Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of a woman. However, it is also one of the most challenging phases, as she experiences a sudden change in her body. Nausea, lack of appetite, mood swings and fatigue can really drive nuts during the first trimester of pregnancy. After entering the 5th month or twenty weeks of pregnancy, the body gets accustomed to these changes and slowly starts accepting the “foreign body” inside it. During this phase, a woman can start enjoying her pregnancy with a regained appetite and a relatively calm mindset. In this article, we have covered in detail the developments of the fetus in the fifth month of pregnancy and what you can expect to change in your body.

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5th Month Pregnancy:

  1. What To Expect At 5 Months Pregnant?
  2. 5 Months Pregnant Symptoms:
  3. Baby Development At 5 Months Pregnant:
  4. Changes In The Mother’s Body During 5th Month of Pregnancy:
  5. 5th Month Activities:
  6.  5th Month Pregnancy Diet:
  7.  5thMonth Pregnancy Exercise:
  8.  Do’s and Don’ts During 5th Month Of Pregnancy:
  9.  Sleeping Position During Pregnancy 5th Month:
  10.  Medical Treatments and Checkups for Five Months Pregnant:
  11.  5th Month of Pregnancy Precautions and Tips:
  12.  Things To Keep In Mind During 5 Months of Pregnancy:

What To Expect At 5 Months Pregnant?

This guide will help you understand all the must-know information about 5 Month Pregnancy.

5 Months Pregnant Symptoms:

While the baby still in his senses, now becomes a parasite to the mother, the mother cusses her decisions as she wakes up with the first rays of sun hitting the ceiling, and she goes running to the bathroom to empty herself. This nauseating feeling persists all throughout, and complies with the sleepless nights, which make the journey all the more difficult. With these comes the certain overflowing emotion that takes control of your mind. These mood swings take up the strongest place in your hearteart, making you feel depressed and sad. The irregularities might add to the sadness too. The monster appetite also has an upper hand in this case.

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Baby Development At 5 Months Pregnant:

After the amalgamation of the sperm and the egg, a blastocyst is formed. At this time, the baby is nothing but just a scientific term trying to maintain its place in the ovarian walls. Looking for a suitable place, the baby sticks to the uterine wall, placenta and umbilical cord joining the two bodies. The mother and the child; this blastocyst which is the medical term for a fertilized egg in its fourth or fifth day, then turns into an embryo after certain developments.

By the second month, the baby has taken up a miniature human form and now is termed a fetus. For better observation, the pregnancy monitoring calls for a weekly rule where instead of nine months, 40 weeks are considered. This is further dissected into three trimesters- the first, the second, the third. The first trimester deals with the baby’s formation and the second deals with the development. The third deals with growth and perfection; by the time it is all over, nine months have been completed.

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a). Height and Weight:

The fifth month marks the growing period. Midway into the second trimester, the baby shows significant growth and development at an astronomical speed. The baby is now full-grown, weighing a full pound. His measurements are somewhere between 9 to 10 inches and he is now showing various body movements.

b). Organs:

By now your baby has evolved a lot. Internal organs now start to flourish and work. Her liver produces the required red blood and the kidney is filtering out waste. Her lungs are formed so that she can breathe in oxygen, and the beating heart can now be clearly heard with a stethoscope put to the mother’s belly. The brain and its functions have developed, and the mass connections of neurons and complex nerves are interconnected in the body.

c). Skin:

This is where the skin comes in. the baby is lanky and thin with a skeletal structure developing the items and ingredients underneath. Now with the developments done, the baby is showing significant growth of fat layers underneath her skin. Soon she will gain significant weight as she turns more plump and healthy. Now the skin which was once transparent has pigmentation so she can now resemble her parent’s skin tone, which may be anywhere between a light brown to baby pink. However, her skin is still saggy and wrinkled, but with time, the fat layers will take care of it.

d). Coating On Skin:

Floating in the amniotic fluid for nine months can make havoc, wrinkling to the baby’s skin so now this cheese like waxy substance covers her skin from rump to crown called the vernix caseosa or vernix in the common tongue. This layer will protect the baby’s soft skin. Also, small soft baby hair called lanugos now fill the skin layers which also plays the primary role of protecting the baby’s skin.

e). Response Stimuli:

Over the months, she has heard your voice, your surroundings, her father’s voice, and many more and now she can reciprocate since the doctor’s say she now has the ability to take invoices and familiarize them. Often after birth the same voices, even music can help her calm down at difficult times. Now the baby, once she familiarizes herself, may reply back to your voice in the form of a movement, like a punch or a kick. She may even make facial expressions even though they are not yet fully perfected.

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Changes In The Mother’s Body During 5th Month Pregnancy:

Some of these health issues are commonly experienced during this period:

1). Stretch Marks:

At around this time, the baby bump has significantly grown beyond the point of your uterine wall’s stretching ability. However, being a muscular bag, it endures the pressure and stretches itself fitting the baby growing each day. 5 months of pregnancy weight gain leads to stretching which in turn causes the skin to wear and tear, often showing results of stretch marks on the lower abdomen. The same happens with your breasts and bums as they grow and may even subject to stretch marks. To overcome the dreaded stretch marks, the best thing you can do is apply creams and oils to keep your skin hydrated and prevent the marks, even if your skin is pulled from the inner layers. With over the counter oils, things have been made easier for you. However, you can also apply Aloe Vera or Vitamin E for the same effects.

2). Back Pain:

This month you might notice yourself suffering from a bad case of back pain. There is nothing to fret for since the back pain is caused by a faulty sleeping position. Now is the time that you should start sleeping on your sides instead of your back since the baby growing requires more space. So it pushes the back muscles to make space for itself. Sleeping on your back makes the muscles painful. This is why, to avoid a sore back, the best thing you can do in your scenario is sleep on your sideways, particularly the left one.

Always keep a pillow around for additional support to avoid 5 months of pregnant belly pain and pain in the back. The other way to overcome your situation is to massage the muscles for quick relief occasionally. Hot bags or cold compresses are welcome too. This technique can help reduce lower abdominal pain in the 5th month of pregnancy.

3). Heartburn:

This is a common symptom in pregnancy. One may even experience vomiting in the 5th month of pregnancy. To avoid such a situation, oily and spicy food should be avoided. Some also complain about excess spitting of salvation. Try to avoid food rich in gastric acids. That should work in your favour just fine. This may also increase stomach pain which can be reduced with homemade remedies prescribed by your family elder member. The best remedy for heartburn is said to be cold milk. Try to have it in the daytime to avoid gas troubles if taken at night.

4). Increase In Appetite:

At this stage, you can literally have anything given to you. Your hunger is monstrous, and you are doing all you can to gulp down everything near your sight. This can not only lead to health issues but also lead to a gain in your weight. To overcome the situation you are being thrust into, you can keep a giant box of nuts around, since they are healthy snacks and filling. Also, keep yourself busy and diverted, and that will go a long way in helping you.

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5). Flatulence:

At this point in your pregnancy, your digestive system would be slowed to a level. The result is burping and flatulence. You may also experience stomach pain during pregnancy in 5th month. To avoid such situations, make sure you have a healthy diet that is freshly made. Also, it should be rich in nutrients to make your ammunition proper. Frequent urination during pregnancy in the 5th month is also common.

6). Swelling Of Feet:

Swelling of feet during 5th month of pregnancy is common due to excessive water retention. Keep your legs up and rest them on a pillow or chair to avoid the situation. Walking can also help reduce swelling. Wear comfortable slippers instead of tight shoes to prevent it from aggravating.

7). White Discharge:

White discharge during pregnancy in the 5th month is common and shouldn’t be worried about. Unless you find traces of blood in it, it is completely safe and normal. One can use panty liners to avoid feeling wet.

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5th Month Activities:

As for the 5th month, you are already at the end of the second trimester. Your baby shower plans are ongoing and everything seems to be in place. There a few things you need to remember on your calendar if you will are a medical test. This is your happy trimester, and you are almost through with your pregnancy. Few important bloods and urine samples for tests will help to detect any the time of delivery. Also, with the help of sonography, the development of the baby can be viewed at this stage.

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Diet and Exercise For The 5th Month:

5th Month Pregnancy Diet:

1. The mantra for you at this stage is to keep yourself hydrated no matter how many times you run to the bathroom. Water helps constipation, and you have to take care of your little one inside you. Keep taking liquids like milk and fruits like watermelon as well, since they are equally helpful for your body.

2. Involve food rich in protein in your diet. This can include lean meat, eggs, nuts, lentils, etc. Your baby’s physical improvement and development are en route at the point of 5 months and you cannot risk a protein deficiency. Do keep your health monitored and the levels well ahead of the usual numbers to give birth to a healthy developed baby.

3. A proper salad including cabbage, tomatoes, carrots and beets at a good level is helpful as it contains fibre and is rich in nutrients. It also limits the increase in weight. Avoid the intake of pickles and olives as they result in heart burning.

4. Iron is an important nutrient for you since you need a lot of red blood cells to develop your little one. Green leafy vegetables like spinach, pulses, banana and lean meat will give you the utmost iron. Also, tannins are rich in the same. Do make sure you do not drink coffee or tea right after having food rich in iron.

5. In case you wish to have a different taste, you can try smoothies, ice creams, fruits, juices etc. This will give you all the necessary nutrients.

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5th Month Pregnancy Exercise:

a). Stretches:

If there is one of the best exercises for pregnancy, it is pelvic stretches. They help you to get normal delivery at last with utmost less pain. You can use a pillow, chair or a ball to carry the exercise.

b). Squat:

Take a ball and sit bending your knees. This creates pressure in the thighs and pelvic areas.

c). Meditation & Yoga:

Yoga is the safest option to maintain or reduce your excess fat. It increases the flexibility in your body and hence is helpful in delivery.

d). Pelvic Flex:

As the name suggests, this exercise is a smart move when you are already worried about the pain in your pelvic area. It will help flex your back and thighs so that you can maintain your center of gravity.

e). Walking:

Walking when you enter your 5th month is very essential. It not only refreshes your bit but also gives you positive energy. Walking slowly in parks, gardens etc. gives you long time benefits and also decreases stress.

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Do’s and Don’ts During 5th Month Of Pregnancy:

1. Do not do the housework all by yourself. Take rest at the appropriate time to give rest to your body and baby inside. Take regular naps at some intervals of time. Carry on easy and stress-free tasks.

2. Keep reading through websites or magazines about the next level of your pregnancy and its effects on your body. This will help you prepare your mind for the next level. Take your partner with you for a regular check-up to avoid any problems and enjoy the phase.

3. Don’t let others patronize you. Do not listen to the experience of other people at the time of delivery. This will give stress and you might get uncomfortable with it.

4. Indulge yourself in purchasing clothes for the infant or selecting the names. This will keep stress out of your mind as you will be occupied in some work on others.

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Sleeping Position During Pregnancy 5th Month:

In this phase, you will notice a visible baby bump and hence, it gets difficult to sleep on your belly. Sleeping with the back facing the bed may be okay, but can cause severe pain in your lower back muscles. The recommended sleeping position is to sleep on your side, preferably on the left side. This makes way for good blood flow to the baby and doesn’t cause any stress on your internal organs.

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Medical Treatments and Checkups for Five Months Pregnant:

This month, apart from your usual ultrasound, you might also go through the chromosomal determination of your infant. This will help you know if any symptoms are troubling the infant. Hence, a few medicines to keep by your bedside are:

  • For Aches and pains- Acetaminophen.
  • For Allergy- Antihistamines and Ioratidine.
  • Cough- Dextromethorphan and Guaifenesin.
  • For Constipation- Metamucil and Colace.
  • For Heartburn- Antacids and Famotidine.

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5th Month of Pregnancy Precautions and Tips:

a). Manage the rashes well before they can spread and make things worse for you. These are usually from the heat, but can also occur because of negligence. Taking a shower can soothe the rashes well.

b). Dress up in comfortable maternity clothing the whole time since this keeps your pelvic region free. Soft fabrics like linen as well as cotton should be your choice. If it’s summer, light colours will seal the deal.

c). Do not stop with your exercises. Sit with proper support the whole time to maintain your center of gravity well.

d). Talk to your family members about your progress. Not only will that clear things up for you, but also make it easier for them to know where you are heading.

e). Start talking to your baby from now on since that way, he can recognize your voice the first thing he comes into the world.

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Things To Keep In Mind During 5 Months of Pregnancy:

As for the 5th month, you are already at the end of the second trimester. Your baby shower plans are ongoing and everything seems to be in place. A few things that you need to keep in mind as part of 5th month of pregnancy care:

  • Mark your calendar to make sure you don’t miss out on your medical checkups and screening tests
  • A few important blood and urine samples for tests will help to detect any problem at the time of delivery.
  • Also, with the help of sonography, the development of the baby can be viewed at this stage.
  • If you notice bleeding, sudden uterine contractions or even abnormal baby movements, you should rush to the doctor immediately.

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A lot of women tend to stress out themselves by overthinking. Just remember that a peaceful mind leads to a healthy and happy baby. Keep yourself busy with activities that you enjoy, like listening to music, doing household chores, gardening or even Yoga. You can also start reading more about parenting tips to help you prepare better after the delivery. Take some fresh air every day and keep meeting people who can share your feelings. This way, we are pretty sure you can have a joyful 5th month of pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1). Is it Safe To Have Sex During 5th Month Pregnancy?

Ans: After you cross the fourth month of pregnancy, sex becomes safe for you and your baby inside. The changes in the hormones may attract you towards making love and help you overcome physical and mental stress. Just ensure you follow safe and comfortable positions to avoid painful situations.

2). How safe is it to travel during the 5th month of pregnancy?

Ans: Travel during this period is often regarded to be safe if planned well. Never take up journeys that are stressful or require a longer duration of sitting. Choose for break journeys instead. Be sure to consult your doctor and get all the screening tests done before you take up the journey.

3). When should you consult a doctor during 5th month of pregnancy?

Ans: Apart from your scheduled doctor appointments, you should see a doctor if you notice abnormal symptoms like – bleeding, excessive vaginal discharge, severe pain in the abdomen, uterine contractions and lack of response from the fetus. Never ignore these warnings, as they can be life threatening to you and the baby.


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