The gold jewellery things and adornments can work to improve a woman’s physical appearance in an extraordinary way. Every part of a woman’s body can be decorated with gold ornaments like earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, maang tikka, etc. When we talk about the Gold maang tikka designs, it has its own importance in jewellery ornaments. It is used to decorate a woman’s forehead.

Different Types of Maang Tikka Designs in Gold:

There are so many styles, and varieties are available for the Gold maang tikka, let’s check out the top 15 gold maang tikka designs from them.

1. Over-Sized Gold Maang Tikka:

The Over-sized Gold Maang tikka works best for the bridal. A Bride who wants to look special and outstanding on her wedding day, and then they can pick any over-sized Gold Maang tikka studded with stones or crystals. This colourful maang tikka can add grace to your looks and make you stand out as a bride with the best bridal looks.

2. Jhumar Maang Tikka Design:

Jhumar maang tikka is one of the popular designs in which is in demand these days. It can be worn on the left side of the forehead, or one can wear it regularly to the centre of the forehead. The jhumar maang tikka is available in various designs and styles. Jhumar maang tikka gold designs can add a rich appeal to your overall looks.

3. Borla Maang Tikka in Gold:

Borla Maang tikka is very popular among the women’s of Rajasthan and Haryana. The Borla maang tikka comes in different designs studded with pearls, stones and crystals. It gives a glamorous look to your personality. It looks beautiful with the perfect hair parting done from the centre of the head.

4. One Side Gold Maang Tikka Design:

Side style Maang tikka is very famous nowadays, especially among the bridals. It decorates you from two sides, as side strings fall on the one side of the forehead and the centre one placed traditionally in the centre of the head. This can be worn by the brides or by the other young girls too, it always gives a majestic look to the wearer.

5. Pendant Style Maang Tikka:

The pendant style Maang tikka is widely used by the women’s of all age groups. The pendant style is a very common design in the category of the Gold Maang Tikka. The best thing about this style is that it suits all face shapes. This can be a perfect jewellery piece for all occasions and festivals.

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6. One-Tier Gold Matha Pattis:

One more style of maang tikka which is ruling the world of ornaments with its trendy looks, both strings of matha Patti falls on both sides of your forehead and gives you a royal look in an elegant way. But the wearer should be conscious of these kinds of matha pattis to make stay in its place.

7. Multi-Tier Matha Pattis in Gold:

This one is the same as the one-tier matha pattis, but there is the only a difference in the number of chain Strings on both sides. The multi-tier matha Patti is mostly worn by the brides at their wedding, giving a full bridal look to a woman. Look your best on your wedding day by adorning this beautiful matha Patti with your wedding costumes.

8. Pearl Strings Maang Tikka:

These kinds of pearl Maang tikka designs in gold also a part of matha pattis, the only difference of the strings. In this, the centre is made up of Gold and the strings are made up of pearl beads. It looks very pretty on the wearer. Teaming up it with the conventional outfits can leave the people jealous.

9. Chaand Baali Maang Tikka in Gold:

Chaand Baali Maang tikka comes in the shape of the half-moon. These kinds of maang tikka can be found in various styles and designs. One can wear this for any special occasion. The best thing about this chaand Baali maang tikka is that the bride and the other girls can wear it.

10. White Stone Studded Maang Tikka:

Studded maang tikka with kundans never goes out of style. It is perfect jewellery, an ornament to improve your look with its never faded design. The maang tikka has pretty design with the beautiful clear stones. Get traditionally beautiful by wearing this stone studded maang tikka on your forehead, for any wedding or social occasion.

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11. Meenakari Gold Maang Tikka for Girls:

Meenakari Jewelry designs are widely in the wedding collections. Meenakari Work in maang tikka models is very popular among the women’s. This highly finished piece of Meenakari Gold tikka will be the perfect choice to complete your traditional look.

12. Pearl Studded Maang Tikka for Bridal:

Jewellery designed with pearls has its own importance. We can see many people who always like to wear only pearl ornaments due to its shiny and high-class looks. The Maang tikka gold designs have perfect finishing work studded with pearls will be enough to enhance your appearance.

13. Drops Maang Tikka:

Maang Tikka with drops gives can prettify a woman’s look. When the drops fall on your head, they add bling to your face. One can find a variety of drops like – pearl drops, stone drops, gold drops etc.

14. Lakshmi Maang Tikka Gold for Wedding:

The Lakshmi Maang tikka designs in gold are a very rare style in Gold Maang tikka but it has its own different charm and style to stand out from the others. Basically, These Lakshmi Maang Tikka has the Gold Icon of Goddess Lakshmi as a centre pendant, giving you a bold and beautiful appeal.

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15. Borla With Chaand Bali Maang Tikka Gold:

It is a style of maang tikka which has a perfect of Borla with the chaand baali. Pairing it with the beautiful necklace can complete your ethnic appearance. The perfect blend of Borla and chaand baali add an ethnic and classy appeal to your personality.

Gold Maang tikka is a typical Indian ornament used mostly by the wedded women’s across the nation. As we can see that, then today’s modem woman doesn’t like to compromise, especially when it comes to looking beautiful and stunning, but by teaming the perfect clothing with the beautiful piece of gold maang tikka can do this all for you.

Wearing a gold maang tikka on your forehead will be enough to draw others attention towards yourself. So if you want to look different from others and want to be an eye-catching personality in a function, you can go for the any one of the gold maang tikka designs and you will be all set to flaunt a new you.


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