We know how common it is to trim and cut our hair when summer is just around the corner. We all think of comfort and ease and get ready for short haircuts when this season is here. Here is how you can style with new short hairstyles for summer short hair. Read this guide and choose what you like and what suits you the best. Short haircuts can be trendy and quirky if you style them in the right way. Hence keep reading and check these styles out.

12 Simple Summer Short Hairstyles for Women:

Take a look at some latest short summer hairstyles for the hottest summer in India.

1. Side Swept Bob Short Haircut for Women:

Add on a bit of colour and striking features in a simple haircut by adding bold hair colour highlights as shown above. Here, we see a simple bob haircut instantly turning into a contemporary and bold glammed-up look. This is a perfect and exquisite option in trending short haircuts for ladies in warmer months.

2. Simple Boy Cut:

You are mistaken if you think gone are the days boy cut is trending around. The simple and classic boy cut always stays fashionable in the world. For women who do not have time in hand for hair maintenance and prefer a casual and quick everyday look, this is among the best short haircuts for summer. It is versatile and can be tried by those with any facial features.

3. Pink Pixie with Fade:

This is another best choice in the list of short hairstyles for summer. The pixie haircut variant features half shaved and fades on one side and side-swept layered hair on the other, with pink highlights, delivering a beautiful, subtle yet striking, pleasant feel. It is perfectly ideal for women who love to try modern contemporary looks yet want to keep their elegance. What do you think of this look? It is highly suitable for women with oval or diamond facial structures.

4. Layered Crop Haircut for Summer:

This kind of short summer haircut is sweet and straightforward, simple and sweet. One can easily maintain it and does not have to worry about the type of clothes that will match this haircut. It is essential that you have smooth hair for this hairstyle, and thick hair will look better than thin hair.

  • Ideal Age Group: You are in your mid-30s to make a fashion statement.
  • Suitable Face Type: and hair type: This best suits oval shape faces with thick, smooth hair.
  • Perfect Occasion: Work on this style for corporate office parties to make an impression.
  • Matching Dress: Here is the style you can opt for if you want to wear long or short western dresses or skirts.

5. The Curly Crop Cut:

Do you have curly hair and you do not wish to straighten it? No, problem, you can choose to crop it even then. These are among new short haircuts for summer, the curly crop cut is a smart option for middle-aged women, especially those with lean faces. You can ask your hairstylist to angle the hair according to your face structure.

  • Ideal Age Group: Try this style for women in their 20s only.
  • Matching Dress: Try this with ethnic kurtas or even western formal wear.
  • Perfect Occasion: Try this for regular wear to college or office as it suits you.
  • Suitable Face and Hair Type: This style best suits short curly hair along with any face type, be it oval or round.

6. Straight Bob Haircut for Summer:

If you are someone who likes to wear a bob cut, then a straight bob always looks good. You can easily have this summer haircut for short hair if you are a professional who has formal meetings regularly. Bangs look nice with the bob cut and it can be side swept angled or straight fringes on the forehead as per your liking.

  • Ideal Age Group: This style suits women in their 30s.
  • Perfect Occasion: This hairstyle for regular office meetings will look great.
  • Matching Dress: Try this with official formal wear and a blazer for the look.
  • Suitable Face and Hair Type: Try this style for oval face and straight hair type.

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7. The Hawk Style Summer Haircut:

This is an excellent choice for cute summer short haircuts for women who prefer to look tomboyish. It is suitable for women who like to be casual and fun-loving. All kinds of face shapes and hair textures can be easily be blended to create this hairstyle. The only requirement is that the person should be confident enough to carry it off.

  • Matching Dress: This suits western skirts and shorts better.
  • Perfect Occasion: Opt-in this style for casual outings and parties.
  • Ideal Age Group: This style suits women in their late 20s or early 30s.
  • Suitable Face and Hair Type: This style suits all face shapes and any hair type equally.

8. The Pompadour Hairstyle:

This is a gorgeous short summer haircut for women and is suitable for both daytime and nighttime events. The large volume of hair can be cut short of creating pomp, or even keep long and then tied to make a ponytail. Small and big shaped faces look good in these kinds of stylish and latest haircuts, and fine hair is suitable for this style more than curly or thick hair.

  • Ideal Age Group: This style would look dashing and trendy equally.
  • Perfect Occasion: Try this for night fashion parties or office parties.
  • Matching Dress: This suits elegant and modern knee-length dresses as formal wear.
  • Suitable Face and Hair Type: This best suits women with the oval face shape and straight hair.

9. Short Waves Hairstyle Summer:

Short and soft waves look fantastic on women who want to leave their hair open. Waves have always been in fashion, and some women get it artificially curled. Natural waves can be controlled using hair serum after shampoo before leaving the house every day. The best option is to side part of it.

  • Perfect Occasion: Try this for night parties or dinners.
  • Ideal Age Group: This style best suits women in their 20s better.
  • Matching Dress: This cute short summer hairstyle is best for women in ethnic wear or long dresses.
  • Suitable Face and Hair Type: Try this style with oval and diamond face shape along with wavy hair type for the look

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10. Sexy Layered Bob Cut:

When it comes to short hair for summers, bob cut is the universal choice of almost all women. Moreover, while categorising bob hairstyle, layered bob looks very sexy and smart. Women can wear anything with it, and any hair colour or tone will match this short hairstyle for summer. However, the popular one is blonde hair.

  • Ideal Age Group: This suits women in their late 20s and 30s better.
  • Perfect Occasion: Try this with dance parties to make an impression.
  • Suitable Face and Hair Type: Try this look for straight hair and a round face.
  • Matching Dress: Try this with very sleek and backless short dresses or blouses with shorts.

11. Short Side Parted Haircut:

A short haircut on a woman with a round and heart-shaped face would look good with a side parting. The parting should be natural on one side. Some of the hair on the edges can be out curled to give it a smarter look, and the front hair should fall from the forehead as soft fringes on the other side of the parting.

  • Perfect Occasion: Try this for a regular office wear look to make an impression.
  • Matching Dress: This summer hairdo for short hair is best with formal wear.
  • Ideal Age Group: This unique look best suits women in their 30s and makes it look trendy and stylish.
  • Suitable Face and Hair Type: Try this style for all hair types with short hair and with oval-shaped faces.

12. The Very Short Natural Pixie:

This type of hairstyle is only possible for a woman who has naturally short curly hair, and it only has to be styled and trimmed in a suitable manner. This short pixie cut looks good mostly on dark women. The hair is thick curly, and unmanageable, so cutting it very short is the best option during summer. So, now you can think of keeping your hair short because there are several options that you would find interesting and stylish.

  • Perfect Occasion: Try this with regular casual outings.
  • Matching Dress: This looks best suits casual western wear like jeans and skirts.
  • Suitable Face and Hair Type: This style suits oval and diamond faces with all hair types.
  • Ideal Age Group: Try this style for women in their late 30s and 40s, better to make a fashion statement.

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Additional Tips:

  1. Do not worry about short hairstyles. You can now look trendy and smart even during summer, as shown through these hairstyles
  2. Make sure you take the advice of a stylist on the length of hair that is best suitable for your face and hair type
  3. Work on styling as you should feel comfortable as well as comfortable with the new look
  4. Apply good serum to protect hair from sun damage. Do not skip it as the hair is equally important to take care of along with the skin.

Hope you like this guide on summer hairstyles for short hair. These are the new and latest trends in short hairdos for the summer season. Those who want to trim and cut their hair this season, now need not worry as there are a variety of hairstyles available to try out with short hair as much as long hair.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1.is Short Hair Not Suitable For Ethnic Clothes?

Ans: That is a total myth. Short hair suits even ethnic wear, given the way you style it. In case you maintain it short up to the neck or asymmetric, this can be rocked with all dress styles and wear, including ethnic wear.

Q2. Can Short Hair People Have Hair Wash Every Day?

Ans: This is a common mistake many of us do. We often regularly wash our hair just because we have short hair, but this is not recommended as over-shampooing with harsh chemicals may damage hair. Hence do not over-shampoo your hair short or long more than thrice a week.

Q3. How To Trim Hair To Maintain It Short?

Ans: Generally, those who want short hair trim the style once every 4-6 weeks to maintain the same length and hairstyle. This will help you in maintaining the look you chose or created.


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