Women have been seen crazy for jewelry from the very early times. They are always in search of latest designs and fashion not only in jewelry but even outfits and accessories. Talking about earrings in the large market of fashion jewelry, we have a large market of variety of designs. And when it comes to diamonds, there is always a big smile on the face and a spark in the eyes. The lifelong shine of diamond jewelry is a lovely asset for ladies. When it comes to earrings a design of one or two cannot satisfy the demand of new diamond earrings. Though, today we have a wide range of diamond earrings that the women can go mad for and for men, who can gift to propose their love.

Diamonds have been appreciated since they were introduced to the fashion world. it was considered as a lifetime precious gift for women and in eastern countries diamond jewellery was considered as a promise in wedding relations. Even today, while proposing for a life time relations, diamonds are considered to be chosen to make promises.

Different Types of Diamond Earrings Designs:

The beauty of a diamond is indeed awesome because of the dazzling shine that comes from within the diamond, but the shine on your loved ones face matters more. here we present 25 indian and american diamond earrings for women and men.

1. Round Cut Diamond Earrings for all Ages:

One of the most commonly worn and the most delightful designs of diamond earrings are that of single round cut diamond earrings. Not only has it looked spectacular on young ladies but even cute little babies and even old ladies. Any age of a beautiful girl can wear single round cut diamond earrings of any size and get a mesmerizing look. The single diamond earrings stud in god or platinum looks splendid on any function and on any outfit. The beauty of diamond reveals itself.

2. Cluster Diamond Stud Earrings for Girls:

The spark of diamonds cannot hide itself no matter how far or how much light there is, the light and shine of diamonds can be seen from anywhere. Cluster diamond earrings are one such design of sparkling diamond earrings. The floral design earrings have small diamonds set in a flowery pattern. The look of such a splendid design matches any age girl and suits best at any moment.

3. Diamond and Blue Topaz Hoop Earrings:

The spectacular look of diamonds can attract any eyes when it is accompanied with other beautiful stones. A round cut blue topaz is in itself very deep looking gem. When it is decorated with diamonds surrounding it and is studded in white gold it looks amazing. Ladies also love to wear long hanging earrings. Such designs earrings look awesome and are seen even from far. A hoop makes it all for you. The earrings are also safely tightened with the help of a hoop and the entire design of the earrings look long and hanging.

4. Pear Shape Tanzanite Earrings Diamond:

A pear shape diamond looks very unique and different whenever worn. The drop like effect from a pear shape diamond earrings looks amazing. Here a purple pear shape diamond is studded in white gold with hoop designed earring. The sides are designed more beautifully. Girl can spark out in the events when they wear such an elegant design of earrings.

5. Blue Sapphire Diamond Drop Earrings:

Sapphires are also one of a statement when used in diamond jewelry. Sapphire stones give a dashing appearance when centered with white diamonds in earrings. The look of dark blue and white diamonds catches the eyes of many people. When long hanging earrings of a combination of sapphire and diamond gems are applied in earrings, you will need nothing else to spark in the event.

6. Single Princess Cut Diamond Earrings:

Princess cut diamonds are another one of the best designs of diamonds that can be single enough to attract to a midst of other jewelry get up. The most seen princess cut diamonds are in square shape beautifully brought together with similar square shape diamonds making a pair of elegant earrings. We can also get colored diamonds in princess cut. But the spark of white diamonds is radiant in its own way.

7. Princess Cut Pave Diamonds Earrings Studs:

A princess cut diamond studded with pave diamonds surrounding it is another fashion statement. The only earrings can finish your look entirely, in any party. A large size princess cut pave diamond earrings look fine on any outfit and best with long gown. A white diamond in such earring design can also be replaced with any colored diamond cut in princess cut shape.

8. Micro Pave Large Diamond Earrings:

Awesome earrings to give a dazzling look when worn as an only jewelry with a perfect match white outfit. Micro pave diamond jewellery looks majestic on your ears. A ring shape large in size inlaid with perfectly studded micro pave white diamonds looks very rich and eye catching. We can also find similar studded micro pave diamonds in other shaped earrings. The design of micro pave diamonds looks fantastic in any design. Its dazzling shine attracts the most.

9. Diamond Accent Filigree Hoop Earrings:

Diamonds and crafts with gold look amazing together. Filigree with gold has always given attraction to fashion jewelry. The twisted designs with filigree give a unique look in earrings. Such a simple and sober looking hoop earrings is also crafted with filigree craft on yellow gold.

10. Victorian Diamond and Enamel Hoop Earrings:

Victorian diamonds have their own appeal in diamond jewelry. The designs of earrings in a Victorian accent looks amazing when studded with small white diamonds. The traditional jewelry look can be easily found in such designs. The red and white effect with the yellow gold suits beat with traditional outfit.

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11. Diamond Multi Hoop Earrings:

Twists and turns with the designs of earrings give entirely different look to each pair of different earrings. A simple hoop earring can be totally differently made with similar hoops attached with each other making it awesome design. Yellow gold earrings studded with white pave diamonds will make it all for your earrings.

12. Knot Diamond Accent Black and White Hoop Earrings:

Entirely dashing earrings are that made of rhodium covered over silver or gold metal earrings gives you a revealing statement effect to your jewelry collection. Knots in jewelry making have been attracting many fashion loving people since long time ago. The look of knots in different size and different designs has always been ravishing in jewelry designing. A pair of beautiful black diamond earrings designed in knots looks fantastic.

13. Heart Shaped Real Black Diamond Earrings:

Black diamond give a dazzling glimmer throughout the life span just like other diamonds. The heart shape in earrings too has always attracted women. When paired with black pave diamonds studded in the heart shaped earrings, you can surely win many hearts with them.

14. Chic and Fantastic Diamond Earrings:

A chic and an all time worn earrings can be of such a unique design. Diamonds can be accompanied with plastic rings that can be hanged below the diamonds making a beautiful design of earrings. Such designs can be best suit with skirts or jeans.

15. Grey Black Diamond Earrings:

The shine of diamonds wins the hearts of many. Grey black diamond’s have a unique appeal of its own. The deep shine of grey diamonds and the fine oblong shape cut looks amazing and ravishing. Long hanging earrings with two such grey black diamonds attached with each other with a simple chain will look fantastic on a outdoor party.

16. Sapphire and Hoop Diamond Earrings:

Sapphires are elegant in its appearance. Jewellery studded with sapphire gems is always giving an appealing effect. Earrings with hoop design with a diamond studded hoop and one sapphire studded hoop is entirely a new design in earrings.

17. Changeable Diamonds American Diamond Earrings:

American diamonds are a hit in the diamond jewelry fashion. The spectacular shine of American diamonds is very similar to real diamonds. Though one have to be a diamond specialist to recognize the real diamonds among the American diamonds. People love jewelry in American diamonds as it is available at comparatively low range than real diamond jewelry. The stupendous designs created with American diamonds are also note worthy. Here is a unique pair of earrings with a colored changeable diamond in the center and beautifully carved shape earring studded with white American diamonds.

18. Stones and American Diamond Earrings:

Light pink stones designed with American diamonds surrounding it make a perfect match with your same color dress. Girls love the pink shades and earrings with a match to the dressing are very rare choices available. These are a lovely pair for any girl for her pink outfit.

19. Diamond Earrings with Meenakari Work:

Meenakari work and diamonds combination makes an amazing piece of art in the world of fashion jewelry. The colorful look with the sterling shine of white diamonds makes the earrings awesome. Here are jhumka earrings well designed with minakaari work and diamond studding.

20. Vintage Pearl and Diamond Drop Earrings:

Pearl earrings are always hot favorite among all ladies. In fact, there would be hardly some who don’t have a pearl collection in the jewellery box. And, when pearls are combined with diamonds makes a ravishing effect. White pearls always make a rich impact in jewelry designs. The pure whiteness of pearls looks amazing. Diamonds surrounding the pearl enhances the beauty of the pearl jewellery. These hoop earrings can be the center of attraction at a party though out the night.

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21. Chocolate Diamonds Earrings:

Chocolate diamonds will sure attract the chocolate lovers. The little shine of white diamonds in a separate ring around the single princess cut chocolate diamond gives an amazing attractive look.

22. Elegant Black and Brown Diamond Ear Studs:

Heart earrings look lovely when stuck to your ears and give a radiant shine from within. Dark earrings in the dark night glow awesome when studded with diamonds. And the black and brown diamonds make it more fantastic in look. A white heart shape diamond in the center and bordered with brown diamonds and then black diamonds make a lovely design.

23. Colorful Designer Diamond Earrings:

Colorful earrings can bring a glow to the dressing of women. Women normally are seen with various colors in regular days. Such pair of earrings can be a regular wear for any lady. Colorful diamonds can match with all outfit.

24. Beautiful Rose Small Diamond Earrings:

Roses are a weakness of women and so are diamonds. When a lady is gifted a diamond it is a most precious gifts she is whelmed with. A pair of rose diamond stud earrings can be such a precious gift for a lady. These beautiful diamond roses are stupendous pair of earrings that will highlight the jewelry collection.

25. Cute Butterfly Diamond Earrings:

Beautiful butterfly earrings look very cute when worn by little girls. Small girls are very fond of enamel creations. Little baby girls will look gorgeous with these butterfly earrings. Daughters surely deserve these diamond studded butterflies.

Diamonds were initially mere dull stones that were found from streams and rivers. The brilliant cuts are the excellent part that makes the life and sparkle into the diamond. Diamonds were considered to be made only for the high class of the society and the rich people. But in today’s age, diamonds are on the name of every lady no matter the rich or the middle class. Diamonds when studded in gold and platinum and other base, it creates a fashion statement.

Apart from rings and pendants, earrings are another source to enhance the beauty of not only the diamonds but the natural beauty of the feminine attire. Speaking about the earrings, diamonds look awesome when they are worn on a woman’s ear. Talking about diamonds it is hard to find the real ones but the finest diamonds are colorless, rare, and at high price. But the v color of a diamond merely affects the shine and glitter of the diamond. The cuts and flaws made in cutting ans shaping the diamonds are the one that makes the diamond shine and sparkle. The diamonds with few flaws and cuts are rare and high in price, but the beauty of diamonds does not differ by the flaws either. The cuts of a diamond make the diamond more brilliant and sparkling.


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