Indian bridal makeup is said to be rich and elegant with an elegant and traditional look. Indian bridal makeup tips are required to look at your best on your big day. With several things to do and preparations to finish, one should not miss out on the moisturiser to be followed to look your best on your wedding day. Read this article to know more about Indian wedding makeup for the day.

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Best Indian Bridal Makeup Tips:

Let’s see the 50 latest Indian bridal makeup tips which should be followed by an Indian wedding bride. It includes both bridal eye makeup, wedding day makeup and skincare routine one should follow to look at their best on their special day.

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Wedding Day Face Makeup Tips to Follow:

Indian bridal hair and makeup make the most important part on the wedding day. The makeup cannot go wrong on that day given one can look elegant and great with not just wedding dress but with hair styling and face makeup. Let us see start with some makeup tips to follow.

Base Makeup Tips:

1. Moisturise Face:

Best Indian bridal makeup needs the right base makeup. It should not go wrong. Hence do not forget to invest in a good moisturiser which either comes in a gel, liquid or cream form. You need to select one which doesn’t give you breakouts and keeps your skin hydrated.

2. Use Face Primer:

Invest in a good face primer which will help keep your makeup in place for long. Without this, no matter how good a brand foundation you apply, it will not matter

3. Use Primer for Eyes:

These days you get to buy eyelid primers as well. While many neglects the importance of this, one must have this. These are like face primers, and these help your eye makeup to sit firmly and for a longer time on your eyelids. Invest in a good branded one for your wedding day.

Indian Bridal Face Makeup Tips:

4. Correct Foundation Shade:

The bridal face makeup tips begin with the foundation shade. You should go out looking for the right foundation shade much before your wedding. If you pick a much lighter shade than your skin tone, then you will end up looking blotchy in your photos. On the other hand, you could end up looking very tanned and dark if you choose a darker shade. You should choose 2-3 shades of foundation to mix and match and combine to get a shade which is just one tone lighter than your skin tone.

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5. Good Concealer:

You should invest in a good concealer. A good concealer will help you cover your dark circles. It will also help you to cover any spots or blemishes on your skin.

6. Do Not Overdo Makeup:

You can give a few trials of makeup and see what suits your skin tone or which colour will match the outfit you have chosen. However, do not overdo the makeup.

7. Apply Blush Properly:

Blush should be applied lightly and not too much. Choose the colour of blush as it suits your face, be it pink or peach, it up to you totally

8. Choose Right Blusher:

Blusher should be able to compliment your skin tone and not darken it. It should be in the right quantity.

9. Low Shimmer and Light Bronzer:

If it is a night wedding, then go low on the bronzer and if it is a daytime function then go light on the shimmer.

10. Fit In Makeup With Outfit:

Your makeup should match properly with the outfit that you will be wearing. If you have selected something full of sequins and glittery or in bold colours, then you should keep your makeup light and vice versa.

11. Branded Makeup:

Always invest in good branded makeup. Cheap makeup can make your skin look bad.

12. Compact:

Invest in a costly compact which matches your skin tone. It should neither be too dark or too light. It is especially important for South Indian bridal makeup. Further, this helps to keep the foundation in place for longer hours.

13. Use Makeup Sponge for Foundation:

If you want your makeup to last longer, all through the wedding, then you will have to invest in a makeup sponge for foundation application.

14. Use Clean Brushes:

Do not use old brushes for your wedding makeup. Use clean brushes which are of good quality and brand.

15. Use Angled Brush for Gel Liners:

If you like wearing gel liners or you want to wear them for your wedding day, you should invest in a good angled brush.

16. Keep Makeup Touch up Ready:

Buy a small makeup bag and keep your touch-up cosmetics in that. In case required you can always touch up at the last minute too.

17. Blotting Paper Ready:

Keep blotting papers ready to soak up any oil or excess makeup.

18. Green Concealer for Concealing Bluish Veins:

Buy colour concealer. These are concealers which help you camouflage certain discolourations. You can buy a good green concealer. This colour can be applied to any bluish veins near the eyes. You can then apply your normal concealer.

Indian Bridal Eye Makeup Tips:

19. Use Highlighter For Eye Brows:

Do not forget to buy a good eye shadow highlighter. It will make your eye makeup more prominent and accentuate your brow bones.

20. Good Mascara:

Invest in good mascara which gives you thick lashes. Do not neglect the mascara part as it is an important part of eye makeup.

21. Fake Lashes:

If you want to have thicker looking lashes, then you can always fake it. You should buy a good pair or two of fake lashes. One pair you can keep for your wedding day, and you can give application trial practices with the other pair so that you do not mess up using the fake lashes on your D-day.

22. Curl Lashes and Make Them Fuller:

Buy a branded eyelash curler. And it is especially best as a reception bridal makeup tip.

23. Proper Eye Lining:

Check what type of eye lining is proper for your eyes. Seek advice from a professional makeup expert.

Indian Bridal Lip Makeup Tips:

24. Mattify Your Lipstick:

You can use compressed or loose powder on your lips to mattify it. If you are wearing shimmery eye shadow and bold shades for your eyes, then you may want to ditch the lip gloss or an oily finish lipstick. You can go for the matte effect by applying loose powder on your lipstick.

25. Use Lip Plumper:

Use lip plumper for fuller lips. If you have thin lips, then invest in lip plumper which has molecules and ingredients to enhance the skin of your lips making it look swelled up to a certain extent. Invest in lip plumper if you have thin lips instead of buying lip gloss.

26. Use Skin Colour Lip Pencil:

You can use a skin or flesh tone lip liner on the border of your lips to further make your natural lip line look beyond where it actually is. Apply liner outside this line.

27. Soothe Chapped Lips:

If you get chapped lips, then use a good quality lip balm containing jojoba oil, almond oil, and Shea butter.

28. Right Lip Liner Shade:

Choose the correct lip liner shade. Buy a well-branded lip liner in the shade darker than the lipstick that you have selected for your D day.

29. Proper Color of Lipstick:

Selection for the right lipstick shade for Indian skin is very important. You can wear light lipstick if your clothes are darker or bolder in colour. You can choose darker lipstick shades if your clothes are light in colour.

30. Use Lip Brush:

Use a lip brush instead of a direct lipstick application.

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Indian Pre-Bridal Makeup Tips and Skincare Regime:

Let us not miss out on the importance of pre-wedding skin care and makeup tips. This important as preparations begin way before weeks and months, hence this can break or make the makeup look.

31. Exfoliate The Skin:

If you want to look like a real Indian bride on your wedding day, then you would want to have good skin as well. Without good skin, you cannot look good. Even with a lot of makeup, it often becomes a problem to combat dry and dull skin. This makeup is because of the dead skin cell deposition. So if you want to have a problem-free and glowing skin on your wedding day and also for more days ahead, you should not ditch the scrubbing part of the whole skincare routine. It is, in fact, the primary step to getting good skin.

You should always use a homemade scrub or an available market scrub to scrub your whole body. It includes your face, elbows, knees and also the rest of the body as well as your back. It will help you keep the skin soft and smooth and even in texture over time. You can make homemade scrubs with lemon juice, sugar granules or even nutmeg. Nutmeg is a good scrub and also gives you a sweet smell when you use it. You can use available market scrubs which also work on the skin like Everyuth scrubs or Clean and Clear scrubs.

32. Avoid Dark Circles:

If you do not get proper sleep or you have a life filled with stress, you will get dark circles. Most women have dark circles, and even celebs are not indifferent to this. A stressful life, a busy work schedule or even the rush before the wedding can all combine to give you sleepless nights or disturbed sleep and in turn, you may end up having dark circles. You should apply a good night eye cream to get rid of dark circles. You can use under eye creams, or you can also use pen serums which are specifically designed to reduce and remove dark circles. These are costly but if but you should invest in them if you do not want your dark circles showing up in your photographs.

33. Avoid Puffy Eyes and Eye Bags:

Your wedding day eye makeup will not look good if you have puffy eyes and under-eye bags. The best thing to do is to get rid of these by using some cooling technique and to follow that technique regularly before your wedding. You can use cold potato slices or cucumber slices or even rub your eyes with ice cubes for 2-3 minutes every 10 minutes for 20 minutes. You can do this once a day and then regularly follow this technique.

34. Use Sunscreen:

You must use a good sunscreen to avoid any sunspots, blemishes or tanning of the skin. Before the wedding, you will have to go out and shop, and you may end up darkening your skin, so you should invest in a good sunscreen and apply it on your face to get rid of any unwanted skin darkening.

35. Good Sleep:

Good sleep is very important, and without proper sleep, you will get a dull-looking skin. You must get good sleep for at least 8 hours a day before your wedding.

36. Condition Your Hair:

You should also care for your hair. If your makeup looks okay, but your hair is all dull and lifeless, then it will be a waste. Do not forget to invest in a well-branded conditioner for your hair.

37. Hair Packs:

You can apply good hair packs which you can make right at your home and apply them to give some protein or shine and a boost to your hair before your wedding.

38. Oil Massage:

Oil massage helps in blood circulation. It goes for the hair and the body as a whole. You should ask a massage parlour therapist to give you a good massage, or you can go to a good parlour and get some head or body massage done. It will relax your whole mind and body.

39. No Fried Food:

You should avoid fried or junk food before your wedding. It can give you a sudden breakout and pimples, and you will end up with bad looking skin.

40. Zap Pimples:

It is not uncommon for brides to be to get sudden breakouts and pimples amidst all the rush and stress of wedding planning. You can zap those pimples with the use of white toothpaste.

41. Nails Polished and Trimmed:

If you are talking about your makeup, then nails also are also a part of the same makeup process. If you have stained nails later in the situation where you do not have much of time before your wedding, you can buy fake nails and practise applying them. On the other hand, we suggest that you book parlour sessions to get nails properly shaped, buffed, and trimmed.

42. Good Manicure:

You can never leave a good manicure and pedicure out of the whole makeup list. You should get a beautiful manicure and pedicure before your wedding.

43. Keep Makeup Artist Handy:

Book your makeup artist for your D day in advance. It will help you stop worrying about what you will look like on your D day.

44. Styling for Hair:

Keep styling equipment and products handy for the wedding day. You may require touch-ups even after a stylist has styled your hair.

45. Proper Hair Accessories:

Invest in proper hair accessories. Keep them handy before the wedding itself.

46. Thread Facial Hair:

If you have dark hair growth on your face, your makeup will not look good. Get your facial hair threaded.

47. Proper Brow Shape:

Get your eyebrows properly groomed and in good shape before your wedding. You should keep tweezers handy for plucking away any stray hair growth after you have got your eyebrows shaped.

48. Moisturise Your Hands:

You need to keep your hands moisturised and soft by using good hand lotion or cream. Invest in a good one before D-day.

49. Have a Proper Diet:

Diet plays a very important role to keep skin good. Pay attention to your diet before your wedding.

50. Drink Plenty of Water:

Drinking plenty of water at least 8-10 glasses each day will keep your body, lips and also hair roots hydrated.

Additional Tips:

  • Invest in waterproof makeup for weddings. This makeup is best as this does not run from sweat and heat in the case of summer weddings or long hours weddings.
  • Do not miss out on a healthy foods regime. Healthy food can definitely help get a glow in the face.
  • Make a list of all the things that should be done. And it helps you in not skipping anything important
  • Do not miss out on schedule. Make sure to apply a face mask and hair mask regularly. It is not a one-time thing to get effect immediately.

Hope you liked our article on Indian bridal makeup tips and pre-wedding skincare preparations. It will definitely help you to look your best on your important day. Do not worry; we got you covered with all the necessary topics. Hence follow the list, and this will make work easy for you. Do not forget to let us know how it helped you in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. I am a bridesmaid. I won’t have time to change makeup in between from afternoon to next day morning. How do I set makeup in place for such long hours?

Ans: We understand your concern totally on wedding day makeup. Use a makeup setting spray. It will let your makeup stay in place for hours. After 4-5 hours, you can use compact to set it on top and again spray on the face.

2. Which colour concealer to use in case of red spots and pimples in the face?

Ans: Among bridal makeup tips, the most important one is to use green concealer for pimples and red spots, red concealer for black spots. It’s the trick to follow in order to hide special spots and defects on the face.

3. Can I add sunscreen and foundation both along with moisturizer on the wedding day? Do both works together?

Ans: For the wedding day makeup, you could mix moisturiser and sunscreen in your hands and then apply your face, and after a few minutes, you can continue to apply the foundation. In this way, all three are effective on your face.


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