9 Simple and New Summer Haircuts for Short Hair

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If, summer is arriving quickly style your hair short. It is healthy and smart to have short hair in summer because then you would perspire less and you would not have to worry about the smell. Short hair summer styles are many and one can choose from the below the most appropriate cut for themselves.

summer hairstyles for short hair

9 Simple Summer Short Hairstyles for Women in 2019:

Take look on Some Latest Short Hairstyles for Hottest Summer in India.

1. Layered Crop Haircut for Summer:

Short Summer Hairstyles1

This kind of haircut is simple and sweet. One can easily maintain it and does not have to worry about type of clothes that will go with the haircut. It is essential that you have smooth hair for this hairstyle and thick hair will look better than thin hair.

2. The Curly Crop Cut:

Short Summer Hairstyles2

Do you have curly hair and you do not wish to straighten it? No, problem at all you can choose to crop it even then. Curly crop cut is a smart option for middle-aged woman especially who have lean faces. You can ask your hairstylist to angle the hair according to your face structure.

3. Straight Bob Haircut for Summer:

Short Summer Hairstyles3

If, you are someone who likes to wear bob cut then a straight bob always looks good. You can easily have this haircut if you are a professional who has formal meetings regularly. Bangs look nice with bob cut and it can be side swept angled or straight fringes on the forehead as per your liking.

4. The Hawk Style Summer Haircut:

Short Summer Hairstyles4

This is an excellent choice for short hairstyle in summer for women who prefer to look messy and non-feminine. It is suitable for women who like to be casual and fun loving. All kinds of face type and hair texture can be used for this hairstyle. The only requirement is that the person should be confident to carry this statement haircut.

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5. The Pompadour Hairstyle:

Short Summer Hairstyles5

This is a gorgeous hairstyle is suitable for both daytime and night parties. The large volume of hair can be cut short to create a pomp, or even keep it long and then tied to make a ponytail. Small to big face, all of them look good in this stylish haircut and fine hair is suitable for the style more than curly or thick hair.

6. Short Waves Hairstyle Summer:

Short Summer Hairstyles6

Short and soft waves look fantastic on women who want to keep their hair open. Waves have always been in fashion and some woman get it artificially curled for themselves. Natural waves can be controlled using some serum after shampoo and before leaving house every day. The best option is to side part it.

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7. Sexy Layered Bob Cut:

Short Summer Hairstyles7

When it comes to short hair for summers, bob cut is the universal choice of almost all women. Moreover, while categorizing bob hairstyle layered bob looks very sexy and smart. Women can wear anything with it and any hair color or tone will go with this hairstyle. However, the best one is blonde hair.

8. Short Side Parted Haircut:

Short Summer Hairstyles8

A short haircut on woman with round and heart shaped face look good with side parting. The parting should be natural on one side. Some of the hair on the edge can be out curled to give a smarter look and the front hair should fall from the forehead as soft fringes on the other side of the parting.

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9. The Very Short Natural Pixie:

Short Summer Hairstyles9

This type of hairstyle is only possible for woman who naturally has short curly hair and it only has to be styled and trimmed in a manner that is suitable. This short pixie looks nice on dark women. The hair is thick curly and unmanageable so cutting it very short is the best option during summer. So, now you can think of keeping your hair short because there are a number of options that you would find interesting.

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