Wedding Day is a girl’s or probably even the boy’s cherished day. So, it is only fair enough for her to want to look very beautiful on that day. While your dressing and makeup might differ from region to religion, it is always possible that you can pick and choose the other variants worn by beautiful Indian brides and accommodate it to your style. Sounds like an idea?

Each bride is different and her choice is different as well. No bride would probably want something different from the usual. Keep in mind, the colours you choose and the makeup you prefer. That is going to have an impact on how you look that day.

So, you really don’t have to worry about thinking how to dress up like a beautiful Indian bride. We have loads of ideas to give you. We have worked out and collected some Indian bridal look photos along with Indian bridal makeup images to gear you up for the grand day.

Most Beautiful Indian Brides in Saree and Dresses:

Let’s find her with mentioned top 30 most beautiful Indian bridal makeup looks.

1. Dewy Bridal Makeup Looks:

The bride’s glow should be enhanced with a luminous base, rather than opting for totally matte makeup. Though it is believed that Dewy makeup looks bad in Photographs, one should opt for photo-friendly makeup or high definition makeup.

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2. Light Contouring With Indian Bride:

Keep your jewellery matched with your Makeup. If your jewellery is heavy, make sure your makeup plays a low role to restrain you from looking too gaudy. The beautiful Indian bride’s makeup image has light contouring and blush since her mang tikka and Jhumkas are heavy.

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3. Colourful Indian Bride:

There is a soulful Connection between the colour red and bride. It is the colour of love and it is a symbol of compassion. The makeup is cheerful like the bride, with casually defined eyes and a dusky rose-colored lipstick. The eyebrows are well shaped and there is a healthy flush on the bride’s cheeks.

4. Gold Bridal Makeup Look:

Gold is Gorgeous. Do you doubt that? It is always associated with bridal makeup. Gold eye shadow and glitter is most preferred for the sparkling look. The bride’s makeup is golden, a wash of gold on the eyes that is smoked out with black for definition combined with a golden bronzed cheek for a sun-kissed look along with pink lipstick with gold shimmer. It brings out the warmth in the bride’s complexion. Gold works with fair and wheatish skin tones while Bronze works great with dusky and deep skin tones. This Indian bridal makeup is simple and classy!

5. Gold And Red Bridal Makeup:

Many brides prefer a natural glowing on their wedding day than with heavy makeup. The bride in the picture has her eyelids with a wash of muted gold and the crease defined with brown matte eyeshadow. The eyebrows are well arched and filled in to make them look fuller.

The lips combined with the dark and heavy eyes is soft muted pink which looks as good as perfection. But the cheeks have a tinge of pink which brings out the natural blush on the face. Face contouring is given a miss with defined eyes. This one is the most preferred Indian bridal makeup.

6. Pakistani Indian Bridal Makeup Look:

Not all the brides opt for a natural pink-toned lip, some like it bold and prefer red lips that match the attire. The bride’s complexion is wheatish and evened out nicely for the red lipstick to pop. The eyes are well defined and the face is nicely contoured while the blush is missing. The red lipstick enhances the bride’s lip shape, adding equal attraction to match the eyes. The bride’s face is nicely highlighted to impart an equal glow all over.

7. Brides With Jewellery:

Colour co-ordination is the most important aspect of makeup and attire as well as the jewellery. In the Picture, the bride’s attire and makeup are hues of pinks while the jewellery is a combination of pink based lavender and green. The pinks in the attire, jewellery and makeup is of the same tone and hence it enhances her complexion more.

The Eye shadow is pink and blended with gold, cheeks are mauvish pink that matches the oval stones in the jewellery. The lipstick matches exactly with her eyes, pink with golden shimmer. It creates a blend of pinkish colours, adding more warmth to the cooler undertone of the bride. This one is a typical traditional Indian bridal makeup.

8. Bronze Bridal Makeup Look:

Bronze makeup never goes wrong for brides, especially for those with rich skin tones. The bride wears a bronze makeup in the picture above and it goes with her red and green outfit playing a subtle contrast of warm and cool undertones.

The bride’s Cheeks catch attention first then her eyes. The eye makeup is bronze and green, that of her attire. Her lipstick is rich bronze coloured with a warm tone to it and the bed in the jewellery brings out more warmth in the look as a whole.

9. Shimmery Gold Smokey Bridal Makeup:

Adding colour to the bride’s look is sure fun but takes courage to carry off. Reds, golds and bronze are conventional colours. It is not easy but courageous to try hot pink attire and a trick makeup to go with it.

The Indian bride image above breaks all the norms of bronze and reds. Her eye makeup is a shimmery gold smoked with purple eye shadow and well-defined eye paired with pink lips, neither too loud nor too mute. The subtleness of pink will bring out the warmth in the bride’s skin making the artist to skip highlighter or bronzer.

10. Brown Bridal Makeup Look:

A pink attire matched with a brown makeup is norm-breaking one. This latest Indian bridal makeup is well coordinated with the dress and the style. The blue of her embroidery and jewellery is used for eyes and smoked out with Dark Brown. The face is contoured and bronzed together to match her Lips. Her lips could’ve been a Shade of hot pink but bronze brown has also justly captured the eyes.

11. Indian Bride Using Fake Eyelashes:

Bridal makeup is not only just accentuating the best features but also hiding away imperfections. So, hiding scars and spots become a crucial step to a flawless base. But some may have sparse eyebrows and thin lashes or thin lips. So, it is necessary to fill in the brows for a denser eyebrow or take the help of fake eyelashes to brighten up her eyes. Lining the lips from outwards will add fullness, with a pop of lip gloss in the middle of the lower lips.

12. Gold and Green Wedding Makeup Look:

A bride and smokey Eyes or two-toned eye shadow are never wrong together. But if the bride is wearing gold jewellery, it is always safe to go with gold eye shadow rather than silver. The contrast may make the Indian bride look scattered and unplanned. It is not a rule to keep the lips nude always with a smokey eye look. So feel free to try something different.

13. Elegant Indian Bride Look:

A bride has all her freedom to go bolder with her lipstick shade. So, it is always advisable to keep it in the same hue that of her attire. The bride here is wearing a pink attire and her skin is warm brown, while she opts for a pinkish brown lipstick that brightens her face than looking loud. Her eyes have a wash of gold and brown to compliment her eye colour.

14. Bengali Bridal Makeup Look With Red Bindi:

With diverse culture and religion across India, we have as many definitions of traditional Indian bridal makeup. Here is a traditional Bengali bride, wearing the conventional red Saree with a bright red bindi on her forehead. The makeup is kept bronzed to make sure it doesn’t clash with the red attire and bindi. A pale wash of bronze eye shadow with winged eyeliner that brings out the almond-like a shape of the bride’s eyes and pinkish bronze lipstick that goes well with Red colour will define her beautifully.

15. South Indian Bride:

A South Indian wedding bride is usually is heavy with jewellery and accentuates the eyes than lips. But this bride breaks the norms, standing out by accentuating the eyes and lips both together. Her cheeks look sun-kissed and her lips compliment the smoked eye makeup, without looking loud and balancing its rights.

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16. Simple Bridal Look:

Many of the Indian brides go for natural looking makeup to be real Indian brides if the ceremony takes place during the day. The makeup is mild and the lips naturally glow. In the picture, the bridal makeup is very natural but her eyes are defined with precision and her eyelashes add life to her look.

17. Maharashtrian Bride:

A Maharashtrian Bride with a Heavy jewelled attire and soft makeup that balances the whole look is a popular style. The eyes have a smoky definition to them and lips and cheeks have natural pinkness to them.

18. Rajasthani Bride Makeup Look:

Sometimes, Marriages are the only traditional ceremonies where bling is not bling. Glittery eye makeup is rage and it looks wonderful in the pictures and in the evening dim lights. The brides wear glittery eye shadow on her eyes and same toned Lipstick on her lips while the rest face dewy and shimmer free. This Indian bridal makeup is another good one in our collection!

19. Muslim Bridal Look:

Face contouring is optional when it comes to brides. Some are blessed with naturally chiselled jaw or nose and cheekbones. But it must be blended nicely to avoid showing up in photographs. The bride’s eyes are accentuated most and her face is nicely contoured mainly paying attention to her natural beauty that made up look.

20. Bridal Eye Makeup Look with Flawless Base:

Eyes are the window to the soul and there is no other way than to accentuate them on a girl’s best day than through a flawless base and eye makeup. The bride’s eye makeup looks balanced with sharply defined eyes and Dewy skin and Peach coloured lipstick. Try this one by taking cues from the Indian bride image above.

21. Light Wedding Makeup Look:

The colour red symbolizes prosperity, love and compassion in varied cultures. And for a bride, it represents and symbolizes its very essence of it. Thus, a bride can never go wrong with the colour red. The colour red goes both with gold and silver jewellery. The bride above goes bolder with red on eyes and lips both and it is balanced with a flawless base and skipping blush.

22. Smokey Bridal Eye Makeup Look:

A red bridal Attire looks incomplete with smokey eyes. A Bride in the picture above combines smokey eye makeup with beautiful Red attire.

23. North Indian Bride:

Using Silver on Warm skin tones really looks contrast and defines the beauty in an elegance. The Indian bride image above, sports smokey eye makeup with a silver-grey attire and a contoured cheek along arrow-straight nose bridge. Her eyes are elongated with makeup and more with her hair tied back.

24. Modern Indian Bride Look:

For one of those day time weddings, it is necessary and optional both keep lips naturally pink. One of the most chosen looks is natural and minimalistic. If you have clear skin, you will hardly need makeup to hide imperfections and scars. The minimal presence of makeup brings out the inner glow beside the natural blushing of the Bride. Kohl or Kajal is one of the Solah Shringar, so It is used for all the Indian brides. It defines the eyes while adding more sparkle to it.

25. Blue And Gold Bridal Look:

Being something different and choosing makeup that is unusual and colourful yet bold is a raging trend nowadays. Many of the Indian brides even choose Neon colours for either nails, attire or for either lips or eye makeup, for an unusual pop of colour. The Indian bride picture above boldly carries off bold eye makeup and bold lips. An electric blue and gold eye makeup paired with a bold statement of red Lips that matches the attire and the jewellery.

26. Indian Sikh Bridal Makeup Look:

The bride has bold full crease makeup paired with subtle pink lips. There is a blue, purple, pink, green hue and rose colours and the makeup as you can notice is colourful yet not very loud. The Maang Tikka takes the place of the Bindi.

27. Light Rosy Makeup Look:

Apart from all the bridal makeup trends, one look that will suit, all the Indian Brides can try the natural rosy look, which only highlights the already rosiness of the bride. The Indian Bride picture above has a luminous complexion that is well highlighted and instead of any other colours, her natural Pinkness on the cheeks and Lips is bought out using a Rose Pink coloured blush and lipstick.

28. The Punjabi Bridal Look:

Typically, a Punjabi bride wears a red or maroon lehenga on her big day. There is minimal jewellery and highlights the face brightly. The nose ring and the heavy bangles are the added attention she will receive. Along with the red lehenga, the red lipstick adds a brighter tone to the overall look.

29. The Simple Christian Bridal Look:

Some of the simple bridal looks come in a low makeup the category. The one here is a Christian wedding, where the bride wears a beautiful white gown with minimal or no jewellery at all. The bride only wears a small ear stud and a simple necklace. Mild kajal and nude makeup is the most apt makeup that will match here. Lighter shades of lipstick could be the best choice.

30. North Eastern Inspired Bridal Look:

The image shows an Assamese bride who wears a simple saree gifted by her mother, known as mekhla chadar. The Assamese bride is usually in less costume traditional jewellery. The maang tikka considered auspicious. Her eyes are beautifully done with minimal kajal and big earrings. The bangles are simple and are matched with red lipstick.

With the wedding season around the corner, don’t be scared to try out the 30 different Indian bridal looks, that will make you classy and elegant on your D-day. Make sure you take care of your skin. Heavy doses of makeup do not go well with a lot of people for their skin. Glow brighter than the Sun!


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