Big maang tikka is an oversized pendant with hair line and sometimes with side strings also. Sometimes the pendant covers half of your forehead and sometimes the whole. Big maang tikka is for ladies with big forehead. It suits them well. Big maang tikka especially looks wonderful with open hair. Oversize tikka catches attention of people and gives you a bold look. Big size pendant in tikka is used by ladies since ancient times. Muslim ladies have fantasy of wearing big maang tikka.

Traditional and Stylish Maang Tikka Designs in Big Size:

Let we have to look top 9 big size maang tikka designs for women in trend.

1. Multi Colour Big Maang Tikka:

This big maang tikka is having pendant of multi colour stones. There is a round pendant in golden colour with red and green colour. On upside of pendant, few small pearls are attached and on below, small beads of white and blue are hanging. This pendant covers whole forehead.

2. Big Crescent Drop Maang Tikka:

This big tikka jewellery possesses half-moon design attached with pear shape white stones. Below white stone, there are round pearls hanging. The pendant is connected with stone studded flower design and there is hanging pear shape stone with flower.

3. Big Rounded Maang Tikka:

It is big round maang tikka with finely textured designs on pendant. There is a big round green stone in middle of the pendant and one red stone is attached below pendant. This round pendant is looking extremely gorgeous with red and green stones.

4. Big Maang Tikka with Pearl Strings:

This is beautiful maang tikka for big forehead. The broach is having a flower design with diamond embossed. One big pear shape pearl is hanging below pendant. On both side of pendant, three layers of pearls are attached with is connected with your hairs.

5. Big Crystal Dangle Maang Tikka:

This big maang tikka is having amazing designs with diamonds. There is flower design pendant embossed with big crystal diamonds. Below pendant, one big crystal is dangling. Three lines of crystal stone are attached on both side of pendant. Crystal stones are shining like real diamond.

6. Big Maang Tikka with Flower Art:

This is lovely maang tikka with paper art flower pattern. This maang tikka design is unique and it is having three strings of pearls with pink pearl in between and white on both sides. The small lines of white and pink pearls are dangling in alternative way.

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7. Big Diamond & Pearl Maang Tikka:

This is pretty big round maang tikka with diamonds and pearls attached. On this round pendant, there are various diamond work done to decorate its design. There is one big pearl in between pendant and few pearls are hanging below pendant. There is very thin hair line chain.

8. Big Gorgeous Maang Tikka:

It is kundan work big maang tikka with big size stone. There is big triangle shape stone in middle covering with small triangle shape stone. There are three tear drop stones below pendant. On both side, there is single line of pearl string and hair line contains minute size pearls.

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9. Big Maang Tikka with Multiple Hair Line:

This maang tikka for big forehead contains multiple strings of pearl hair line. There is big size diamond studded pendant with one big pearl in between. The multiple pearl strings is the highlight of this maang tikka. Pearls are shining more than diamonds.

Big maang tikka are always famous and in trend. This gives you an adorable and cute look. Only big maang tikka is enough for face jewellery. You don’t need any other face accessory. There is so much variety in big maang tikka designs. But the thing common in all is the use of diamond and pearl. It covers the stunning designs with its evergreen shining. Diamonds and pearls both are loved by ladies.


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