In order to have a healthy and safe pregnancy, your body needs the right amount of nutrients. A balanced 5th month pregnancy diet goes a very long way in ensuring the baby is healthy and also helps in the development of the fetus. While we understand that your diet may be restricted by some religious and ethical beliefs, it then becomes important to consult with your doctor and curate a plan that will help you have a safe pregnancy.

Importance of Fifth Month Pregnancy Diet Plan:

One of the main reasons diet takes centre stage of importance is because, in pregnancy, the calorie requirement of the mother goes up. However, her calorie consumption just goes up by some hundred.

Her body also needs more iron content and the volume of blood increases during her pregnancy. Therefore, it becomes imperative to include a lot of iron-rich in her 5th month of pregnancy food to ensure that both she and the baby get enough oxygen supply.

Being a mother is a moment to cherish. The time is essential for the mother that what she needs to eat. In the fifth month of pregnancy, the baby should have sufficient nutrition.

5th Month Pregnancy Diet Save

5 Month Pregnancy Diet Plan:

So what should a 5th month pregnancy diet plan look like?

1. Fruits and Vegetables:

There is no getting away from this. Five portions of fruits and vegetables a day should be your target. Fresh ones tend to have more amounts of vitamins and other essential nutrients. Since natural sugar is high in fruits, it becomes an excellent source of energy too.

2. Protein:

Your protein can come from tofu and soy products. Quinoa is another excellent source of protein for the body.

3. Carb-Rich Foods:

Starchy carb-rich foods like pasta, potato and bread are essential. They are high in energy and therefore become an essential component of a pregnancy diet.

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What To Eat?

1. Sufficient Amount of Water:

At this time of pregnancy, the mother needs to take care of two persons. Along with food, an adequate amount of water is also important. During the time of pregnancy, constipation is a very obvious problem for many women. Along with food, one should drink glasses of water. It will certainly help to avoid constipation. It is the way to keep the body hydrated.

2. Protein Foods Necessary for Pregnant Women:

Protein is the most vital ingredient for providing energy in the body. At this time body needs to be energetic for carrying the child safely in her womb. A sufficient amount of protein is very much essential for the physical growth of the body. Mostly it ensures the strong growth of muscles, skin and other organs. Protein-containing foods are eggs, soya chunks, nuts pulses etc.

3. Salad:

Green salad for pregnant women is a big yes! Salads which contain raw vegetables like carrots, cabbage, cucumber, and fresh tomato are effective in this stage. All the ingredients contain minerals and fibre, which is a part of the 5th month of pregnancy diet as per doctor advice. You need to make sure your veggies are fresh.

4. The Glass of Milk:

Among dairy products, milk is very important during the time of pregnancy. Milk is advised in the diet during the 5th month of pregnancy for calcium. The product is high in calcium which is necessary for bone development. It also strengthens the teeth and muscles. Many do feel uncomfortable drinking milk during the pregnancy period. In that case, have some other dairy products fit for your health.

5. Chicken Contains High Protein:

Fresh chicken is healthy food for pregnancy. If you are tired of having vegetables cook some chicken for gaining high protein. Compared to other meats, fresh chicken is safe as a pregnancy diet. It is better to avoid other meats as they are not safe for your health at this crucial time.

6. Fruits Are Healthy Enough:

Fruits are considered to be very important for a pregnant lady. Once you carry your child, make a good habit of having fruit daily. Fruits are especially advised by the doctor. By eating fresh fruits, you can provide a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals to your baby. It is as important as others for the natural growth of a baby.

7. Eat Green Vegetables:

Especially at this time, vegetables sound very tasteless and boring, but for your baby, you need to have the necessary amount of green vegetables in a day. It is a must option in the 5th month pregnancy diet chart. Veggies like spinach, broccoli, and beans are worth eating during pregnancy. Besides you, along with your little one will not suffer from any kind of deficiency.

8. Fish:

Fish is a good source of protein. Especially the small fishes are very necessary for this period. Make sure it is cooked with hygiene. Unhygienic food may cause harm to your baby. Try avoiding sea fishes while you are pregnant. They carry harmful elements like mercury which can affect the development of your baby.

9. Grains Do Play A Vital Role:

The products which all are made up of grain are bread, wheat, rice corn is much more effective as a pregnancy diet. All these products are full of vitamin E and vitamin B important for the normal growth of a baby. Such products also provide the two needed elements like iron and magnesium. The nourishment of the baby to a great extent depends on these types of products.

10. Carbs:

What about carbs as the 5th of pregnancy food? Carbohydrates-rich food like potatoes, pasta and bread, comes filled with a lot of energy. This will keep you active throughout the day.

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What Not To Eat?

These were some of the healthy food for 5 month pregnancy. What about the things you shouldn’t eat? Here is a list.

1. Fruits To Be Avoided:

While fruits may be entirely healthy, some of them sure come with setbacks.

  • Tropical fruits are better to avoid during the entire pregnancy time. Especially papaya, pineapple, and pomegranate to a great extent are responsible for miscarriage. Henceforth such fruits are not at all good to have during that period.
  • Apart from this, packaged fruits have to be strictly avoided too. They generally carry preservatives that create harmful bacteria within the product.

2. Avoid Soft Drinks:

Soft drinks are the favourites of many, but many of you do not know that they carry calories not good for your health. Such carbonated products create a digestion problem. It is a good reason for excessive weight gain. Excess calories will surely increase your weight and make your body heavy. Heavy weight can create a problem in your pregnancy.

3. Street Foods:

As delicious as street food may be, it is best you avoid them. Street foods are considered to be very unhygienic, at least at this point for you,  especially pizzas and burgers work like poison to a pregnant lady. Make sure that as the 5th month of pregnancy food, you are far away from it. Though the food is very delicious, for the overall health of your baby tries and avoid these fatty items for a certain period.

4. Tea and Coffee:

As much as you may love your tea and coffee, they contain caffeine. Caffeine in excess can be very dangerous to the baby and your health. Generally, doctors advise only about two cups of tea and coffee in a day. The product is well known for affecting the heart rate.

5. Stop Drinking Alcohol:

Perhaps this product is the most harmful of all. At least at this point in your life, it is necessary that you avoid alcohol entirely. It can be very harmful to the baby.

6. Empty Calorie Food:

Empty calorie food-like cookies, chips and candies do no good to the body. Many of them are high in artificial sugar and some in fat, and thus may affect your weight level altogether.

7. Raw Eggs:

While the egg is an essential ingredient in your five-month pregnancy diet, raw eggs or partially cooked eggs used in food are by no means a good idea. Eggs must be cooked well. Else, you might be prone to salmonella infection.

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Supplements To Take:


Iron is one of the must-take supplements in your five-month pregnancy diet. Healthy food for 5-month pregnancy will mean you consume about 27 milligrams of iron per day. Take your iron pills with your meals to avoid heartburn or nausea.

Folic Acid:

Another supplement is folic acid. You need to take about 400 mcg per day of folic acid for at least up to your 12th week.


Do not ignore or undermine the importance of zinc in your list of food to eat in 5th month of pregnancy. Zinc deficiency has been seen to cause adverse outcomes for pregnant women. Fortified cereals, red meat, beans and nuts have an abundance of zinc in them.

Some Tips for 5th Month Pregnancy Diet Plan:

  •  Your food should be the right balance of all the energy-giving food and should be nutrient-dense. The absence or overconsumption of any of these nutrients can lead to serious problems.
  • It is always best to show your fifth month of pregnancy food to your doctor. He/she will be the best person to decide what is good and what is not.
  • Eat at intervals. This way, you will feel full and can avoid unusual cravings. Munch on some energy-giving food like nuts between your lunch and breakfast.

The fifth month is the time when the baby’s breathing starts and many vital organs begin to develop. Therefore, be ready to eat all that is required for the good development of the baby. Even if it is something you hate to eat, do it for your baby. This way, you will feel good and will have a safe delivery.


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