Gone are the days you might need a manual wheelchair by taking others’ help to move around your premises. Instead, an electric wheelchair is a common phenomenon we see across the world, which aids in mobility seamlessly for those suffering from injury or illness and strokes. Also popularly known as the power wheelchair, these are commonly found and available, come with four to six wheels, contain various features, and run smoothly without effort. They are generally powered by rechargeable batteries and are very durable.

If you are looking to get efficient electric wheelchairs, our guide will help you out. Keep reading to know more.

10 Different Types of Electric Wheelchairs for Adults:

Let’s get started and explore the most popular, efficient electric power wheelchair we have around in the world today. Here we go!

1. Cosmocare Evox Reclining Electric Wheelchair:


Cosmo care is among the leading brand in India for electric wheelchairs. The wheelchair in black colour comes in sturdy and durable, with a maximum speed of over six km per hour. It is easy to use, has an auto controller, and has a driving range of around 20 km. The load capacity of the wheelchair is 100 kg and is double battery rechargeable operated. The wheelchair is lightweight, easily portable, and has an auxiliary braking system. In addition, it has smooth rides, adjustable leg rest, and the seat can be inclined according to the choice.

2. Duramate Light Premium Foldable Power Wheelchair:


If you are looking for more of an easy carry electric wheelchair, this Kosmocare Duramate lightweight foldable wheelchair is going to be a perfect choice. It is a simple fold and store chair with a good lifespan and driving speed. It can drive up to six km per hour, with up to 20 km maximum driving range. The chair’s weight is only around 25 kg, and it comes with good battery power too. The only con for this wheelchair is there is no headrest.

3. Cosin Folding Electric Wheelchair:


Another excellent foldable electric wheelchair on the market is from Cosin. The lightweight operated powerchair comes with around 100 kg load capacity and has a similar maximum speed of around 6 km per hour. It has a good turning radius and is operated via a lead-acid battery. The huge advantage of this foldable wheelchair is not just about storage and folding, but also it comes with washable cushion and is dual operation, that is, both electric and manual.

4. Red Evox Electric Wheelchair WC101:


Within this leading company Kosmocare, we have another Evox wheelchair that is suitable for regular purposes. This wheelchair comes with a detachable height, adjustable armrest, and leg support. Of course, the usual features and specifications apply, such as a speed of around six km per hour, a maximum driving range of 20 km and a load capacity of 100 kg. Although the weight of this wheelchair is around 40 kg, the compact adjustable features is what make it special and convenient.

5. Vissco Zip Lite Power Wheelchair:


Yet another electric power wheelchair here we have today is from Vissco. This red wheel electric chair can move around up to 12 km per charge and has a load capacity of around 100 kg. It is lightweight, easy to handle and durable. The weight is around 40 kg and is a perfect choice for those who are looking for seamless mobility.

6. Cosmocare Rider Automatic Reclining Wheelchair:


If you are looking for good premium options, this Cosmocare Rider automatic wheelchair might impress you. It comes with a high reclining backrest, has a very good compact design, is lightweight and has a motorized wheelchair. It can go up to six km per hour and climb up to 12-degree slope. It also has added features like detachable height, armrests and so on. The drive controller gives multiple options for speed adjustments; it is very easy to operate and convenient to use too.

7. Cosin Electric Wheelchair 120C:


Another long-lasting option in electric wheelchairs is from Cosin. This is among the very lightweight options available right now, with only around 23 kg. this makes it extremely easy to move, portable and easy to handle. It has an aluminium frame, is comfortable for resting the head, and is also very easy to fold and carry around.

8. Thrive Mobility Electric Mobility Wheelchair Scooter:


If you haven’t heard about wheelchair scooters, this new technology in the market deserves some attention. The portable, lightweight mobility scooter is durable and is the lightest to move around, even for long ranges. The battery can go up to 28 km, is extremely comfortable, and let you move seamlessly on all the terrains.

9. Remote Control Foldable Electric Wheelchair:


The remote control foldable electric wheelchair is the new choice in the market, especially for those who move around regularly and frequently. This wheelchair is even airline approved, and the brand claims to have all the safety features right. It is extremely easy to carry and fold around to move and fits the trunks easily for storage and travel. The seats can be removed for washing; it is stylish and highly durable too.

10. Multifunctional Electric Wheelchair with 360 Degrees Rotation:


Yet another wheelchair in electric design is here with premium looks and functioning. This electric wheelchair for adults is very easy to use and is ideal for long distances. The chair can be conveniently converted from automatic to manual as per the usage and comes with other regular features such as a removable seat for cleaning, a seat belt that is adjustable, lightweight and foldable and so on. It is comfortable to even sit for long hours of duration.

How did you explore these latest and best electric wheelchair options? If you are looking for one, these are currently the bestselling choices you have available in the market. So, check them out, and let us know your thoughts.


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