Sweaters come in various styles and colours. The turtleneck is one such style that is classic and worn by many. The rolled collar can be done in chunky or normal wool and it still gives the best results.

Stylish Designs of Turtleneck Sweaters for Women With Images:

Try out these wonderful turtleneck sweaters that are listed here,

1. Chunky Turtleneck Sweater:

Here is a stunning sweater that is made in chunky wool. The sweater has a ribbed knit stitch that works great with the chunky kind of wool. The long sleeves of the sweater are loose fitting as well. Here the turtleneck is broad and rolled.

2. Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater:

Try out this dazzling grey sweater women’s wear and look sexy in it. The sweater has the classic cable knit stitch in the front and plain sleeves. A side slit makes the sweater look really chic. Here the turtleneck is broad and loose and so is very chunky.

3. Tight Black Turtleneck Sweater:

You can choose this black sweater as your sweater top. This tight fitting sweater is perfect to show off your curves. This goes well with jeans and also skirts. You can choose from the various colours that are available for these tight sweaters. Black is always a favourite.

4. Cashmere White Turtleneck Sweater:

Cashmere is wonderful wool that is great for sweaters. They come from the Kashmir region of India and are soft. The white sweater in cashmere wool is luxurious and perfect for any time. It makes you look rich and sophisticated. This white sweater goes wonderfully with any kind of bottom wear.

5. Turtleneck Sweater Dress:

Having a lovely sleeveless sweater dress is a great idea. This long dress in sweater form is perfect as is. You can dress it up with accessories and keep it simple. This sweater dress is a great way to keep warm and look stylish at the same time.

6. Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater:

Try out the classic sweater pattern as this is something that never goes out of fashion. This ribbed sweater has a lovely stitch that gives it a long stripped look. The turtleneck is a cozy kind of sweater as well. This helps to keep you warm during the winter days and nights.

7. Oversize Turtleneck Sweater:

Here is a great looking oversized grey sweater that has a flowing look. The turtleneck here has fringed edges and is more free flowing that the standard turtleneck. This makes the sweater look quite classy and sophisticated.

8. Wide Rib Green Turtleneck Sweater:

This is a stunning women’s green turtleneck sweater that has a wide rib. You can get this sweater in non-itchy wool so that you can wear this for a longer time. The sweater is tight fitting so it is great if it is non-itchy. This way you can wear the figure hugging sweater for a whole day as well.

9. Fuzzy Orange Turtleneck Sweater:

Choose to have a great hand knitted fuzzy wool orange sweater as a show stopper. This hand knitted sweater is made with pure wool that will keep you warm and cozy. The orange colour of the wool is very bright and you will surely look stunning in it. Pair it with blue jeans for a complete look.

Turtleneck sweaters are a great way to look stylish and also keep you warm and comfortable. This is a classic style that is used by men and women. The sweaters can be made with a ribbed stitch or cable knit stitch. In chunky wool or thin wool, the turtleneck sweaters all look great.