A waistcoat in England commonly known as the suit vest in American countries have probably no difference as both covers the upper part of the body and simultaneously is sleeveless. The vests are lengthened till the waist with a tailed style hem. Buttoned with three, five or only one buttons the vests stick to the body with a slim fit measure. The suit vests are generally those stylish garments that can be worn over the shirt without the blazer and tie, while the waistcoat is a bit gentlemen kind posture that is worn with a tie along with it. Gentlemen can wear the suit vests with different colour matching and also similar suits. Some incredible designs of suit vests can help one out how to wear suit vests with other outfits.

Latest and Fashionable Vest Suit for Gents in official Wear:

Let we have to look at the top 9 designs of vest suits.

1. Wool Blue Blend Vest Suit:

The casual wool blue blend suit vest for men looks stupendous on a casual business meeting. The shiny blue material best for the suit gives a rich and elegant style to your dressing. The five buttons and tailed hem also give a desired professional look.

2. Men’s Double Breasted Suit Vest:

The infectious double-breasted men’s suit vest holds everyone’s eyes onto it. The glamour of the double-breasted vests can be seen even behind the blazer coat. The vest can be also worn alone satisfying the best looks one needs.

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3. Slim Fit Men’s V-neck Suit Vest:

The V-neck vest suits men’s collection are the most common and all-time favourite fashion style of blazer vests. Some designer double-coloured V-neck vests also look impressive while, the single plain coloured suit vest also gives a profound look.

4. Deep U-Neck Suit Vest:

The deep U-neck black suit vest is the most favourable designs of the men’s suits. The down buttoned U-neck look gracious when worn on concerts and parties. Men can wear designer ties along with the U-neck vests as it gives full importance to the inner shirt and ties.

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5. Cross Buttoned Grey Suit Vest:

The cross buttoned men’s grey suit vest is the royal colours of the parties that concern the weddings and ceremonies. The grey plain tone of the vest looks brilliant choice for parties. The cross buttoned vest has large buttons that look incredible.

6. Stylish Men’s Slim-Fit Suit Vest:

The slim fit suit vests for men have a designer impact on men. Suit vests for men differ from a large variety of designs starting from plain vests to designer double colour vests that have inner one buttoned vest and the upper darker shade three to five buttoned vest. The glamorous dashing look of such vests looks magnificent.

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7. Vintage Inspired Skinny Suit Vest:

Vintage-inspired men’s suit vests slim fit stitched are brilliant choices rather than the readymade vests that can be mixed and matched. But the mixed and match vests of different colours also give you a dashing image. A brown coloured vest looks amazing with different colour pant and shirt.

8. Leather Slim Fit Suit Vest:

Leather men’s suit vests are the funky styled vest for men who love twisting the tastes with other flavours. A mixture of the plain suit with a leather vest is an incomparable combination that looks fashion statement style for men working in public affairs.

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9. Casual Plaid Suit Vest:

Casual plaid suit vest for men is the trendiest designs of the suits. The favourite part of the men’s suiting. The checkered print on the suit and vest look fantastic and professional that gives a mature look to men’s dressing.

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Some men wear three colour piece of combination like the pant and shirt and the vest all of the different colours complementing each other. Plaid suit vests look formal high indeed for business deals and parties. The jeans vests are the funky style for men wanting to get a sporty and rough look. While the leather, corduroy vests are the fancy ones that can be worn on night outings or parties.

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