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9 Beautiful & Attractive Red Vests for Men and Women

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Vest is an outfit worn by men and women both. There are various varieties of vest they can be formal, informal, typical, modern, etc. A vest can also be a top, an inner, etc. A vest is a very classy choice of garment that can be worn by anyone. Vest goes with almost everything. There are types of vest best suited according to a person’s choice. Red vests are just stunning. With such a choice of color red vest looks amazing on anyone who wishes to wear it. An elegant choice of dressing, it completely changes your looks.

Latest and Fashionable Designs of Red Vests for Gents and Ladies in Trend:

Let we have to look at the top 9 designs of red vests.

1. Basic Five Button Red Vest:

red vests

This is most basic and old type of vest worn by men mostly. There are five buttons to it and the cut of the vest can differ according to fashion. From being a straight to slim cut to asymmetric cut too many more. The red vest gives a very professional look to the man and can be worn with any formal pants.

2. U-neck Vest:

U-neck Vest

This vest is again common and is usually worn by the men. The color red adds a great value to it. This vest can be worn inside a three piece suit with a formal shirt. Apart from three piece suit it can be worn with simple white shirt as well. As color red goes best with white.

3. Classic Four Pockets Vest in Red:

Classic Four Pockets Vest

This is the classic vest usually worn by the men. This vest has four pockets and looks very simple and sober on men. The color red may give it a bold look. It looks best on formal outfits.

4. Red Velvet Vest:

Red Velvet Vest

The red velvet vest gives a royal look. A professional yet royal look, It can be worn by men and women both. Red velvet looks stunning and wearing a vest made of red velvet will make you look amazing.

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5. Red Leather Vest:

Red Leather Vest

This vest is a bit different from the rest of the vest it can be worn by both men and women. This vest can give you a modern look, like you are traveling to some hike or up for bike ride. The red leather vest gives you a complete cool look and can be worn anytime.

6. Three Buttons Double Breasted Vest:

Three buttons Double breasted Vest

This is a different pattern of vest the three buttons vest is the common vest. The look says it all with the formal buttons on it and the red color is amazing. It looks good as a professional outfit. It can be worn at corporate parties. It gives a classy yet bold look.

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7. Red Halter Neck Vest for Women:

Red Halter Neck Vest

From being classic vests can also be modern in looks. Here the look of this vest is mixed with the cowboy look. With the laces attached to it the look changes completely form being a formal to a party wear dress. It will look good on slim jeans or pants.

8. Formal Red Vest:

Formal Vest

A formal vest looks super stunning and highly professional. Apparently a red formal vest looks amazing on anything you wear. This can also be chosen as a uniform by companies, in this case it can be a uniform of an airline. It gives the best look with skirts.

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9. Casual Wear Unique Vest for Women:

Casual Wear Unique Vest

This type of vest is usually worn with casual dresses. A red casual vest is a bold choice to wear and looks great. It can be worn above slim pants, shirts, long skirts, etc. vests always look great on anything you wear. This vest looks more of a top and can be worn without any shirt as well.

From being made of different shapes, sizes and cloth materials vests are surly a great choice to wear. And how to wear them is also important. There are wide range of vests above were just few of them, try on have a change in your look. They can be worn from party wear to casual to formal. They fit in every occasion and I bet you can’t turn it down now.

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