Summers are on their way! Have you shopped for the cotton vest to enjoy the hot days with utmost cooler effect?
Yes, cotton is considered the best material for the burning summers. It absorbs the sweat in your body and gives you a relief from the heat. Inspired by the waistcoat designs, it is a tailored design widely carried out even for a fashion stand by the teens.

Latest and Stylish Designs of Cotton Vests for Gents and Ladies in Trend:

Here are some cotton vest designs to decorate your attire to a stylish look.

1. Classy Power Cotton Vest for Men:

Cotton vest men’s design which is both casual and frizzy is the classy design with a zip opening. The sleeves of the vest are given slight medium broadness with a skin fit look. The design is quite popular for gyms, morning walks, night walks, etc.

2. Open Front Cotton Vest for Women:

The teens of the colleges and work women are highly attracted towards the cotton vest women’s design. The vest is given a front opening with broad and lengthy side collar designs. The sleeveless design adds to the charm of the vest.

3. Dual Color Cotton Vest for Men:

A slight loose fitted men’s cotton vest design is quite widely worn as inners. The vest design is given dual colour which divides the vest into two different sections black and white. The high neck of the vest gives a perfect look to your fitted body muscles.

4. Funky Cotton Vest for Women:

Cotton vests for women’s made with mild jeans material are highly inspired by the shirts or jackets designs. The vest is made with a collar and four pockets in slant design. The sleeveless design and elastic containing waist design gives a slimmer look to the wearer.

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5. Strip Tank Cotton Vest for Men:

Tank design in vest design is quite popular among the men, mostly the teens. The cotton vest is given stripes design in black and white which is a lovable design for men. The mild broad sleeve with a black border adds to give a stunning look on gyms, outings, picnics, etc.

6. Fancy Cotton Vest for Women:

Women’s cotton vest is given a fashionable touch by giving it length and flawless layers. The top is made with geometric designs and stripes in a light colour. The layers are made curvy inspired by the open front design of the vests. It is widely carried on a single piece and jeans or shorts.

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7. Hooded Cotton Vest for Men:

A cotton vest tops design which can be carried by both men and women is the hooded vest design. The black vest in cotton is given a cap design with a fitting similar to the jackets. The opening of the vest is given with a zip while there are strings hanging to give the vest a different look.

8. Chiffon Cotton Vest for Women:

A new design in the cotton vests ladies design is made with both cotton and chiffon to make it more attractive. The cotton vest in white is given a skin fitting which is decorated further using chiffon material with floral designs embossed on it. It gives a sensual touch to the women outlook.

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9. Denim Cotton Vest for Men:

Denim and vest cotton, both combine to make a new and catchy look to the personality of men. The vest is made similar to the formal waistcoat designs. The border of the vest is given a fluffy design with two tiny pockets on it.

Among both men and women, the ladies cotton vests designs have given a huge variety to choose from which would surely make you go crazy. The cotton vests are the currently the worn for giving your body a visible look showing your curves or highly built body.

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