The signs of a modern person are being comfortable in his own lifestyle been its clothes, accessories and even footwear to the extension that it reflects your personality and style. Among it comes Wallets that doesn’t say so much but holds an important place and a thing that cannot be ignored. Many vibrant brands make wallets for both men and women who make you look stylish when you carry them and while paying your bills you can even flash your branded wallet and create a statement of yours.

Popular Wallet Brands for Men and Women:

Let’s have a look on top 15 designs of branded wallets.

1. MONT BLANC Leather Wallet for Men:


Mont Blanc is known through the globe for their traditional styles of wallets and the options present in it. This brown wallet has the company name and logo with the superb well-crafted wallet at the corners. It is made of durable calfskin leather and it’s a good choice for men to use it on a daily basis.S

2. Slim Fit HIDESIGN Wallets:


With pay wave technology wallets have also been designed as slim fit as there’s no need to carry much cash. Cards have taken its place and the wallets are getting slimmer and smarter. The wallet has a good number of pockets to hold your cards and a flap to keep the wallet intact. As it is a slim fit wallet it is very easy to carry and handle. As because of its make your pockets don’t bulge out giving a neat and stylish look.

3. Bi-Fold HERMES Wallet:

The beautiful and attractive bi-folded wallet is very much in demand by a woman as it is very easy to carry. These branded wallets are available in vibrant and pastel colours and you can match it according to your outfit and mark your own style. The front of the wallet looks impressive because of the layered feature and the contrast stitch on the edges makes it look unique. It has good ample space to store the valuables. This branded wallet can be to parties giving you a flashy and stylish look.

4. Flap Over GUCCI Wallet for Women:

Gucci wallets are one of the most desired ones by both men and women’s because of its unique design and pattern. These wallets can be used anywhere from the boardroom to parties and even for shopping. The minimalist designs, graphic print and the unique designer flap of Gucci are perfect to show off your unique style. This wallet looks impressive because of the unique print and the flap with the combination of dark green and red make the wallet amazing. At the bottom of the flap, Gucci is embossed in a stylish way.

5. Multi-Compartment CALVIN KLEIN Wallets:


This type of Calvin Klein multi-compartment wallet is perfect for men’s who require some more space for their plastic cards and currency. The wallet has a smooth finish from inside and a stylish exterior with many cards slots and with full-length compartments for currency. The wallet made by them has a good storage area and has a neat finish and has a smooth look.

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6. Luxury ARTIUS Wallets:

As the name suggests Artius wallets look royal and it’s made from genuine smooth nubuck leather. The design of the wallet is simple yet modern to look at with a bit contrasting with grey and brown leather. The wallet has a smooth finish making it look extraordinary and gives a classy look. It has ample holders wherein you can store your cards and full-length compartment area to hold your hard-earned currency.

7. Colourful TOM FORD Money Wallet:

Here come the sophisticated and cool looking wallets by Tom Ford. These wallets are available in various colours with smart shiny zip keeping the wallet intact. It looks very stylish and can be used anywhere and can be carried with any kind of outfits giving you a glamour’s look. It’s a wallet where you can just carry your necessary item only and small cabinets to hold currency and cards.

8. COACH Slim Wallet for Girls:


The famous brand Coach had designed wallets made in leather and look stylish and help you to carry your essentials in one place. It has many slots wherein you can keep your plastic cards and ample space for other necessary items to store. They are very light in weight and don’t pain your hands because of their weightless feature. It makes you look attractive and stylish when carried with the right outfit.

9. Zip Style CHRISTIAN DIOR Wallet:

These wallets are very attractive to look at and very compact to use. As the exterior has the zip making it safe to use and comfortable to carry. It is made from grained leather and it has plenty of space to store cards and even has a full-length area to keep the currency. These wallets are compact in nature and give a good grip when carried and it’s available in various colours and styles and you can pick the one according to your style and comfort.

10. Stylish GOYARD Wallets:

They are well known for producing luxury impressive leather goods. The wallet made by them has a personalized touch with thousands of different combinations. The unique zig-zag pattern on the blue leather wallet makes it look entirely different and unique from others. The contract stitch on the edges of the wallet makes it look extraordinary and the wallet has a good space to hold your cards, Ids and currency. You can pick any colour of wallet and flaunt your own style.

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11. Compact HERSCHEL Wallets:


Here comes a light blue attractive stylish looking wallet by Herschel. The wallet has ample card storage slot with full-length space to keep the currency and a small enclosed area to store coins. The red and peach strips in between mark a distinctive impression and make the wallet look more attractive. The wallet has a smooth finish and the attractive combination of colours make the wallet appear distinctive from other brands. These bright colour wallets are adored by young ones as they love flashy and bright colours.

12. JACK SPADE Anchor Wallets:


If you want something different and stylish then you should consider Jack Spade wallets. At the exterior of the wallet, the shape of anchor is printed making it look cool and stylish. The combination of dark blue and black is amazing and it has a smooth finish with discretely attractive contract stitching. It has ample numbers of brackets to holds the cards and full-length area wherein you can keep your currency safely.

13. Authentic BALLY Wallets:

Modernity is the next name of bally. The craftsmanship on the wallets display luxury and is the one best wallet brands preferred by anyone. The wallet is made of fine and pure leather in black and has ample compartments inside to carry your necessities. If you prefer lighter back pocket it’s an excellent choice for you as the design and size are perfect to fit in your back pockets. The wallet has a smooth and shiny finish make it look attractive and flashy.

14. PERRY ELLIS Flip Clip Front Wallet:

These wallets appear to be stylish and very easy to handle. They come in amazing colour combinations where the exterior of the wallet is black or brown where interiors are of red or blue colours making it look fashionable. It’s ideal for holding cards, bills with architectural slots built to hold lots. The contrast stitching enhances the appearance of the wallet

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15. Red with Flaps TOMMY HILFIGER Wallets:

The wallet produces by Tommy Hilfiger appears to be gorgeous and eye-catchy one. This red wallet has a front flap and the brand name and the logo make it look very impressive. The black strap at the bottom of the wallet enhances the look of the wallet. It has ample space to store cards and full-length compartments hold cash. The wallet provides a good grip to your hands and you can easily be carried to any parties or at cool hangouts also.

It’s a must for every one of us to carry a decent and comfortable wallet as it holds all the money. That’s the reason people prefer branded wallets rather than Velcro or nylon wallets as the branded wallets are made of good quality leather, it has good pleated corners and evenly creased. Now choose the wallet that suits your persona and show off your unique style. The branded wallet looks classy when carried and they are durable unlikely the normal wallets. By using any branded wallet you can create a good impression in front of others as it reflects your persona and style.