You are now in the sixth month of pregnancy. You will now notice that your body is different from the last month. Together with this, your baby has made some real progress in terms of growth. That being said, it is necessary that you supply your body and baby with essential nutrients. The diet for a pregnant lady in 6th is a combination of some sweets as there is a craving and vitamins. Food is the only option which can provide nutrients to your baby. With the help of your doctor make a healthy diet chart that has to be followed.

Importance of Diet and Food for 6th Month Pregnancy:

Why are we stressing about a good diet chart for you at this point? Well, at any point, a good diet chart that covers the essential nutrients required for your body is never underrated. Remember that much of the growth and health of your baby will depend on what you eat and how much you eat. The body absorbs the required nutrients and feeds your baby through the placenta. Apart from eating regularly, you need to eat healthily as this will play a huge role in the development of the fetus.

Healthy 6th Month Pregnancy Diet Plan:

This chart will have the right dose of all the essential nutrients and will be densely packed. Everything you eat will have a part to play in the baby’s development. With the right mix of proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, fresh fruits and veggies, your diet chart will strike the right balance. Here is how we expect your food chart during 6th month of pregnancy food chart to look.

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1. Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is crucial now. It keeps the body strong and healthy. Moreover, it keeps the body free from any kind of disease. Vitamin C helps in the growth of tissue. The products containing vitamin C are very essential for protecting the cell. Strawberries, grapes, cabbage, sweet potato etc. are some of the fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C.

2. Fibre:

Fibre is a good solution for constipation during pregnancy. Indigestion and constipation are very natural during pregnancy. Fibre-containing products will be helpful in this issue. It is an essential part of a pregnancy diet. Fibre is generally found in fruits and different types of vegetables. Fibre-carrying products are easy to digest especially during this time of pregnancy.

3. Almonds:

Yes, nuts are always a saviour! In this period of pregnancy, you must have nutrient-dense food. Nevertheless, it is very vital for the healthy growth of your baby. Almonds contain a good amount of nutrients necessary during pregnancy. Try to include almonds in your regular diet chart. Now if you have any allergy to almonds then it is better to avoid them, but look for other nuts as a replacement for them.

4. Folic Acid:

Along with vitamins, folic acid is important for a pregnant woman. A certain amount of folic acid is required in a day. For the brain development of your baby, folic acid plays a vital role. It is very helpful to strengthen the spinal cord of your little ones. Therefore by having folic acid you can avoid all kinds of defects during the birth of your baby.

5. Protein:

Protein is the most necessary part of a pregnancy diet. For a proper supply of energy, protein is important. The physical growth of a baby depends on a sufficient amount of protein. Thus make sure that protein is in your diet during 6th month of pregnancy among all. Protein-rich foods are eggs, fish, soya, chicken, milk, green veggies and so on.

6. Carbohydrates:

Healthy carbs every day is essential. However, how much you need to eat will depend on your weight. Potatoes, pasta, sweet corn, seeds and nuts are some good carbs you can trust.

7. Vegetables:

We do not have to tell you about the goodness of vegetables. A Diet chart for 6th-month pregnancy is never complete with some fresh vegetables. Beetroot, cabbage, asparagus, spinach, carrots, eggplant, turnip, pumpkin, beans and tomatoes are excellent options that provide the needed nutrients for the body and for the baby.

8. Fruits:

Much of the benefits lie in eating some fresh fruits and is often regarded as the best food for 6 months of pregnancy. Keep a basketful of fruits on your table and have it whenever you wish to. Fruits give a good supply of vitamins to the body. Thus your baby will not suffer from vitamin deficiency. It also fulfils the need for minerals. Fruits like bananas, green grapes, apples, oranges, and pears can be added to your diet chart.

Importance of Dairy Products:

Many of us do not really work on dairy products. Remember that during your pregnancy, there is no scope of avoiding such products. For strong bones in your baby calcium is very much important. Thus if you do not adopt a habit of milk and other dairy products, it will harm your baby. Of insufficiency of protein and calcium, the baby can suffer from bone strength deficiency.


Along with your 6th month of pregnancy food, and water consumption is a vital part of digestion. According to the doctor, you should have a minimum of six glasses of water throughout the day. We do not really have to stress the importance of staying hydrated!

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6th Month Pregnancy Diet: What Not To Eat

6th month of pregnancy food should be very carefully planned. Here are some products you have to avoid.

1. Avoid Raw Sea Foods:

Say a big no-no to seafood. Raw seafood is strictly prohibited for pregnant women. They carry high levels of mercury that can be very harmful at this time. Seafood gives birth to diseases like Listeriosis which is undoubtedly very injurious for you and your baby.

2. Under Cooked Meat:

Well, cooked meat is essential to keep harmful bacteria away. Cook the meat well so that it kills the Listeriosis and any chances of it.

3. Soft Cheese:

Soft cheese that is not pasteurized should be kept away. Prefer hard cheese and include them in your food for 6 month pregnant women. Disease-causing bacteria are prevalent in cheese and thus it will benefit to not indulge too much in them.

4. Spicy Food:

Spicy food is a good reason for creating indigestion. This type of food is cooked without maintaining any hygiene. At this time avoiding spicy food and having only bland food will bore you and make food unappetizing. Stick to healthy food and have spicy food in moderation.

5. Caffeine:

Caffeinated items like coffee and tea are not good to be taken in excess. It does not mean that you cannot have it, but keep in mind and take it in moderation. They are stimulants and their effect can be felt in the heartbeat.

6. Alcohol and Tobacco:

Alcohol and tobacco are strictly exempted from entering your 6th month of pregnancy food. The damage that they can cause to the baby will be grave and sometimes even irreparably fatal.

Supplements To Take in The 6th Month of Pregnancy Diet:

Here are some supplements you need to consider apart from the food mentioned.

a. Iron:

A daily intake of 27 grams of iron is recommended for pregnant mothers. Since the growing fetus draws its nutrients from the mother, it is necessary for the mother to have adequate iron. However, too much iron can also cause its own set of problems.

b. Folic Acid:

Folic acid is yet another ingredient vital for the 6th month pregnancy diet plan. The appropriate amount would be 600 micrograms for one month before conception and three months later. This is the normal recommended usage.

c. Iodine:

Iodine is a must ingredient for the mental development of the fetus. 220 micrograms for pregnant mothers is the recommended usage.

d. Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is essential for the body to absorb calcium and use it. You can get adequate vitamin D by spending about 10 minutes in the morning or the afternoon sun.

e. Omega 3 Fatty Acids:

Fish oil is essential for the neural development of the baby. This is however not taken in the first trimester. It is best to consult your doctor for the dosage.

f. Vitamin B12:

Another supplement for the neurodevelopment of the baby is vitamin B12. This is found in meat, eggs and dairy. About 250-500 micrograms are the recommended dosage and have to be included in the food to eat during the 6th month of pregnancy.

Diet Tips for 6 Months Pregnant Women:

  • Do not go for over-the-counter medicines unless you are absolutely sure of them.
  • If you are already on some sort of regular medication, it is recommended to ask your doctor about its use when you are pregnant.
  • Munch on some healthy cravings. Cravings are totally natural at this point. You only need to make sure that you satiate the cravings by eating something healthy.

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Weight Gain in The Sixth Month of Pregnancy: How Much is Normal?

It is suggested that underweight women should gain about 28 to 40 pounds of weight. However, if you are overweight, you may only need to gain about 15 to 25 pounds during pregnancy. It is also recommended that 2-4 pounds of weight have to be gained in the first three months of pregnancy and at least 1 pound during the rest of your pregnancy.

The best food for 6 month pregnant is nothing less than a healthy choice. While keeping your cravings under control can be hard, it sure is possible. The easiest way possible might be to keep some nuts and seeds always handy and try to divert your mind. A healthy journey is a must to keep this memorable for you.

Q1. Can I Include Soda and Other Aerated Drinks?

Ans: It is best to stay away from soda and aerated products while you are pregnant. The flavouring in the drinks is harmful to the body and the baby. To add to that, the higher dose of sugar in them can also be harmful.

Q2. How Much Water Should I Drink Daily?

Ans: Pregnant women ideally need to drink about 2.3 litres of water daily. Staying hydrated is extremely important.

Q3. Is There a Recommended Dosage of Nuts in The Sixth Month of Pregnancy?

Ans: There sure is and your dietician or doctor can list the recommended dosage for you depending on your weight and based on the needed source of energy for you.


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