Earrings are a significant form of the jewellery women wear. However, with the changing fashion trends feather earrings have come into the picture with innumerable designs.

Different Types of Feather Earrings for Women:

So, here is a list of the top 9 feather earrings and to follow the fashion trend, you can choose the best feather earring for yourself among them.

1. The Blue Feather Earrings:

The beautiful blue earrings with the golden yellow shades below the blue colour feathers give the earrings a unique look. Trending in the present days, this is just one of the many varieties of feather earrings available. With the gold chain hanging on the feathers, the earrings bear an ethnic look and would complement a blue saree or a salwar suit very effectively.

2. The Different Shaded Earrings:

These earrings convey a bit of spunkiness with the different shades of colours used to make the earrings. Black, blue, orange and white used in shades forming a mixture of colours in the feathers designed in the earrings give a unique look.

3. The Peacock Feather Earrings:

Peacock is a symbol of grace and beautiful dance styles which every girl is fond of. The feather earrings with the peacock design on its feathers bringing out the beauty of the earrings with its colours is something every girl would love to buy. With the white and blue beads attached on the strands with the earrings add to the beauty of the earrings. It’s a splendid piece of jewellery and any girl would love to own it.

4. The Black Feather Danglers:

Black is an elegant colour which complements any kind of dress and adds to the beauty of a woman. These earrings are one of those elegantly designed jewellery. The extreme black colour on the feathers with the golden leafs and circles above attached to the golden hook signify a form of ethnic jewellery. These fashion feather black earrings would add to your beauty like no other ornament and enhance your looks.

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5. The Duster Feather Earrings:

These earrings with the fading or dusting colour have a coarse design but give out a bright look. With the unique combination of colours used to make the earrings, these are a creative piece of art. Thus, perfect enough for a casual look, you can buy them.

6. The Pink Feather Earrings:

Pink is a girl’s favourite colour. These earrings with the look of a soft and soothing texture would melt any girl’s heart to immediately buy it. The three piece of feathers with the golden chains and the leaf below is a pure piece of splendid jewellery to buy and wear.

7. The Heavy Feather Designed Stud Earrings:

The fawn coloured feathers with the metallic designed and the stone stud in between gives a beautiful look. The light coloured feathers and the metallic look of the earrings is a marvellous combination and the design would lure anyone into buying it.

8. The Long Feather Earrings for Teens:

The multi coloured and the long feather earrings is a single piece of silver jewellery you would want to wear out without needing anything else as jewellery. The long feather earring reaching out to your neck is a complete piece of jewellery you would need to wear and become the centre of attraction in the crowd.

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9. Multi Coloured Designer Earrings with Feathers:

The multi colours on the feathers of the earrings with the golden and white touch seem to be a starting trend and you would definitely wish to own one of them.

Thus, the list of feather earrings provide you with the best choice to make among the ethnic and casual ones  and wear one of these following the fashion trends.


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