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15 Different Styles of Mens Vests in India Fashion 2019

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The style of your clothing reflects your personality. It tells a lot about you. Styling yourself in the latest trend beautifully is also an art. Vests are apparel which is worn both by women and men. This clothing which makes you looks good. Vests are mostly sleeveless and rarely some have sleeves. The vest jackets and different types of coat are worn outside the shirt or t-shirt.

Trendy Men’s Vest Dress and Suits:

Vests for men are made of different fabrics and styles which you can wear in season throughout the year. Here are some best types of men’s vests in Style 2018.

1. Gym Vest Men:

Gym Vest -1

Not only women want to remain fit or maintain figure, but also men’s too want to look good by having toned body. At gym-toned body can be obtained. Going to the gym with daily wear is not comfortable while working out. You need a comfortable vest which is sleeveless and is made of such fabric which provides much comfort while doing any exercise.

2. Hooded Vest Men’s:

Hooded Vest

Whether it is a t-shirt or jacket a hood added to them makes it look too stylish. The hooded vest craze will never go down among the youngsters. This is a men’s vest in casual wear which you can wear anytime and anywhere.

3. Sweater Vest for Men:

Sweater Vest

We want our every dress to look good then why not even the sweaters? This wool vest for men is formal sweater which you can wear in your office to give warmth to yourself without looking off track of the formal attire. The print on the sweater gives the looks of checks but it is not of checks, in fact, it has small prints. The black and white combination makes the look striking.

4. Men’s Hippie Vest:

Hippie Vest

If you are men who love rock music and have that cool look with long hair and headband or hats but are not getting that style of the vest for yourself then this vest will work out for you. It has double fringes layer which gives a real hippie look.

5. Men’s Vest Jacket:

Men’s Vest Jacket

Vest jacket is opened from the front and has buttons or zips to close them. They are additional wear to make your look attractive. According to the fabric you can wear in both winters and summers. This navy blue vest jacket worn on white or black t-shirt will look super cool.

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6. Knitted Wool Vest for Winter:

Knitted Vest

If you are missing the warmth of sweaters made by your grandma, then this knitted vest will surely take you back when you used to wear the knitted vest. This wool vest for men has pretty design with criss-cross in between and rope shape designs on the side. This woollen vest will give you a retro look.

7. Men’s Vest in Leather:

Men’s Leather Vest

As the production of leather products are increasing the craze for it is also increasing. Since ancient time leather vest is being worn. They are fashion symbol and for some its even status symbol. The leather vest is made of different styles but usually, they are available in shades of black and brown.

8. Long Vest for Men:

Long Vest

If you wear overcoats as a burden then it’s not necessary to carry it. You can switch on to long vest. This will give you a don look with a new style. It’s not necessary to follow someone Else style sometimes it’s good to make others follow your own created new style. This long vest will give you a bold look.

9. Denim Vest for Men:

Jean Vest

Jeans and pants are the only two bottom wear which men’s usually wear and this jean fabric you even want as a vest. Denim vest is available in many colours but mens usually wear dark colours and that too with super style. This jean vest has a beautiful design which you can wear to match your bottom jeans.

10. Puffer Men’s Vest:

Puffer Vest

Poor thin boys, you all must have faced lots of problem because of your health and in spite of wearing lots of cloth still, you cannot move out of the problem. This puffer vest is the best option for you; it will add artificial health to you as well as it will keep you warm during winters.

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11. Suit Vest for Men:

Suit Vest

For formal meetings or wedding occasions where you want to dress up very neatly and want to look handsome then this men’s dress vest will work out. It is even very helpful for you if your shirt is not properly ironed and also helps to place the tie properly. This check design grey suit vest will add charm in your looks.

12. Outdoor Fishing Vest:

Fishing Vest

Your mother or wife is forcing you to get fish for cooking? Do you want this task to be turned into fun by fishing but want proper outfit for it? The answers are here you can do your fishing by wearing this fishing vest as they are use full to keep multiple things needed while fishing. It has many pockets to things and the rustic look makes you look cool.

13. Motorcycle Vest:

Motorcycle Vest

Riding motorcycle and doing various stunts is an adventurous job but you should make sure that you wear a proper dress while riding bike. This motorcycle vest is designed for people who ride motorcycles to provide extreme comfort while riding.

14. Fashion Military Vest Men:

Military Vest

Though every dress looks good the looks of the military vest is outstanding. They give a very bold and striking look. They are made in shades of green, brown and yellow.

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15. Fur Men’s Vests:

Fur Mens Vests15

Fur vest is not only made for women’s but also men. They give a very soft and cosy feeling. The fur vests are not only made of artificial fur but also animal’s fur.

Like shirt and pant, even vest are equally important to choose wisely as it is the matter of looks. We live in the 21st century where you are judged with your dressing styles. Dated back vest were only made of few styles but now there are many styles and designs of the vest for men in this fashion world.

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