The invention of smartphones has revolutionized the way we interact with the world. It’s like compressing a globe into a palm-sized gadget that lets us do everything we wish for – from video calls to shopping and stunning photography. However, the mobile phone market is extremely dynamic, with new models frequently introduced. So, finding India’s best smartphone brand is not easy!

Today, we will simplify the shopping process by educating you about some of the important things to look for in a mobile phone. You can also explore our list of the 10 latest and best smartphone brands in India for 2024.

India’s Smartphone Brands Ranked by Market Statistics 2024:

According to the most recent quarter statistics in 2024, the market share of smartphone brands in India is as follows:

Xiaomi: 24.87%, Vivo: 16.54%, Samsung: 15.41%, Realme: 13.96%, OPPO: 12.14%, OnePlus: 4.19%, Apple: 3.67%, Unknown: 1.79%, Others: 7.39%.

These statistics highlight each smartphone brand’s popularity and market share in India during that specific quarter. Please note that these figures are based on the provided source, and it’s always recommended to refer to the latest market research reports for the most accurate and up-to-date statistics on India’s smartphone market share.

How To Choose The Best Smartphone In India?

Buying a mobile phone can be tricky, especially when unsure what you want from the gadget. For instance, some people prefer high-end cameras over longer battery life, while others look for larger screen sizes and affordability. In short, we all have a smartphone set of preferences and expectations.

Here is a comprehensive mobile phone buying guide which explains some of the important things to look for in a smartphone:

  • RAM: Multitasking is one of the key benefits of a smartphone. You can listen to music, browse the internet and work on an app simultaneously. You will need a mobile phone with at least 4GB of RAM for seamless multitasking. Higher RAMs will give a better performance, which can go up to 16 GB, but cost a comb. If you are on a budget, consider buying a phone with 4GB-8GB RAM.
  • Operating System: There are two major operating systems in smartphones – iOS and Android. Which is better? The answer depends on which OS you are comfortable using. Android offers better flexibility with a wider range of smartphone options, while iOS is known for better experience and security.
  • Processor: The processor is often called the ‘brain’ of the smartphone, which decides its performance level. Choosing a processor involves understanding two main components – the number of cores and clock speeds. The higher the number of cores, the greater its ability to handle heavy applications simultaneously. Most mobile phones of today offer multi-core processors like dual-core, quad-core and octa-core, which are considered the best and the most powerful. Clock speeds indicate the rate at which the cores can perform tasks. Higher clock speeds are indicative of faster performance and are measured in GHz.
  • Camera: A majority of customers give preference to the camera quality and pixel clarity over the technical aspects of a smartphone. While Apple iPhones are hailed as smartphones with the best cameras, android phones are not any inferior. Companies like One Plus, Samsung etc., are offering advanced cameras with higher megapixels, quad cameras, better sensor sizes and in-built photo editors.
  • Screen Size and Display: Smartphones come in different sizes ranging from 5.5 to 6.5 inches and above. Bigger screens offer better browsing and viewing experience but are bulky and not easy to handle. Smaller screens are easy to handle, but the display is not great. Talking of display, smartphones come in two types of displays – LCD and AMOLED. LCDs are cheaper but have a heavy backlight that drains the battery life. AMOLEDs offer better colour reproduction and better visibility under sunlight.
  • Battery: Charging your smartphone every few hours can be quite frustrating. This is why you must buy a mobile phone with better battery life which can last for 8-12 hrs, depending on the usage. The ideal battery capacity is 3500-4200 mAh and above.
  • Storage: Storage capacity depends on your overall data and the applications you use. 16GB to 32 GB storage is ideal for regular browsing, messages and basic apps. If you have a lot of photos, videos and apps, go for 64GB or 128 GB (depending on budget) and above.
  • Budget: Smartphones can come for prices below 10,000 to more than 1.5L, depending on the brand and model. Deciding a budget gives you better clarity on which models to filter out. If you are looking for premium looks and advanced features for long-term usage, you can think about higher-end mobile phones. Spending between 30-50K will give you a decent smartphone from a good brand with better resale value.

10 Latest Mobile Brands In India 2024:

Here are the 10 most popular and best smartphone brands listed in India with a strong market presence. The brands are renowned for their advanced features, superior quality products, and diverse budget ranges to suit every customer’s needs.

1. Xiaomi(24.87%):

Xiaomi is one of India’s popular smartphone brands, with almost 26% market share. The company primarily caters to customers who prefer high-end phones at affordable prices. Xiaomi phones are priced lower than Samsung and One Plus, but that doesn’t make them inferior. The hardware quality and the latest specs and camera quality are great. The brand predominantly operates online, invests very little in marketing and has no huge inventories, which explains the low-cost model.

  • Xiaomi 11 Lite NE 5G:

Xiaomi 11 Lite NE G5 is the best smartphone under 30000, which packs exciting features for the price. The phone is powered with a 5 G-enabled Qualcomm Snapdragon 778 G with Kryo 670 Octa-Core. This means you can expect lighting speed responses and minimal lags. The 64 MP triple rear camera and the 20 MP front camera give you the best photos and selfies that you could ask for. The video quality is exceptionally rich with Dolby Vision and 10-bit display technology. This mobile phone is also the slimmest and most lightweight phone in this price range.

2. Vivo(16.54%):

Vivo is another Chinese smartphone brand which has a decent market share in India. The company operates similarly to Xiaomi by offering low-priced smartphones. The latest specs, good camera quality and pocket-friendly price range make it one of the most sought-after smartphone brands. Vivo is known for its game-changing innovations, like the world’s first in-display fingerprint scanner, the first mechanical pop-up front camera, and the detachable camera module.

  • Vivo Y21:

The Vivo Y21 is an amazing smartphone which features an ultra-slim body with unbelievable specs at a 13K price range. It comes with 4 GB RAM+1 GB extendable and 64 GB expandable ROM up to 1 TB, with a 2.3 GHz Octa-Core Processor. The 6.5-inch HD+ Halo Full Wide Display screen offers the best viewing experience. The side fingerprint sensor and face wake technology make unlocking the mobile phone easier. You can also take decent pictures with a 13MP rear and 8MP selfie camera. The charge type is C, with an 18W fast-charging feature.

3. Samsung(15.41%):

Samsung is the top-selling smartphone brand in India which caters to all price ranges and user requirements. The Samsung S series – its flagship range is quite expensive, and the latest ones (S22 and its successors) are priced more than Apple iPhones. It’s justified with superior hardware quality, stylish designs, great cameras and better durability. This brand’s M and A series are equally good, albeit slightly inferior in tech specs to the S series. However, A and M series mobile phones pack impressive features and come in mid-range pricing – pocket-friendly luxury!

Here we listed the best-rated Samsung smartphone. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G:

The Samsung S20 FE 5G is a true value-for-money smartphone that packs amazing specs at affordable prices. FE, or the Fan Edition smartphone, brings the flagship S-series branding at a cheaper price by cutting down on a few features. However, it does maintain all the main specs like Snapdragon 865 Octa-Core Processor, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB with expandable 1 TB memory, Android 11.0, 122MP Triple Rear Camera, 4500 mH battery with fast charging and so on.

4. Realme(13.96%):

Realme is a Chinese smartphone company operating as an independent company, although it was once a part of Oppo. The brand targets youngsters and brings a diverse range of smartphones under 20,000. This aggressive pricing model made it easy for the company to cut through the highly competitive Indian smartphone market. It has earned many loyalists for its great battery life and advanced tech specs, which you can find in high-end pieces.

Check out the best smartphone from Realme:

  • Realme Narzo 50i (Mint Green, 2GB RAM+32GB Storage):

The Realme Narzo 50i is made for youngsters who desire a great smartphone without spending a lot of money. This model features a 6.5-inch screen with an 88% screen ratio for an immersive experience. The 2GB RAM and 32 GB ROM give a decent performance with light usage. The 256 GB expandable memory will support your apps and files if you want more storage. The 8MP rear camera and 5MP front camera offer decent quality pictures, and the 5000 mAh battery gives you good battery life to last all day.

5. Oppo(12.14%):

Oppo is another smartphone manufacturer that has popular brands like One Plus and Realme* as subsidiaries. The company is known for innovating and integrating quality hardware with the latest technologies. Over the past years, Oppo has introduced many game-changing features like the stealth camera with AI-enhanced technology (the first of its kind), 3D structured light technology for facial recognition, and Color OS, which is based on Android OS, etc. The low pricing is the major selling point of the brand!

* Realme is now an independent smartphone company.

Here is the best smartphone from Oppo, which will surprise you with its amazing features in that price range:

  • Oppo Reno 6 Pro 5G:

The Oppo Reno 6 Pro 5G is a great buy if you are looking for high-end specs without burning a hole in your pocket. The mobile phone features 12 GB RAM and 256 GB ROM with an expandable memory of up to 2 TB. The screen size is 16.6 inches with a Full HD+ display that won’t disappoint you in terms of colours and resolution. You can capture all your memories beautifully with the four rear cameras (64MP+8MP+2MP+2MP) and a 32 MP selfie camera. The MediaTek Dimensity 1200 Processor will give you lightning-fast speeds, just what you need in a smartphone!

6. OnePlus(4.19%):

One Plus, which entered the Indian market as another ‘Chinese’ brand, managed to alter people’s perceptions. Today, One Plus scores high in the Indian smartphone market for its superior quality phones and advanced software specs. It’s also interesting to know that One Plus is giving stifling competition to smartphone giants like Samsung. The key selling points are the vibrant OLED display screens, super-advanced cameras, and the latest processors – all in a reachable price range!

Here we enlisted the best-selling smartphone from the OnePlus series:

  • OnePlus 10 Pro 5G:

OnePlus 10 Pro is a top-notch flagship smartphone from the brand that packs future-read specs at an irresistible 60K price range. It is also rated as the smartphone with the best camera with 48MP and Sony IMX 789 lens to capture every possible colour, angle and detail. The mobile phone features a next-gen Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 5G, the fastest in the flagship series. The super faster charger takes just 15 minutes to charge a day’s worth of battery. Now that’s a great selling point for people who prefer an uninterrupted digital life.

7. Apple(3.67%):

Apple is one of India’s most popular smartphone brands, and its every launch is welcomed with open arms by Apple loyalists. The brand was able to gain a decent market share in India by cutting down about 22% of assembling costs by manufacturing it locally. Apple iPhones feature amazing cameras with advanced features like macros, ultra-wide lenses and even night-mode time lapse.

If you are looking for the best iPhone in a budget range, we recommend the iPhone 14 series.

  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max:

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max is the latest smartphone with the best camera and impressive features similar to those of its sibling, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro. It has a 17 cm Super Retina XDR display, which produces powerful images and videos. The cinematic mode of the camera with automatic depth effects gives you the perfect movie-like video quality for your Instagram reels. Of course, the photos are exceptionally brilliant with wide-angle cameras and intelligent sensors.

8. Motorola Mobility(Lenovo):

Motorola Mobility LLC. Which is now acquired by Lenovo and was once the hub of innovative handsets like Moto Razr and Moto Edge. In the last few years, the company has struggled to run the race in an extremely cutthroat market like India. However, sales are slowly picking up with the low-budget smartphones that offer decent features and good hardware quality (which the brand is known for).

Here is the best recent phone from Motorola – priced below 20,000 range:

  • Moto G73 5G:

Moto G73 features 8GB RAM and 256 GB ROM powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 930 processor that runs smoothly for gaming and videos. Its sleek and stylish designs will make you turn heads, and they come in handy. The 6.5-inch full HD+ display gives an immense viewing experience. The 5000 mAh battery provides massive battery life and lets you watch your favourite web series without any interruption. The main selling point of this phone is the 50 MP rear camera with an 8MP ultra-wide camera for stunningly beautiful images.

9. POCO:

Poco is one of the emerging smartphone brands in India. It launched the Pocophone F1 in 2018 under the Poco branding as a sub-brand of the top Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi. After the success of this phone in the market, Poco India became an independent company in India in 2020. It produces budget and mid-range phones in the Indian market with excellent displays, camera quality and high battery life.

Here is the best recent phone from Poco:

  • Poco X5 Pro 5G:

This is a good-looking mid-range smartphone from Poco. It seems like a very slim and light luxury phone. The phone features 67 W sonic charging, a 6.67-inch FHD+ AMOLED display and a triple camera setup with a 108 MP primary camera and a 16 MP selfie camera. This mobile comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G processor, considered a good processor. It offers good performance and is fast enough to handle gaming with decent graphics in this price range.

10. IQOO:

IQOO phones are one of the best brands in the Indian smartphone market in recent times with their innovation and technology. It is a sub-brand of the Chinese smartphone brand Vivo. The brand offers well-built premium-looking smartphones with high-quality displays, powerful processors, excellent performance and good camera quality at affordable prices. If you are looking for a smartphone with top user specifications at low prices, then this is the best phone.

Here is the best recent phone from IQOO:

  • IQOO Z7s:

IQOO Z7 5g is a recently launched smartphone under the IQOO brand. It is a good performing compact phone in the 20000 price range. It is priced at Rs 18,999 for the 6GB+128GB base model and Rs 19,999 for the 8GB+256GB model. These phones are available in two colour variants Pacific Night and Norway Blue.

This sleek mid-range smartphone comes with a MediaTek Dimensity 920 processor. This phone gives you the best gaming performance at this price point. Its 6.38-inch AMOLED display offers an excellent viewing experience even in bright daylight. Its 64MP rear camera supports a 4K video recording feature and its selfie camera comes with 16MP. This phone comes with 4500mAh and lasts battery backup of up to 7 hours on moderate usage. This phone is the best phone in this price range in 2024.

DISCLAIMER: The ratings and reviews are based on the user ratings and comments on, based on individual user experiences. Stylesatlife takes no responsibility for determining the actual ratings based purely on the product’s quality or performance.

1. Are Chinese Brands like Realme and Honor any good?

If brands offer customers great value for money, they will win their trust irrespective of their origin. Realme and Honor are reliable brands that combine the best hardware and software for the budget-conscious segment. However, they do have some disadvantages, which are also with every top brand.

2. Which Smartphone has the best camera in India?

There are quite a good number of smartphones which support great photography. For example, Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max features the most powerful camera with 3X optical zoom, ultrawide telephoto lens and night mode. Coming to higher megapixels, the Samsung S22 Ultra beats it all with the 108MP camera and the latest picture-optimizing modes. One Plus 10 Pro is known for its super sharp colours and clarity of pictures.

3. Are Bigger Screens in Smartphones Any Better?

Bigger screens come with pros and cons. They offer a great viewing experience for gaming, videos, and even attending online meetings. However, the large size can get quite bulky for handling. Smaller screens do the opposite – they are easy to carry but have a lower viewing experience.

Those are the 10 latest and best smartphone brands list in India and our recommendations from each. Depending on your requirements and budget, you can explore more models that tick the right boxes. So, which one of these is your favourite smartphone brand and why? Do let us know!


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