Green sweaters are a perfect way to add colour to your winter wear. The colour green is versatile and includes light and dark green, olive green, mint green, emerald green, lime green, etc. These shades are perfect and give you a wide choice to choose your clothes.

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Best and Trendy Designs of Green Sweaters for Gents and Ladies:

Try these top 9 modern collections of green sweaters for winter.

1. Funnel Neck Green Sweater:

Here is a wonderful sweater that has a funnel neck and a broad border around the sleeves. This funnel shape neck gives you warmth like no other. The sweater is perfect for formal as well as casual wear. You can choose the green sweater to pair with jeans or trousers.

2. Cropped Green Sweater:

Choose this cropped green sweater for women that give you a trendy look. The cropped-length sweater is perfect for casual wear with little frilled edges. The green colour is soothing and great for winter days. You can choose to wear this sweater with any bottom wear. A round neck with this sweater is easy to wear too.

3. Oversized Sweater:

Try out this dark green sweater in an oversized pattern. The loose-fitting sleeves are great looking. You can wear this sweater with blue jeans or even white bottoms wear. The colour combination is great with yellow as well. Choose to wear this for casual outings, as the oversized sweater is casual wear.

4. Cable Knit Sweater:

Here is a superb olive green sweater with the cable knit stitch. This drop-shoulder sweater is wonderful with the side slits. Try out this trendy sweater as party wear too. The olive green colour is something that goes well with all combinations. You can get these in other knitting stitches as well.

5. V Neck Sweater:

This fashionable emerald green sweater is a power statement. You can wear this for formal occasions and look dressed up. This sweater, paired with a tight skirt, will be good for formal meetings. The V-neck gives you a style design, and the rib neck is perfect for winter.

6. Cardigan Sweater:

A front-open lime green sweater is much in demand as well. You can choose to wear this green cardigan sweater with any bottom wear. The simple cardigan is perfect as a formal wear outfit. The plain knit stitch of this sweater is a great option as it does not overpower your garment.

7. Off The Shoulder Sweater:

A luxurious forest green sweater is perfect for making you look glamorous. This off-the-shoulder sweater has broad ribbed edges. They look classy and stylish and work well with jeans and casual wear. The slim-fitting sleeves are another added attraction to this sweater.

8. Stretch Cotton Sweater:

Look amazing in this mint green sweater that has bell sleeves. The sleeves of the sweater make it stand out. You can choose this sweater with your outfit for a perfect day out. The colour is very calming, which is therefore great for the daytime. The stretch cotton is wonderful over any shape and size.

9. Sweater Vest:

A cashmere light green sweater for men is a great addition to their wardrobe. This men’s sweater wear is a perfect vest that looks great over full-sleeved shirts. The colour will look good over most men. The sweater vest has a V-neck that is perfect. It is easy to wear this sweater and remove it, so it is also great for mild winters.

Green sweaters come in various colours and designs. The V-neck, sweater vest or even off-the-shoulder sweaters in green are a great choice. You can choose from olive green to mint green colour.

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