A comfortable pillow is essential for us to sleep. If your sleeping posture is not proper you can get neck pain and other problems. So, it is important to choose a proper pillow to sleep. There are many types of pillows available. Choosing good down pillows which can support your neck well so that you can sleep tight.

Best Down Pillow Designs In India:

Here are our 9 simple and modern down pillow designs with images. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Hotel Touch of Down Pillows:

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This is one of the best down pillows you can choose. This is a type preferred by hotels that provide firm support while sleeping. This pillow is made from hyper-clean down features that can provide a comfortable sleep. The pillow is durable too.

2. Luxury Duck Down Pillows:

This is the best duck-down pillow for side sleepers. 60% duck down outer chamber feels plumy and inner feather provides firm support. This is made from good quality cotton material and is completely hypo-allergic material. So, no need to worry about any allergic problems while using this pillow.

3. White Goose Feather Pillows:

This is an excellent down feather pillow you can use to get a good night’s sleep. It is made of good quality cotton material and the filling is 95% goosefeather and 5% white goose down. This is treated with anti-bacterial treatment and no problem of any allergy. This down feather provides a deep and comfortable sleep and can give support to pressure points of the body.

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4. Down Alternative Pillows:

This is a very good type of down alternative pillow you can get for your home. This pillow provides equal support to your neck and shoulders. Try this pillow to get a good comfortable sleep at night. The material is free from any allergies as well. They will last long too.

5. Down Dream Pillows:

These down dream pillows are one of the most selling types. It is very soft and supports your neck very well. The supporting level varies according to its ingredients. This is a good choice for side sleepers. Make yourself comfortable by selecting good down-dream pillows.

6. Down Filled Pillows:

Try these down-filled pillows to get good neck and shoulder support. This pillow is made of good cotton material with density support. The filling is very soft with goose weather. The best news is that you can wash them in a machine and dry it. This is suitable for sleepers in all positions.

7. Goose Down Euro Pillows:

This is the best goose-down pillow you can choose to sleep on. This is made of 50% goose down and 50% goose feather. The pillow is specially treated to prevent all allergies, dust and pollens. Try this pillow to sleep well to give good support to all your body parts.

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8. Ultimate Down Pillow Design:

To get a comfortable sleep you can get a luxury down pillow. This is made of 400 thread count cotton material. To give firm support to your neck the filling is very soft. The pillow is double double-stitched and undergoes 6 six-step quality process. You can select the softness according to your needs.

9. Pure Down Pillows:

To avoid shifting there is a beautiful lattice quilting. It is made from 95% goose feather and 5% goose down and it provides the firmness to support your head. This is a spot-cleanable pillow with good quality cotton material. Get good sleep using these pure-down pillows.

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These are some standard down pillows you can choose to get good support while sleeping. Stomach sleepers should choose soft pillows, medium pillows for back sleepers, firm pillows and extra-firm pillows for side sleepers.


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