Try out these lovely gold earrings made in just 4 grams of gold. The designs are exquisite and great for all occasions. Many types of gold earrings are available in market in our budget; from our local market we get more collections in wide pattern of designer gold earrings in fewer than 4gm.

Best 4 gm Gold Earrings Designs:

Here are a few designer 4 gram gold earrings designs which you can buy surely,

1. Traditional 4gm Earring:

This lovely earring design is inspired from the traditional Indian designs. The curved look is given by the gold plates on either side. Little gold bead at the bottom of the earring give it a nice look as well. This is perfect for any occasion to be worn on heavy garments.

2. Ruby and Pearl 4 gm Earring:

Here is a stunning piece of jewelry made in 4 gm gold. The earring has rubies, emerald and pearls in it that make it look really mesmerizing. Traditional pattern given to the earring is perfect for functions and marriages. The gemstones used here are of the finest quality as well.

3. Danglers in 4gm:

These gorgeous gold danglers go well with any kind of traditional Indian outfit. The thin danglers are made by joining three gold beads together. The beads are hollow and have a nice pattern on the outside. Choose this for your next gold buy and see the difference.

4. Jhumkas in 4gm:

Having a pair of Jhumkas is always something that all women would love. This pair of 4 gm gold earrings is a nice way to have the best design in the lowest cost. The Jhumkas have a little gold ball at the centre to act as a bell. The tiny beads around the earring look very beautiful as well.

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5. 4 gm Clip on Earrings:

Another nice buy for women is the clip on earrings. These are very easy to wear and are perfect for everyday use. The 4 gm earrings have a diamond in the center and this is what is seen perfectly. The round shape of the earring is simple and looks great on all face types.

6. Hanging Earrings in 4 gm:

This is a very simple yet stunning 4 gram gold earring design. The hanging style of the earring is done by joining together strings of gold. You will find this pattern to be very exquisite and something that you can wear regularly as well.

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7. Leaf Pattern 4 gm Earrings:

Try out these modern 4 grams gold earrings that have the pattern of leaves on it. The branch shape with leaves looks very cool and modern. This can be worn with western as well as modern outfits. Since this earring is light weight it is perfect for daily wear as well.

8. Diamond Cut Ball Earrings:

This solid 18K hook style gold earring is made with a diamond cut ball that dangles. The beads have an exquisite texture and are highly polished as well to give it a great sheen. The earring can be worn on a daily basis.

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9. Flower Shaped Earrings:

This 4 gm gold earring is a nice addition to your collection. The flower shape of the earring is pretty and perfect for girls as well as women. You can have the long earrings with a center diamond as well.

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4 gm earrings in gold are a nice way to get the designs you like. These 4 gram earrings are stunning and can be in styles like studs, hooks, danglers, etc.

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