Paper Bags have become the latest recent trend in fashion for carrying things along in people hand; one of them can be carrying flowers to give the women of love a pleasant surprise!!. It is a very Eco-friendly accessory used to carry light to medium-weight articles. There are many ways to design a paper bag and make it look more presentable and also fashionable. Paper bags are normally carried by both male and female groups. Handmade paper bags most commonly made by women who are bored with carrying plain long plastic bags.

Latest and Best Hand-Making Bags By Using Paper:

To find out more about types of Paper Bags and the variety of design available in the market and giving us a wide knowledge and its use in our daily life is pointed the top 15 Paper bags.

1. Simple Brown Kraft Paper Bags:

This type of paper bag is formed from the chemical pulp produced in Kraft processing which forms Paperboard. Due to its high strength and durability, it are used as a Paper grocery bags; it also has high tear resistance, which helps in holding the weight against the tearing effect.

2. Brown Paper Bags with Handle:

This is another variety of grocery bag or shopping bag with a handle attached to the bag; the handle is also made up of brown paper, which has high tear resistance. It is most commonly used as a grocery bag that can carry medium weight.

3. Paper Bags with Logo:

This type of bags is usually designed by stores with their name printed logo on the paper representing their firm name. Nowadays, a jewellery store or any private store give their products to the customer in these eco-friendly paper bags. This is also considered as one of the marketing strategies for company progress.

4. Paper Gift Bags for Wedding or Birthday:

The tradition of presenting gives in plastic wrap has changed to paper gift bags. This kind of bags looks more pleasant, able and attractive. The name of the gift her can be writing on the tag attached to the bag. These gifts are mostly preserved instead of thrown away due to their quality and design.

5. Special Gift Bag with Handle:

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Gift Handbag can be with or without a handle. The handle is easier to carry along. The handle can be in the same colour as the bag or Saturn ribbons which can be used as a handle attached on both sides of the bag.

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6. Craft Paper Bags:

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This can be a normal brown paper bag with a thick paper handle or coloured papers that are made from byproducts of paper, but the difference is these plain paper bags can also be crafted with handwork designs like sketching on the paper or ribbons stuck onto the paper. This kind of paper can be bought in the store at quite a responsible price.

7. Decorative Paper Bags:

Plain paper bags which can customize by using pictures of nature or his or her own creative pictures which are highly in trend and used by youngsters. This bag is used as a shopping bag or even as a lunch bag for school kids.

8. Name Paper Bags:

It is one of the most popular designs among the young generation. This can be used as a gifting bag or a daily bag. The customer can select the paper’s design and colour and then get their name printed on it. Name youngsters mostly use paper bags.

9. Small Paper Bags for Carrying Small Things:

People commonly use small Paper bags due to their pack lunch for kids or carry it along in ladies’ handbag and later can be used to carry lightweight articles during shopping.

10. Discount Advertising Printed Paper Bags:

This type of paper bags is used during retail sale season, where the retail shops promote its discount sale printed in the bags. This kind of advertising is most efficient than using other modes like discount flyers which people generally don’t pay attention to.

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11. Designer Paper Bags for Shopping:

Using Paper towels as the main material needed to make this designer paper bag. The idea behind this kind of paper bags is by forming an origami by packing paper towel one on top of the other, and it becomes a solid mass of paper without any help of glueing to keep the paper intact. Then you can do painting on it to give it a designer look with a handle attached to it.

12. Paper By Handbags:

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It is a similar kind of paper made bags which helps is carrying lightweight articles. The difference from others is that handle is designed along with the paper bag, which helps to carry it by hand called by the handed bag, which is highly comfortable. This type of bags is used normally to carry documents.

13. Wine Carrying Printed Bags:

This is designed to carry wine most commonly used during the wine festival in European countries like Germany. This is an Eco-friendly bag that acts as a gift bag for carrying wine during Christmas for giving to relatives and friends.

14. Breakfast Paper Bags:

Instead of carrying plastic boxes, the concept of paper bags used especially for breakfast is designed. The advantage is carrying on non-liquid food like bread sandwiches, eggs are more efficient, but cannot carry liquid food along without packing in a plastic box.

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15. Handmade Newspaper Bags:

Handmade paper bags are the most economical type of bag which is easy to make. The things needed are daily newspapers or magazines, glue and a rope or Saturn used as the handle. Making our bags makes us feel like creative person and confident.

Paper bags most commonly used in recent years due to the policy of cutting down the usage of plastic bags, which caused environmental pollution. The shopping stores have now stopped distributing paper bags instead of paper bags with handles is recommended. Though it is not cost-effective compared to paper bags, it is mandatory to shell out money to get a paper bag to prevent the surrounding. “Stop Pollution for a Good Solution”

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