In the old days, people used to style their hair in a creative and artistic way. The present hairstyles are just the old school ones with a bit of a modern touch. If you have a closer look at the present hairstyles, you’ll see that there are very minute differences between the hairstyles of 19’s and 20th century though they look a lot different. In this article, you will get an expert guidance regarding the ways in which in you can style your short hair to obtain the classy retro look. Below are some of the best short hairstyles that will take you back to the golden age of hairdressing.

1. Pinned-Up Trickery:

You can obtain this cool retro look without much hassle. If you have a short bob then you can easily style your hair in this way. All you need is time and patience for styling this look. You will have to roll the hair before the morning you’re going to wear this look. You will also need a headscarf as a final touch. Women with almost all face types can style their hair in this way.

2. Short Curly Hair:

In this look, the hair is curled in a unique way. You will need rollers for styling getting the curls. The front part of the hair tends to remain over the forehead and slides to the ears. A clip can be used to enhance the beauty of this look.

3. Cute Mini Bob:

This super short hairstyle is asymmetrically parted in the middle. The sides are a bit flipped to reveal the ears and the cheeks. This hairstyle, however, will not cover your forehead or chin and will allow you to lay a facial impression. Women with long faces can style their hair in this way.

4. Curly Thick Hair:

Women with thick and short hair can style their hair in this fashion. Here the hair is very well curled and it falls over the forehead which makes this look unique. Naturally curly hair will be the best for this look. Women with round and chubby faces can also have this look.

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5. Bouncy Short Curly Hairdo:

This was one of the most popular short hairstyles in the 19’s and has maintained its popularity till now. Women with curly hair still style their hair in this way. For availing this look, the hair should be dry which will later on make the hair bouncy. It will extend no more than the cheek level and stay curly and bouncy throughout the day. This is a natural refreshing look which will help you offer a long lasting impression on people.

6. Middy Magic:

This is a quick and easy hairstyle and almost all women can avail this look. This authentic hairstyle is asymmetrically parted and secured with the help of clips. The hair sticks to the scalp and will provide you with an all over classy look.

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7. Side Swept Hairstyle:

This is a regular side-swept hairstyle with a vintage touch. Here one side of the hair looks a bit voluminous than the other. Women with long faces can style their hair in this way. The hairstyle will look great with a beautiful dress.

8. Boyish Hairstyle:

The boy cut hairstyle was very much popular in those days. Many celebrities used to wear this look. Here the short hair is styled in such a way so that it will display an innocent and childish image.

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9. Vintage Inverted Curls:

This look came out in the 1950’s and is still in practice. Here the naturally curly short hair is pushed upwards. There is nothing much in this hairstyle so it can be styled and maintained easily.

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