Platinum Earring is one the most heavily demanded ornaments by women as they are lightweight and can be styled on any outfit you desire. These earrings are perfect for teenage girls and mid-aged women and give a dazzling diva look. Platinum earrings look fashionable at any time and are an evergreen ornament that never goes out of fashion.

Stylish and Beautiful Platinum Earrings Designs with Images:

These earrings’ mesmerising designs are exotic and perfect for any occasion. Let’s have a look at the top 15 platinum earrings designs:

1. Sparkling Whorl Platinum Earrings:

The whorl is the circular arrangement of any shape, like a flower or leaf or anything shaped like a coil. This platinum earring is artistically whorled in a beautiful shape, thus making it look unique. Small diamonds are embossed on the earrings’ upper edge, making them look royal. It’s small but looks gorgeous when worn n and makes you appear fashionable.

2. 18k Gold Star Shaped Oxidized Champagne Colour Platinum Earrings:

Platinum earrings are also available in oxidized form. Here is something unique and an exclusive piece of earrings for you. This earring is made of gold, and in between the earring, the shape of a star has been designed from which a moon is visible. The moon’s colour is champagne; this earring’s concept is amazing and marvellous. These earrings look cool on teenagers or collage going girls, thus giving them a cool look.

3. Cluster Knot Platinum Diamonds Stud Earrings:

Diamonds always look classy and royal and can be worn on any walk of life without hesitation. This earring has the style of cluster knots on all the edges, making it look stunning and different from others. This type of earring is perfect for office wear and can be worn daily without fear.

4. Simple Leaf Shaped Platinum Earrings:

The leaf is associated with nature and symbolizes life and nourishment, the characteristic of a woman. Women associate similar characteristics, and these simple but elegant platinum earrings look gorgeous and stunning.

5. Platinum Earrings with Channel Set Diamonds:

The way diamonds are studded on these beautifully shaped platinum earrings is termed the channel setting of diamonds. The earrings have been artistically shaped and are perfect for any group and occasion. Anyone can carry these beautiful earrings in style, create an impression on others, and look pretty.

6. Oval Shaped Diamond Platinum Hoop Earrings:

Platinum hoop earrings are common and trendy in many shapes and sizes. This earring is shaped oval, and many females love to wear as daily. These hoop oval-shaped platinum earrings look remarkable as dazzling diamonds are studded on top of it. The earrings can also be worn as pretty office wear and look cool on youngsters.

7. Heart Shape Platinum Earrings for Girls:

Here come stylish platinum earrings for young girls. The earrings have a series of heart-shaped hangings that drop from top to end uniquely. These earrings make you look cool and trendy and can be teamed with any outfit you prefer.

8. Multi-Drop Platinum Earrings:

A long earring gives a long look to your appearance. This platinum earring has layers of star motifs hung in a very beautiful and artistic way. These earrings are perfect when worn in the evening or at any cool party. It gives you a dazzling look and makes you talk of the party.

9. Simple Platinum Stud Earrings:

Some women prefer simple earrings, so this earring is perfect for them. This stud earring looks simple but elegant and classy also. The earrings can be worn by any female age group and suit every occasion.

10. Cross-Shaped Hoop Platinum Earrings for Mens:

Men are very particular about their appearance and wear those that suit their persona. Platinum earrings are the ones which make them look dashing. On this earring, a small cross shape is embossed, thus giving an exclusive look to this hoop earring.

11. Oxidized Double Drop Platinum Earrings for Teens:

Platinum earrings are also available in oxidized form; the rusty look makes them appear fantastic and beautiful. This type of earring appears to be very stylish and looks and charms one’s personality. These earrings look good if carried with jeans and T-shirts, making you look chic for the evening.

12. Dazzling Antique Platinum Jhumka with Pearls:

Jhumka is a very traditional earring and has been worn for decades. It enhances a woman’s appearance and makes her look more attractive and pretty. Jhumkas look very amazing if worn with ethnic wear. In this platinum, earring diamonds are studded all around and downwards; shining pearls are hung, making it look divine and fabulous.

13. Bridal Platinum Earrings:

For any woman, her wedding day is the most important as she will start a new journey, so she wants to be a diva and exclusive from others. The platinum and diamond long earrings perfectly match her d- day.

14. Colourful Tear Drop Platinum Earrings:

Teardrop platinum earrings are a type of ornament but very exclusive and different from others. These platinum earrings have colourful crystals hanging, thus making them the most exciting and pretty earrings for young girls. It’s easy to carry and is available in various designs and patterns.

15. Butterfly Shaped Platinum Earrings for Kids:

Last but the most happening earring shape is these butterfly-shaped platinum earrings for small kids. Why should kids be left behind as elders flaunt their fashion and style? As the butterfly flocks from one place to another and is very innocent. Similarly, kids are the same character. This small, pretty, exclusive earring is perfect for their small ears.

Platinum jewellery is in loos simple but has a sparkling and exotic look. The earrings have a classy look and make the person look cool and trendy. Men and women of all age groups wear these earrings. The earrings are eye-catching and can easily grab the attention of others, thus making you a centre of attraction. Now you can pick the earrings according to your style and taste, flaunt fashion, and create an impression in front of your friends and colleagues.


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