Party hairstyle can vary person to person depending on many reasons such as what dress are you preparing to wear, whether you are going for any theme party or simple or wild party, whether you want to impress someone with your beautiful looks or make someone jealous. You can select a hairstyle accordingly to such reasons to help to look more attractive and still the show from others.

Beautiful Party Hairstyles for Short Hair with Images:

Let we have to look at the top party hairstyles for short hair.

1. Braid Hairstyles:

Braid hairstyles can go very well with traditional occasions as well for party occasions. You can try using braided waterfall hairstyles.

If you have bangs and you want to get rid of them, and also want to look cute. You can try braids on your bangs. It will look cute on short hair types.

You can simply leave your braided hair loose adding more details on your other accessories. With such simple braided hairstyle, you can jazz up by adding chunky earrings or heavy eye makeup.

Or you can part your hairs and keep one side plain along with braids on the other side.

2. Curly Hairstyles:

Plain curly hairstyle never fails for party or other functional occasions. It looks great on every skin tone be it short or long hair type.

Besides that curly hairstyle suits on every age group women be it a young girl or a middle-aged women. Retro curls make this hairstyle look great.

You can leave them side parted or centre parted or simply swept across your face which also accentuate your best facial features.

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3. Stylish Straight Hairstyles:

With perfectly straightened hairs you will have many options for choosing a good party hairstyle.

You can go for a long and sleek blunt cut keeping your forehead clean. You can simply keep the hairs simple with a blunt fringe that skims your eyebrows, and leave the hairs perfectly straight.

4. Pony Hairstyles:

You can always play safe with simple pony hairstyles.

You can tie your hairs up with simple ponytail along with your few hair strands working as a band. You can even have a fringe to cover your long forehead.

You can simply puff your front hairs tying the rest of the iron-flat or wavy hairs in a pony hairstyle.

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5. Side Parted Hairstyles:

You can also try having side parted hairstyles which can be set perfectly with using hair sprays and gels.

Such kind of hairstyles allows you to show off your other features.

You can make yourself more attractive by highlighting your eyes or by wearing big chunky earrings or heavy jewelleries.

6. Asymmetrical Hairstyles:

Apart from trending in some cool hairstyles, you can simply rock a party without much doing to your short hairs.

Go for asymmetrical cut and jazz it up with some funky accessory such as big rings or sunglasses or even trendy hats!

Try some asymmetrical hairstyle giving you more edge towards the face.

7. Messy Hairstyles:

A simple messed up hairstyle makes a Girl or women look more graceful.

Most of the short hair cut end at the chin area which give a bad look making your face extremely round.

By adding layers or just leaving them all messed up creates a balance to your face and short hair style.

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8. Coloured Hairstyles:

By adding colours to your hair makes a lot of difference in your usual look. You can simply highlight your hairs or else you can use strokes of different colours of your choice to paint your hairs.

You can completely colour your hairs using bright girly colors such as pink,blue, yellow or in orange!

If you are on a motive to make a fashion statement, you can select red, blue, purple or green.

But with these colours you have to be very selective and careful regarding your dress and makeup. With minimal makeup and jewelleries you can rock the show.

9. Accessorised Short Hairstyles:

Just like straight short hairstyles can be accessorized with different types of bob pins, clips hair bands or nets etc suitable for parties. You can use nets for creating emphasizes different characters suitable for a Halloween party.

You can simply wear a trendy hat on your head without putting much time on pins or band. Hats are simple and very easily compliment your small party dress.

You can also tie up a ribbon or a scarp around your head to create a retro look for a party.

You can change your look completely by using such dazzling or cute accessory in your hairstyle of normal bob or extremely short cut known as pixie hairstyle.

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