas with blue colour pants for creating a contemporary and edgy style statement. Whether you are looking for office and formal wear, casual outings or party outfit ideas, worry not! We’ve got you covered with different tips and ideas on coordinating shirts and blue pants for men!

1. White Shirt And Blue Pants:

When we talk about shirts that go well with blue dress pants, the first possibility that comes to our mind is that of white shirts. White shirts with blue pants are forever a timeless, chic combination. The blue pants go beautifully with white colour always and for all occasions. You can match blue trousers with a white shirt combination for casual looks or go with formal blue pants with a white shirt to create a smart office-wear look, too!

2. Matching Shirts With Blue Formal Pants:

What colour shirt goes well with blue formal pants? There are many possibilities, giving you ample scope to try out new looks. As we discussed, a white shirt is one classic combination. On the other hand, you can try grey, beige, off-white, and cream shirts to create a minimal, neutral, yet stylish look. Further, you can go with bright colours too to create a vibrant style.

3. Black Shirt for Blue Pants:

The Black and blue combination is also chic, exuding bright vibes and a bold look. We can match blue trouser pants with a black shirt combination too. It is ideal for those in older and middle age groups and can give youthful and smart vibes around you. Check it out, and you will love it, too!

4. Pink Shirt for Blue Pants:

If you prefer lighter yet unique colour shirts that go well with blue trousers, why not check out pink shirts? A pink shirt with blue pants is another amazing idea. The light pink shirts will go beautifully coordinated with navy blue pants or royal blue trousers. On the other hand, if you want to make it loud and bright with a darker shade of pink shirt, prefer to match it with sky blue or light blue pants. What do you think?

5. Blue Jeans Pant Matching Shirts:

Blue denim or jeans pant is a classic choice for creating a chic casual wear style statement. Whether you have dark blue denim pants or light blue faded denim jean pants, you can wear a lovely shirt to create a contemporary, modern, and vibrant style. Rest assured, they will never disappoint you and create a fun, boho, youthful, amazing look.

6. Grey Shirts Combo for Blue Pants:

You can also try pairing blue pants with a grey shirt. If you have a lighter grey shade shirt, prefer to go with navy blue pants to match the shirt colour. On the other hand, you can go with lighter blue or ice blue trouser pants for lighter grey shirts. What do you think? This new grey and blue combination for shirts and pants is trendy in the fashion market!

7. Blue Pant And Matching T-Shirts:

T-shirts are another fun way to create a stunning modern statement with blue pants. You can go with polo tees, other collared tees, round neck solid tees or printed/graphic T-shirts of your choice with blue trousers. Match them with blue casual trousers, denim, or chinos for a youthful and edgy style.

8. Combination Shirts for Blue Check Pants:

You can pair checkered blue pants with matching shirts if you want to wear checkered blue pants. For instance, if you are looking for a perfect shirt with royal blue check pants or a navy blue combination of pants, you can go with white, grey, beige solid colour plain shirts. If you have light blue or sky blue check pants, you can wear a dark blue, black, white, dark grey or red matching shirt to create an alluring vibrant style.

9. Matching Shirt With Blue Cotton Pants:

We all agree that there may be nothing as comfortable as cotton pants. How about a matching shirt idea with blue cotton pants? You can use the same clues and prefer neutral or lighter shirts. Prefer to pair with cotton shirts to create a smart and chic dignified style statement. What do you say?

10. Yellow Shirt And Blue Pants Cambo:

When we talk about shirts that match blue pants, we often do not think of a creative look with a yellow colour. But did you ever imagine pairing a yellow shirt with blue pants? For those who prefer a unique, bold, and one-of-a-kind style statement, you must try a combination of yellow shirts and blue trousers!

11. Matching Shirt With Sky Blue Coat And Pants:

You can pair a sky-blue pair of pants with a matching coat or blazer to accentuate your style. In this case, prefer to match with a contrasting colour shirt such as white, grey, black or beige. This look is perfect when you have special occasions or formal events to attend. Do you agree?

12. Red Shirt And Blue Pants:

Have you ever imagined creating a look with a red colour shirt? If not, red shirts with blue pants are also a crazy trending new-day style to check out and learn more. This is unique and will give you a new, bold perspective on the fashion world. So, if you are up for the challenge and experimentation, try it out!

13. Green Shirt for Blue Pants:

Another quirky choice is pairing blue pants with a green shirt. If you wish to try out a light green printed or solid shirt, pair them with dark blue or navy blue pants. On the other hand, if you love bold looks with dark green or olive green shirts, go with light blue or ice blue pants to match the style.

14. Blue Lycra Pant Matching Shirt:

The blue lycra pants are new talk in fashion town; you can experiment with them too. In particular, younger people can try stylish new lycra pants with a matching shirt. As we discussed, these are easy to manage, and you can pair them with any colour.

15. Brown Shirt for Blue Pants:

How about brown shirts with blue pants? Brown shirts can go beautifully with blue trousers or denim indeed. It creates a pleasant fall-inspired style statement and is among the most underrated hit combinations not to miss. What do you say?

So, how did you enjoy these styling ideas and matching shirts with blue pants? Depending on the shade of your blue trousers or pants, you can try out the array of combinations of shirt colours to style according to your preference and occasion. Let us know your thoughts!

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