Gujarati Brides have a very bright and gorgeous appearance on the wedding day. The overall look is very elegant with rich jewellery all over the bride. Starting from the head accessories to the feet, the brides are adorned with jewels that make them look stunning. Since there are so many add-ons in costume, the make-up for the bride is kept very simple; yet elegant.

Gujarati make-up has a very bright base and the use of colours and shades is very minimal. It involves a lot of kohl and liner with artificial eyelashes too. The overall look is very simple and the features of the girl are accentuated with wise use of make-up. Read on for the basic details of Gujarati Bridal Makeup if you plan to do it on your own.

Gujarati Bridal Makeup:

1. Foundation, Concealer, Corrector And Powder Base:

For the base, matte finish and cosmetics with nil SPF are used. This is effective in providing the matte and natural finish to the face without making it look flashy on the camera.

Apply foundation in dots on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Use a concealer to cover the under-eye spots and dark patches, a good corrector to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pimples. Now using a dry powder pad, blend these to the skin by patting them all over the face evenly.

Finally, apply Compaq to set the base in place. Make sure you use a good brand of cosmetics that do not harm the skin later and also give a lasting effect.

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2. Eye Liners, Kohl And Mascara For The Eyes:

After the base is set, accentuate the eyes with a glittery and bold eye shadow. Apply a light base on the lid and a suitable glitter on the brow bones. Make sure the shade is suitable to prevent the eyes from looking very dark.

Use an eye pencil to define the brows starting from the inner corner and slightly brushing it out. Do not make it look too dark.

With the help of waterproof kohl, liner and mascara accentuate the eyes and define the shape. Use a dark colour to make the eyes shine strikingly. A non-glittery dark pencil is usually preferred.

3. Blusher And Bronzer:

The use of blusher along the cheeks and hairline is kept minimal. Use of an almost nude shade is preferred. It is just used as a highlight to the cheekbones.

Bronzer is also applied along the nose, chin and forehead to enhance the features and make them look sharp.

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4. Lipstick And Gloss:

Use of a dark shade of lipstick is preferred. Apply the liner along the lips and define a shape first. Then use the lipstick base coat. Pat the lips with powder to make the base shade stay. Then use a second coat of lipstick with a fine brush evenly. Make sure the shade is darker on the lower lip to add depth.

Use minimal gloss to just add shine to the lips. The use of excess gloss can make the lipstick spread out after a while.

The method is easy to follow but what is most important while doing it on your own is to be sure of the shades. Not everyone can do a bridal on their own. Besides, the make-up, the hair is also done very simply with backcombing and a high bun. A lot of jewellery is also worn as a ritual that adds to the glam factor. The overall appearance looks simple but getting it right is the key task. Thus, we see that professional touch can be obtained without it being a pocket pinch with this easy method.

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