Maang Tikka is an integral part of wedding jewellery. It has great significance and importance. It is an accessory which brings elegance to the bridal look. Brides have an enormous choice of maang tikka, which they can wear on their big day. It is a beautiful ornament that evolves in styles and designs. Maang Tikka denotes the union of two souls through marriage. The pendant of the maang tikka falls at a point where ‘ajna chakra’ is believed to be placed, a symbol of the bride and groom’s sacred union.

Traditional and Beautiful Maang Tikka with Chain designs for Womens in Trend:

Let’s look at the top 9 designs of maang tikka with chains.

1. Chand Maang Tikka:

This is a stunning chand style maang tikka with a chain. A round moon-like shape is given to the pendant, and one red teardrop shape stone is hanging. On the tikka chain, there are three flower patterns. Many round diamonds are attached to the tikka.

2. Borla Maang Tikka:

This is an amazing pearl maang tikka chain with a Borla-style pendant. There is a round ball decorated with colourful stones. There is a big white stone in between. Then there is a series of round colourful, and white stones. Small white pearl series is covered in the middle of the ball.

3. Stone Maang Tikka:

This tikka head chain is shining with a pear shape white diamond on the head. This pear shape diamond is covered with gold. There is a round link chain with small pearls in intervals. The chain is very thin. This diamond is sparkling and noticed by every eye.

4. Single String Maang Tikka:

This maang tikka with chain has a stone studded single string. There are also two single strings going on both sides. There is a fake white stone embossed in this string. The pendant is big, and three big green and pink teardrop stones are hanging.

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5. Double String Maang Tikka:

This is such a beautiful maang tikka with a double-string chain. On the middle chain, there are two floral stone studded designs. On both sides, there are two strings of stones-like layers. There is a round shape pendant with a big oval shape white stone. This big stone is covered with a line of small stones.

6. Multiple Strings Maang Tikka:

This bridal maang tikka chain looks gorgeous and gives a complete look. There are four-layer strings on both sides. A stone-embossed floral pattern is in between. The pendant falls to the middle eye area. In between, there are green colour stones. The whole tikka is looking exceptional.

7. Gold Maang Tikka:

This tikka head chain is in gold with a round pendant. A very nice design is crafted on a gold pendant. There is green and pink colour stone and two beautiful pearls hanging. One pendant is big with a round shape, and another one is small with an oval shape. A round link chain has a small flower pattern.

8. Maang Tikka without Chain:

This is a modern maang tikka without a chain. In this, only the pendant is there on the forehead. The pendant has a teardrop design with three strings hanging. Small white diamonds are attached to the pendant, which is shining. The tikka looks fancy and pleasant.

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9. Elaborate Maang Tikka:

This is so attractive, maang tikka with chain. There is a broad string on both sides. A lovely pendant is hanging on the forehead. This gives an elaborative look to a bride. A bride looks so delicate in this big maang tikka. This big size maang tikka catches the attention of people.

Maang tikka is an inseparable part of jewellery for a bride. Maang tikka can be worn even for other functions, provided it should be small and delicate. Your solah shringar is incomplete without maang tikka. It provides an ethnic personality to ladies. This accessory gives a sudden transformation to face from simplicity to enchanting.


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