6th Month Pregnancy Diet – Which Foods To Eat And Avoid?

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Being pregnant is a great privilege for every woman. Perhaps it is the most wonderful gift to a woman’s life. As you start carrying a little one in your womb try to give the baby a healthy life. Foods are the only options which can provide nutrients to your baby. With the help of your doctor make a healthy diet chart that to be followed.

What to eat:-

6th month pregnancy diet


It is one of the vital nutrients needed at this time. It certainly keeps the body string and healthy. Moreover it keeps the body free from all kind diseases. Vitamin c helps in the growth of tissue. The products containing vitamin c are very essential for protecting cell. Strawberry, grapes, cabbage, sweet potato etc are rich in vitamin c.


Fibre is a good solution to constipation during pregnancy. Indigestion and constipation are very natural during pregnancy. Fibre containing products will be helpful in this issue. It is an essential part of pregnancy diet. Fibre is generally found in fruits and different types of vegetables. Fibre carrying products are easy to digest especially during the high time of pregnancy.

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In this period of pregnancy you must have nutrients foods. Nevertheless it is very vital for a healthy growth of your baby. Almonds contain good amount of nutrients necessary during pregnancy. Try to include almond in your regular diet chart. Now if you have any allergy regarding almonds then it is better to avoid. But look for other nuts as a replacement of it.

Folic acid:

Along with vitamin folic acid is important for a pregnant woman.Certain amount of folic acid is required in a day. For the brain development of your baby folic acid plays a vital role. It is very much helpful for strengthen the spinal cord of your little ones. Therefore having folic acid you can avoid all kinds of defects during the birth of your baby.


Protein isthe most necessary part of pregnancy diet. For proper supply of energy protein is important. The physical growth of a baby depends on sufficient amount of protein. Thus make sure that protein is in your diet during 6th month of pregnancyamong all.Highly protein contained foods are eggs, fish, soya, chicken, milk, green veggies and so on.


More or less every doctor recommends carbohydrates in day. Perhaps it is the most important source of energy as per pregnancy diet. Carbohydrate containing foods should be in the 6th month of pregnancy diet chart for healthy pregnancy. It is needed as because it provides energy for supporting the growth of the baby. Foods those contain carbohydrate are potatoes, sweet corn, oats, pasta, and nuts.


Though vegetables are very common food and mostly tasteless but still they holds a good importance. It is the most obvious diet in 6th month of pregnancy advised by doctor.Vegetable is a good source of vitamin while you are carrying your child. For you bay’s sake you need to have sufficient amount fresh green vegetables in a day.


Nothing can be compared to the benefits of fresh fruits. Fruits are very much healthy for pregnant woman. Keep a basketful of fruits in your table and have it whenever you wish to. Fruits give a good supply of vitamin to the body. Thus your baby will not suffer from vitamin deficiency. It also fulfils the need of mineral. Fruits like banana, green grapes, apples, oranges, pears can be in your diet chart.

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Importance of Dairy Products:

Many do step back from dairy products. While pregnancy there is no scope of avoiding such products. For strong bones of your baby calcium is very much important. Thus if you do not adopt a habit of milk and other dairy products, it will harm your baby. For insufficient of protein and calcium baby can suffer from bone deficiency.


Water is another most important part of pregnancy diet. Along with foods sufficient glasses of water is also needed.  Scarcity of water can make your body dry. You may also suffer from constipation. Along with your 6th month of pregnancy food water carries a vital part of digestion. According to doctor you should have minimum six glasses of water throughout the day.

What not to Eat:-

6th Month Pregnancy Diet foods

Avoid Raw Sea Foods:

Raw sea foods are strictly prohibited for pregnant woman. The sea fish carries high level of mercury which is very harmful at this time. Out of your ignorance diseases can take place inside your body. If you are affected your baby will suffer.Sea foods give birth to disease like listeriosis which is undoubtedly very injurious for you and your baby both.

Under cooked Meat:

Any type of under cooked meat is harmful during the pregnancy. Especially you should avoid it while are carrying your child. Such meats are sufficient for forming bacteria in your body. If you wish to have meat then prepare it maintain the hygiene. Well cooked meats are easy to digest. As a digestion is a very rare problem of pregnancy hence avoid eating meats those are undercooked.

Soft Cheeses:

Soft cheeses are not properly pasteurized and so try avoiding it. Hard cheeses are preferable at the time of pregnancy. As a diet during 6th month of pregnancy ignore it. It contains diseases that cause bacteria. Though you may love the product but do not have it.

Spicy Food:

Spicy foods are good reason for creating indigestion. Such foods are cooked without maintaining any hygiene. Though at this time having no spicy and boiled foods you get tired off. But still those are healthy compare to non spicy foods

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Caffeinated items like coffee and tea are not at all good for the timing. It does not mean that you cannot have it. But do not make an often habit of tea and coffee. It badly effects on heart beat.

If you maintain a proper and a stable diet your baby shall be profited from it. Healthy foods can only provide important nutrients necessary for the growth of your baby. Food is the only option that can provide you energy necessary for taking care of your little ones.