Digital cameras are plenty these days. Which is why when it comes to selecting the right camera, you might have to go through a daunting task. Nevertheless, after a good period of research will land you to the right product. Cameras are sure a thing to have. They capture and cage your moments of happiness, state of mind, fear, emotions etc. Some of them pursue photography as their passion and never miss to capture the raw and natural state of beauty of things. You need these to understand our nature, in its raw form. These are not just limited to nature and beauty, but to other equally beautiful things of the world.

Types of Cameras and Uses:

Different Types of Cameras and their Brand Names and Photos

1. Compact Camera:

These probably were your first camera. They are small, light and also fool proof. You simply have to point the lens to your focus and click. The camera will take care of the rest. The best part about them is they are handy and thus you can carry them around without much of a trouble. Of course, they come with their own disadvantage. Their low light capabilities are bad and has an impact on the camera quality. It cannot differentiate the background from the object of focus.

2. Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras:

the most commonly used camera these days is the DSLR. They have come to be the camera of choice for almost everybody. And that surely is because of the clarity they offer. They come with lens options that you can change depending on the object in focus, farther away from you or nearer. The auto focus is very fast and shutter lag is something you wouldn’t have even experienced with DSLRs. However, they come with a huge price.

3. Mirrorless Cameras:

These are the newest in town and are only as new as ten years. They are the latest trendy ones. They are hybrids and the main idea is to remove the bulky mirrors cameras come with. It also enables pentaprism that is necessary for optical viewfinder of DSLR. These are mostly preferred by the professionals and the price can be too high to afford.

So, how do you choose the camera? Give these suggestions a thought.

  • The kind of photographer you are has a role to play. A beginner, an intermediate and an advanced photographer will have different needs and thus whether you will need a DSLR or mirror less will depend largely on what’s your focus, photo or video.
  • Ask yourself if you need more control over the images. Some cameras don’t let you have that.
  • What’s your budget? This sure is a big factor and so you have to decide how much you are willing to shell out.
  • How often do you photograph? This is essential. Otherwise you don’t need to look for the finest of fine. However, if you are passionate about photography, browse through only the best.

Ask yourself these questions. You might then be able to decide which one you will need.

Lens have a huge role to play in the clarity of the photo. Haven’t we heard people say, ‘it is not what the photo is, but what is in the photo’. What is in the photo will make sense only with the right lens, that will effectively capture what you are looking for.

Types of Camera Lenses For Memorable Photographs:

Here are some things you need to about the basics of camera.

1. Prime Lens:

Prime lens is known as the fixed lens. It is known as the fixed lens because the focal length in a prime lens if fixed and cannot be altered. This means you cannot zoom in and zoom out, thus letting you shoot only from side angle view. Thus, to add or remove any object in the background would mean you have to move closer or may be far away until it serves the purpose. These are less expensive and are light and compact. They also are seen to perform better in low light conditions too. The biggest demerit could be that you won’t be able to zoom in and zoom out,

2. Zoom Lens:

Most people tend to think zoom and prime are the same. But no! they aren’t. Zoom lens is an umbrella term for any lens that will allow you to have variable focal length, thus letting you zoom in and zoom out unlike the prime lens. These can also replace two or more prime lenses. They however won’t perform as good as prime lens in darkness. Zoom lens are also expensive and the crispness of the image is compromised. They are also bulky and heavy compared to prime lens.

3. Aperture:

Aperture is simply the opening of the diaphragm of the lens, which facilitates passing of the light. You might see some random numbers written here if you observe the camera closely. Numbers like 1.4, 2, 2.8 etc. are known as the f-stops. The lower fstops on the camera give more exposure as they are known to represent larger apertures. The upper fstops give lesser exposure as they are known to represent smaller apertures. Getting the right amount of light for a photography is essential and thus the rule of thumb is to understand and analyse how much of light it actually receives, before choosing your camera or even the smartphone camera.

4. Telephoto Lens:

these kind of lenses are hugely popular and used both by amateurs and professionals. Since they have a long reach, it enables you to click pictures of those at very off distance. A lens is said to be telephoto if it has a focal length of 60mm or even longer. The biggest advantage of telephoto lens is that the objects appear closer than they actually are. You can also blur your background. You tend to get the best portrait photos out of these.

5. Normal Camera Lens:

the normal camera lens is also known as the standard camera lens. These have a focal length of 40mm to 60mm. They are called ‘normal’ for a reason. They are best performers and exactly capture what the human naked eye can see. They also don’t have much distortion because they have wide angles and are thus excellent choice for street photography, making documentaries and portraits. Their flexibility and usefulness is one solid reason for many photographers to choose them.

6. Wide Angle Camera Lens:

these lens have a focal length of 17 to 40mm. They are capable of providing you a wide or broad view of the target and thus are ideal for using to photograph landscapes or smaller interiors. However, one major drawback is distortion it can produce by widening out the focus and making them look bigger unnecessarily. Thus, they might not be ideal in all situations.

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8 Best Rated Camera Brands To Invest Your Money On:

Sometimes it is essential to invest in top products when you decide to cherish it for a long time. Cameras have been one such. Some of them bring the life out of the photos, and those are the ones you need to preserve. Take a look at some of the top camera products that offers you some of the best features to choose from.

1. Canon:

Canon has been regarded as the king of cameras. It was founded in the year 1937 as Canon Inc. and they are the manufacturers of some of the best camcorders, photocopiers, digital cameras and printers etc. They also have a range of Power Shot series that gives the users more control over the images.

2. Sony:

We are sure Sony needs no introduction. They are the third largest manufacturers of digital cameras in the world. Cyber Shot and Alpha are the two best products they have given in the digital camera list. It was founded in the year 1946 and quickly the success ladder with their cutting edge technology.

3. Samsung:

The other big name is Samsung that is smart, trendy and popular camera brand. This South Korean multinational conglomerate brings out the best in their products like smart phones, television series and their cameras. They offer fine clarity in the photos and they have smartly covered the features needed for the present generation.

4. Fujifilm:

this Japanese conglomerate is another good choice to go for. This one also focuses on medical imaging, optical devices, photocopiers, diagnostic equipment etc. apart from offering other services. They are known for their cutting edge technology and the Fujinon lenses are their best. The FinPix series are their best collection and have been the popular choice among many photographers.

5. Panasonic Lumix:

Another Japanese product that offers the finest camera brand is Panasonic Lumix. Their first models were released in 2001 and their cameras come with state of art Leica lens that is renowned for its fine German Engineering.

6. Olympus Camera:

Olympus camera and lenses are designed to offer the best performance in terms of clarity and in terms of bringing life to pictures. Their image stabilization feature will account for the camera shake and their lenses are smaller, lighter than DSLR, enabling finest image quality. Now, they manufacture digital compact cameras. Yet another product from Japan!

7. Kodak:

Kodak is an American Company founded in the year 1892 and emerged as the giant in imaging technology. Kodak Easy share series was a he hit. However, the company now has lost its importance in the marking because of its very slow transition into the digital age.

8. Pentax:

This Japanese company was established in 1919 is widely popular for the impeccable camera. The lens is fine at its best and they have given us some of the coolest digital single lens reflex camera models. They were also manufacturers of binoculars, rifle scopes etc.

Tips To Choose The Best Camera:

Before investing your money on a camera, you need to ensure that your camera suits your usage and needs:

  • Understand your purpose. Is it for professional usage or just for capturing your moments?
  • If you are a pro, you can check out the various lens suited for your genre like wildlife, outdoor, macro etc.,
  • If you are an amateur, you can just get a nice digicam that fits your budget
  • Next define your budget and question yourself if it is worth stretching that extra penny.
  • Your camera must be the latest in market for optimal usage. Do not go for older models
  • Always make sure the camera comes with a company warranty card
  • Keep the camera secured in a good quality bag or pouch for longevity

Photography sure is the best way to lose yourselves. Most of the times, the trick simply lies in knowing what to photograph and how to do it. To simply get the best out of the scenarios, choosing the right camera and lens become mandatory. Take your time and figure out what you need and how much do you really need it.

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