Short edgy hairstyles depict a bold and strong personality which brings out the unique side of womanhood. You can sport these hairstyles if you have round to oblong faces and thick hair. Some of these looks come with bangs whereas others come with unique short edges. If you have medium length hair then this is one of the best ways to make your hairstyle look alluring.

Short Edgy Haircuts for Women 2018:

Following are the top 9 short edgy hairstyles for women in trend.

1. Short Edgy Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs:

This look is a showstopper. In this hairstyle, the front part of the fringe cut hair comes down the forehead and conceals it partially. The hair is cut asymmetrically where one part of the hair is more heavy and thick than the other.

2. Edgy Hairstyle with Waves:

The Wavy and edgy hairstyle looks pretty much like a pixie comes with plenty of layers. It gives the face the perfect texture as it comes down heavy on one side of the head. Women with oblong faces can sport this haircut easily.

3. Pixie with Sticking Out Feathers:

This haircut is a masterpiece for all the short hairstyles. The fancy short hairstyle comes with picked out pointed hair strands which are the main attraction of this look. Here the hair looks well nourished and carefree at the same time. You can style this haircut easily and the strands can be picked out by using hand only.

4. Blonde Messed Up Short Edgy Hairstyle:

In this haircut, the blonde hair looks tousled. The front portion of the hair takes a floating structure and is brushed to one side. This is one of the most decent and coolest looks for short hair. If you have naturally blonde hair then you will rock this look.

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5. Rock Style Short Edgy Haircut:

This punk-rock haircut displays an arrogant and break-free attitude. The hair is pulled up with tresses and is one of the funkiest hairstyles of this season. If you have medium length hair, then cut it short and use a styling gel to attain this look.

6. Shaved Pixie Edgy Haircut:

The shaved pixie sports more hair on one side and very little on the other. This crazy look is in vogue after being reinvested by Miley Cyrus. It looks very attractive as there is no substitute for this hairstyle. Women with blonde hair can style their hair in this way if they’re willing to look like Miley Cyrus.

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7. The Sassy Pixie Haircut:

For availing this extravagant look cut your hair extra short. It sports a plummy texture and can be carried on without much maintenance. You will require a styling gel or wax to keep the hair intact.

8. Cropped Edgy Hairstyle for Short Hair:

Women with carefree and fun-loving attitude will heart this hairstyle. This is one of the most adorable looks if you’re willing to cut your hair short and edgy. The well-layered hair displays flirty look and boys will love it. Women with heart-shaped faces will carry this look the best.

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9. Man Look Edgy Haircut:

This bold looks will be suitable for women with diamond-shaped faces. The hairstyle proves that short hair can also look attractive compared a number of braided and layered ones. Celebrities such as Charlize Thereon are sporting this look and inspiring other women as well.