Are you ready to decorate your living room with some designer pillows? Designer pillows are very popular and everyone gets them to decorate their living room, bedroom etc. There are pillows you will get with many beautiful works on them. Most popular designer pillows are embroidered, handmade, hand-painted and many other types are also available. You can select your favourite design from the pillows given below.

Latest Designer Pillow Designs In India:

Here are our 9 simple and best designer pillow designs for sofa and bedroom decoration. Let’s have a look at them.

1. White Designer Pillow Design:

This is a handmade decorative throw pillow in white colour. The cover material is velvet and it has a leopard print on it. The pillow is made of soft and luxurious fabric. Try this on your hall and will look good with a bright sofa colour.

2. Ivory Shibori Blue Designer Pillow Design:

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This is a simple yet elegant designer decorative pillow you must try. It is made of cotton material and with creamy ivory finish with navy blue and a soft blue colour accent. This is more suitable with some dark colour sofa or chair. Even though the design is simple, it will give an extra elegance to your living room.

3. Modern Accent Designer Pillow Design:

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You can get beautiful designer accent pillows in a new style. The pillow looks very beautiful with beautiful design work. It has sequin work and embroidery on it. You can welcome your guest using this beautiful pillow on your sofa. The white and silver combination looks very attractive.

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4. Printed Designer Pillow Designs:

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To decorate your living room sofa with some modern designer pillow then try printed one. You will get many beautiful prints on this soda. It is made of cotton material and is a long-lasting one. By arranging them well you can make the living room sofa beautiful.

5. Tribal Printed Designer Pillow Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Getting a designer couch pillow is very easy. But finding a good design is very important when you choose one. This is a designer pillow with a tribal printed design on it. The material is cotton and this lumbar pillow is best for your living room sofa. It will go well with light-coloured sofa shades.

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6. Kashmiri Designer Pillow Design:

If you are searching for a good designer toss pillows this is it. Try this orange Kashmiri designer pillow with mirror and embroidery work. The pillow is very colourful with a side zipper. All these designs are handwork and you can get a grand look for your light-coloured couch.

7. Vibrant Decorative Designer Pillow Design:

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To get a luxurious look for your sofas this is a good choice. Your living room will get a royal look if you can use these luxury designer pillows. You can change the colour of a pillow as per your couch colour. This pillow is made of art silk material and you can try this super-soft pillow anywhere you want. This will give a vibrant look to your sofa.

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8. Handmade Designer Sofa Pillow Design:

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This is a light-coloured designer pillow for a sofa that you can try out to enhance your living room grace. It is a handmade pillow with beautiful work on it. There are embroidery and other works. This is available in many colours and you can choose your colour according to sofa type. The beautiful tree design is very good and handmade as well.

9. Variety Designer Pillow For Couch:

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When it comes to designer pillows cotton and silk material are very popular. But here is a change from that trend. Pillow cases can be made from a variety of materials like wool and all. There are some variety of pillow types you can try if you want to deviate from those old boring designs.

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Designer pillows are of various types. All you have to do is to choose a good one with an attractive design. The price may vary according to the material and work on it. You can decide your range to choose one in that range.


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