Sweaters used by both men and women come in various styles. The necks of most of these sweaters play a good role in the style. Crew neck is a round neck pattern that gives us a comfortable wear. The crew neck style is very good as it is classic and makes you look stylish. The cut is perfect for all types of people. Since the neck has a thin collar you can have these in various colours and even combinations. This also gives you the choice to have thick and thin collars.

Best Crew Neck Sweaters With Images:

Let’s check top 9 crew neck sweaters,

1. Cotton Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater:

A classic crew neck sweater is perfect for men. This navy blue sweater has full sleeves and a simple neck design. The classic look is great for office wear as formal or even casual. You can wear a collared shirt underneath and the collar can be shown from out.

2. Colour Edge Crew Neck Sweater:

Simple crew neck sweater men’s can be turned into something stylish with just the addition of a colour edge. This chalk coloured sweater has a lovely thin strip of black at the neck and the sleeve ends. This simple addition makes all the difference here.

3. Printed Crew Neck Sweater:

A printed white sweater is also a good choice for men and women. The sweater has a printed line at the front. This can be customized according to your liking. Having floral prints or lettering done on a sweater is also an option.

4. Fleece Lined Crew Neck Sweater:

Try out this fleece lined crew sweater that looks quite stylish. The patch of fleece material on the shoulder is what sets this sweater apart. This is a manly sweater and looks great on well-built men. The fleece can be in any colour that matches with the base.

5. Raglan Crew Neck Sweater:

A raglan sweater is a classic style of sweater. This grey sweater has the raglan sleeve. The full sleeved sweater is sure to keep you warm and comfortable. These classic sweaters do not go out of fashion and so it’s always great to have one in your collection.

6. Striped Crew Neck Sweater:

Get yourself a wonderful striped sweater that can be worn over any pant. This can be a choice between black a crew neck sweater and even pink crew neck sweater. The colours of the striped sweater are normally bold and bright. You can have them in pastel shades too for women.

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7. Cable Knit Crew Neck Sweater:

Here is a stylish and chic white sweater that makes you look glamorous. This cable knit sweater is tight fitting and has a slit at the side. Cable knit is one of the classic knitting stitches used for sweaters that give a charming effect. Try out this wonderful sweater as a formal wear.

8. Colour Block Crew Neck Sweater:

Colour block is a great technique used in garments. This red sweater is actually white and black colour blocks that are striped with a red patch. This gives the sweater a wonderful look. Red at the centre is a great way to add style to the sweater.

9. Fair Isle Crew Neck Sweater:

Try out this Fair Isle weater for men that is classic also. The Fair Isle design is intricate and works with a crew neck sweater pattern. The yellow sweater is a colour that can be used in the Fair Isle pattern as well.

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Crew neck sweater women’s wear or men’s wear is a nice, stylish and classic sweater pattern. The crew neck is round and makes for a comfortable sweater that can be easily pulled over. You can have cable knit design, Fair Isle design or just colour block design on your sweaters.

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