Gold! Tell us one woman who does not dream of owning lovely gold ornaments? Small or big, we all want to have some of them in our collection. For those who are just starting, we have something for you. The lightweight yet precious and beautiful 4 grams gold earrings! These are gorgeous, mesmerizing as well as feminine in the classy style statement. These 4-gram gold earrings designs indeed are a great choice from functions to festive wear and everyday occasions. Do you wish to explore more about them with us today? We have worked around and compiled the best of trending 4 grams earrings in gold just for you. Let us check them out!

New Models of 4 gm Gold Earrings Designs with Pictures:

Here are a few designer 4-gram gold earrings designs which you can buy surely.

1. Tanishq Gold Drop Earrings:


The Gold drop design earrings are a pretty contemporary and modern-day trend for several young girls and women. This beautiful design from Tanishq is among the top trending model right now. Be it you have parties in hand to festive occasions; these intricately designed earrings are indeed going to elevate your sense of personal style rapidly! This is among the top trending gold 4-gram kammal design to check out!

  • Design: Tanishq 4 Gram Gold Jali Work Drop Earrings
  • Metal: 22 kt Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Style Tip: These earrings are perfect both for Indian as well as western wear gowns.

2. Joyalukkas Honey Bee Design Earrings:


How about these unique and ultra-modern design earrings? The honey bee design earring is among the most recent and experimental pieces you would have come across in recent times. This 4 grams earring is perfect for girls and women who love unique and bold looks with a sense of newness and trendy experimental style.

  • Design: 4 Grams Honey Bee Design Earring in Gold
  • Metal: 22 kt Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Parties, Weddings
  • Style Tip: These are perfect for party wear as well as lehengas.

3. Gold Stud Earrings:


How about these lovely paisley stud earrings in gold for women seeking something more simple, straightforward, and elegant? We love this, and it is among our top favourite lists. The stud earring is perfect with elegance and graceful looks and is suited for women across age groups. This is among the must-check 4-gram gold earrings models for a simple everyday look too.

  • Design: Gold Stud Earrings
  • Metal: 18 kt Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Casual Wear, Festivities
  • Style Tip: This stud earring is pretty and elegant and can fit in versatile styles and outfits.

4. Traditional Gold Earrings:


The Candere’s earrings in gold come with the vintage and traditional design element, suitable for those who love classic feminine looks. These traditional gold earrings are perfect for traditional Indian wear elements and can look good on anyone who wears it. These are lightweight and crafted intricately to give a sense of elegant effect.

  • Design: Traditional Gold Mystee Earring Design
  • Metal: 22kt Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Festive Occasions, Weddings
  • Style Tip: These are good to go with anarkalis or sarees for perfect looks.

5. 4 Gram Rose Gold Stud Earrings:


In case you are searching for beautiful studs, we have another classic option. This Malabar Gold’s rose gold studded earring is perfect for a contemporary as well as vintage look. This gold earring for 4 grams is ideal to suit women across age groups and seamlessly elevate any style statement.

  • Design: Rose Gold Studded Earring with Stones
  • Metal: 22 kt Rose Gold
  • Occasion: Everyday/casual
  • Style Tip: This can fit in a range of outfits, from western to casual to ethnic wear.

6. Gold Hoop Earrings:


You may have heard about hoops, and no girl doesn’t own one to match Western wear! How about this gold hoop earrings design? We bet you haven’t come across anything similar to this. These innovative gold earrings from PC Jeweller are one of the best-selling trends right now. It is creative, intricate, charming, and indo-western in looks, perfect to fit contemporary women’s tastes and preferences.

  • Design: 4 Gram Gold Hoop Design Earrings
  • Metal: 22 kt Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Parties, Gatherings
  • Style Tip: These earrings are perfect for a regular everyday look.

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7. Gold Long Hanging Earrings:


Are you looking for something lengthy in terms of the design element? These star earrings in gold are our newfound favourite. It is sassy, unique, modern in design and looks, giving a mesmerizing style statement. What do you think of these 3 to 4 grams gold earrings designs?

  • Design: Gold Hanging Star Earrings
  • Metal: 22 kt Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Festive Wear
  • Style Tip: This is perfect for Indian ethnic wear, lehengas, and Anarkali suits to give beautiful looks.

8. Gold Cutout Drop Earrings:


Well, drop earrings design may have got common by now, but the creative and intricate designs within the overall looks indeed still mesmerize us. These cutout drop earrings from Carat Lane are a new trend among the youngsters right now. These complement to elevate one’s style statement to appear youthful, stunning, and sizzling effortlessly.

  • Design: Gold Cutout Drop Earrings
  • Metal: 18kt Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Cocktails, Parties
  • Style Tip: These are perfect with long gowns, anarkalis, and party-wear fancy sarees.

9. Jhumki Gold Earrings:


How can we miss out on the jhumkis? These traditionally beautiful and feminine gold earrings are in fashion from ages and generations together, yet do not miss out on fascinating us. We have this all-new candere 4-gram gold jhumka design. From weddings to festivals to traditional looks, we bet one can’t complete the entire look without jhumkis!

  • Design: Gold Slim Jhumki Design
  • Metal: 14 kt Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Festivals, Weddings
  • Style Tip: These go perfectly with traditional sarees.

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10. Gold Mesh Earrings:


Last but not least, let us also check out these gorgeous gold mesh earrings. These designs are inspired by the traditional look yet are completed with the innovative new trend and intricate creative design. The gold mesh earrings complement the traditional looks and attires very well! If you are looking for something traditional yet want a new design, this is something to go for!

  • Design: Gold Mesh Earrings in Drop Design
  • Metal: 22 kt Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Festivals, Traditional Gatherings, Temple Visits
  • Style Tip: These can suit sarees, and the half-saree looks very well, along with other Indian wear options.

11. Ruby and Pearl 4 gm Earring:

Here is a stunning piece of jewellery made in 4 gm gold. The earring has rubies, emerald and pearls in it that make it look really mesmerizing. The traditional pattern given to the earring is perfect for functions and marriages. The gemstones used here are of the finest quality as well.

12. 4 gm Clip-on Earrings:

Another nice buy for women is the clip-on earrings. These are very easy to wear and are perfect for everyday use. The 4 gm earrings have a diamond in the centre, and this is what is seen perfectly. The round shape of the earring is simple and looks great on all face types.

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13. Leaf Pattern 4 gm Earrings:

Try out these modern 4 grams gold earrings that have the pattern of leaves on them. The branch shape with leaves looks very cool and modern. This can be worn with western as well as modern outfits. Since this earring is lightweight, it is perfect for daily wear as well.

14. Diamond Cut Ball Earrings:

This solid 18K hook style gold earring is made with a diamond cut ball that dangles. The beads have an exquisite texture and are highly polished as well to give it a great sheen. The earring can be worn daily.

15. Flower Shaped Earrings:

This 4 gm gold earring is a nice addition to your collection. The flower shape of the earring is pretty and perfect for girls as well as women. You can have the long earrings with a centre diamond as well.

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We hope you enjoyed looking at these new-day beautiful 4 grams gold earrings for women and girls. These are breathtaking and gorgeous, perfect fit for those across age groups. No matter what, the gold accessories and earrings can never replace others’ spots. Do you agree with us? Let us know your thoughts in the comments; we love to hear from you!


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