When it comes to girls’ attire, the list of available clothing options is almost infinite. The types vary on the basis of occasions, material, design, thread, weaving style, modern quotient, urbanized styling, etc. You can search as many Brick and Mortar stores as you want and you can surf as many E-commerce websites as you want, but you still won’t be aware of half the clothing types available for you. But one common type of girls’ clothing which you will find in every single girl’s wardrobe is a “Girls Dress”. A girls’ dress is exclusively designed to suit you on various occasions.

There is a wide variety of dresses in terms of patterns, sizes, designs and materials when it comes to girls’ dresses. These dresses are styled exclusively to look catchy and attractive immediately as soon as any girl walks past it across a store or looks at while online shopping. The most commonly opted girls’ dresses are “flower girl dresses”. The main reason behind the popularity of girls’ flower girl dresses is that flowers are very delicate and attractive in any form and any type and girls can’t help but love them in all forms. But at times it can be a little tricky and confusing as to which girls flower dress to choose.

Latest and Cute Flower Girl Dress Patterns with Images:

So to help you in this decision of choosing the correct one, following are top 15 Flower Girls Dress Patterns,

1. Baby Flower Girl Dresses:

Dressing your infant girls can be a little tricky at times. Not everyone knows what a baby must be clothed with or what can be the best options to choose from. As a result the baby girl’s clothes shopping can go on for a long period with confusion and unawareness about various garment types and brands. A simple solution for all this confusion is the Baby Flower Girls Dresses. Any style of girl’s clothing looks decent as soon as flowers are added to the design. Therefore, dressing your baby girl in a flower dress will only enhance her appearance.

2. Ball Gown Flower Girl Dresses:

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A Ball Gown style dress is a dress style which has a very close resemblance to several different types of dress styles like the “Princess Style” dress or the “Wedding style” dress or to some extent the “Maxi style” dresses. But the difference in this dress style is the manner in which the portion below the waist extends further. It extends in a bell shape down your waist. This dress design is exclusively made to accustom a ball room dance.

3. Ivory Flower Girl Dresses:

Ivory Flower Girl Dresses is one of the most common girls flower dress designs. This colour is a bit unique and must not be confused with the regular white colour. This colour shade is a bit off white in appearance but yet it looks different than the normal off white colour as well. Nowadays Ivory colour flower girl dresses are commonly observed on big occasions and weddings.

4. Crochet Flower Girl Dress:

Image Source: Pinterest

You might be aware of the significant difference between normal knitting and crochet style knitting. While normal knitting involves continuous uninterrupted weaving work without the sealing of any single knot, the crochet style of knitting is totally different as it involves sealing of every single knot as soon as it is done. This difference gives a unique look to crochet garments and therefore crochet flower girl dresses are gaining a significant level of popularity.

5. Designer Flower Girl Dresses:

As a statement of modern and urban influence, many girls nowadays have started a trend of wearing exclusive Designer Flower Girl Dresses. These dresses have some of the most beautiful designs engraved or embroidered on them and the materials used are also innovatively mixed in order to make the dresses look and feel extremely funky and modern.

6. Satin Flower Girl Dress with Pleated Waist:

Image Source: Raylibride

Satin is a beautiful type of material which has a soft and silky texture to it. It is mostly used in the making of ribbons and threads as an article of decoration and artwork. But the infusion of modern ideas and concepts in clothing garments nowadays has led to an increase in the use of delicate materials like Satin in the making of girls dresses. One such trending example of clothing is Satin Flower girls’ dresses.

7. Wedding Flower Girl Dresses:

Every girl wants to have a real experience of the ideal wedding of her dreams. Wedding Flower Girl Dresses help a girl in fulfilling this dream. Girls feel very special and celebrated in a Wedding style dress. And on top of that if such wedding dress is studded with beautiful flowers, then the overall appearance is eternal.

8. Sequin Flower Girl Dresses:

A sequin is a small circular disc-like material having a reflective surface which makes it shiny and sparkling every time any form of light hits it. Such sequin material looks awesome on many different kinds of girls clothing garments like Sarees, Kurtis, dresses etc. But the look is even more elevated if the sequin is also accompanied by some other additional design, especially a floral one. As a result, a flower girl dress having sequin-studded all over it gives you a superb final look.

9. White Flower Girl Dresses with Coloured Flower Designs:

Image Source: Pinterest

White Flower Girl Dresses are the most common dresses you will ever find any girl wearing. Be it a wedding, be it a party or be it a casual outing, white girls dress having flowers studded, is a classic all-time favourite choice among girls when it comes to clothing. The main reason behind this may be that white is the safest colour and yet somehow it suits almost every skin tone and every personality.

10. Chiffon Flower Girl Dresses:

Image Source: Pinterest

Chiffon silk is a bit different kind of silk than regular silk. The normal silk is smooth, soft and silky in texture, while chiffon silk has a coarse yet soft texture. But the finish in chiffon is evidently a bit rough as compared to the normal silk. However, ironically chiffon is the most opted alternative when it comes to silk clothes among girls. As a result, chiffon flower girl dresses are another popular flower dress option among all girls.

11. Lace Flower Girl Dresses:

Add ons like beads, embroidery, lace, etc. Give a brilliant elevation to the already good looking clothing garment. But if a garment is entirely made of Lace, the appearance is even better and unique. Therefore, these days you see Lace replacing other materials making Lace Flower Girl Dresses a tough competition in the girl’s dress market.

12. Simple Printed T-shirt style Flower Girl Dresses:

No matter how many dress styles, designs, colours and sizes you look out for, you will always buy at least one of the simple printed T-shirt style girl dress for your casual outings. And such T-shirt style dresses look the best if they have flowers on them in any form, be it separately attached or embroidered or printed. But most Girls prefer printed as it requires the least maintenance requirement.

13. Tulle Flower Girl Dresses:

Image Source: Pinterest

Tulle is a material composed of any superior kind of silk, linen or any other hybrid textile form. It looks mostly like Silk but also gives you a soft comfortable feel. Apparels made of Tulle are relatively very modern concept and more of an exclusive clothing idea. The purpose for which Tulle dresses are suitable to include party wear, ceremonies, casual outdoor activities, etc. Therefore, a Tulle Flower Girl Dress is yet another famous modern clothing option.

14. Spaghetti Flower Girl Dresses:

Spaghetti style is a clothing style which Indian girls have picked up from the western girl’s attire. A spaghetti-style dress is basically a sleeveless dress which has very thin straps to attach the dress to your shoulders. These thin straps are in the shape of spaghetti noodles and therefore it is the name of the dress. Such Spaghetti Dress accompanied by a flower design becomes a worthy dress style for all girls.

15. Toddler Flower Girl Dresses:

Image Source: Pinterest

Toddler girls can be very tiresome to dress properly. They are at the age where they have just started understanding various clothing styles but don’t have any maturity to select one at all. As a result, they engage in snob appeal competitive dressing and throw tantrums at parents if not given the desired clothes. One easy solution to the problem of dressing your toddler girls is Toddler Flower Girl Dresses.

You might have now become aware of the different kinds of dressing options available to girls of different ages. They vary mostly on the basis of colour, design, additional elements attached, the occasion of clothing, etc. One such safest and best clothing alternative is flower girl dresses. There are many options in flower dresses out of which you can select the desired one on the basis of your preference and requirement.

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