Modern man needs luxury and comfort readily available in today’s times for his existence, unlike in olden times. Any accessory, be it clothes, watches, belts, wallets, etc., reflects a man’s style and overall personality. So he is extremely careful and choosy about the accessories and picks those which reflect his style statement. Small rectangular foldable accessories for carrying cards and cash are wallets. Wallets are one most important fashion accessories where a man picks them out while taking out his cards or making any cash payment. So wallets subtly speak a lot about the person. So cannot ignore wallets, which hold a very important place in a man’s world.

Latest and Best Models of Branded Wallets for Men In Trend:

Wallets are one of those must-have essentials, and a man cannot just do without his wallet. Here is a list of 25 simple and Branded men’s wallets for cards, coins and money.

1. Simple Wallets for Men:

Men prefer simple leather wallets for everyday use. A basic wallet’s purpose is to keep things like money, debit and credit cards, visiting cards, etc. They are not elaborate but are enough to hold basic things for everyday use. Made in leather in various colours such as brown, black, grey etc., wallets enhance the overall personality and serve the purpose of carrying money required by men.

2. Bifold Wallets Men:

This is also a common men’s wallet. As the name suggests, it folds in two halves and can store money, cards, papers etc. these bifold wallets for men have separate places for storing cards and are partitioned for money. Further, there are slots for storing important smart cards like Driving licenses, PAN cards etc. which are important for identification purposes. Carrying an Identity document is essential. So the bifold wallet looks organised and well maintained and stored.

3. Men’s Alligator Wallets:

Expensive and luxurious can be the perfect way to describe these alligator wallets. Made from original crocodile skin, these are crafted to perfection; hence these can be described to be luxurious money clips. These expensive wallets for men use genuine alligator skin and buckles of silver, brass, etc. This has many card slots, money slots, important documents holder etc. It is one of the best gifting options and one of the prized possessions in a man’s wardrobe.

4. Aluminium Men’s Wallets for Cards:

These are extremely thin and durable wallets made of aluminium and not leather. This opens like a book and not like the usual wallets. Water-resistant and hence preferred, these aluminium wallets can store cards and cash equally. These are not bulky while carrying and are sleek looking but have a lot of storage space. With a minimum of six to seven slots, you can adequately store almost all the important cards and cash.

5. Trifold Wallets for Men:

This is a slim trifold-designed leather men’s wallet designed for carrying more cards and cash equally. This opens and has two folds and hence the name trifold. Both the holds have many slots for cards, and the middle part has a transparent cover for storing identity documents for easy access and use. Comfortable to carry and use, these trifold wallets serve people wanting to carry many things in one wallet.

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6. Breast Pocket Wallets for Men:

This breast pocket wallet fits in the front pocket and is ideal for storing many things. These are not the usual, small rectangle-shaped ones but are longer and shorter at the width edges. This has one fold and opens to one side with lots of slots for holding cards and another single big slit for storing passports or cheques, air tickets etc.

7. Small Pocket Wallets for Men:

These are small pocket men’s wallets for storing minimal things like cash and a few cards. These are small and slim and easy to fit in a pocket. Not bulky and hence are ideal for carrying while running errands or going short distances. These are made of leather and look stylish and serve their purpose perfectly. These are available in many different colours too.

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8. Cool Wrist Wallets:

The most unique yet the most useful wallets are these wrist wallets. They look like a cuff bracelet in leather worn on a wrist. These are like that secret stash where one can store or hide cash, key, health etc., inside a secret zip. Men can keep cash, fitness band, keys etc., concealed inside these men’s wallets yet can be safe and put to use when required.

9. Men’s Slim-Fit Front Pocket Wallets:

Slim-fit front pocket wallets are for carrying minimum items. The cash can be carried or kept in the front for easier access to cash and other cards. This is just the size and shape of the front pocket and is very slim. Front pockets are easily accessible for cash and cards rather than back pockets. So having a wallet in the front pocket is easier to carry things without getting pickpocketed. It’s convenient with less bulk.

10. Best Wallets with Key Holders:

Genuine branded leather wallets also have a stylish key holder attached for holding keys. Keys need not be kept separate but can be just clipped to this holder in the wallet. The wallet is a bifold one with enough space for cash and cards. So this can be a multipurpose wallet serving many purposes such as storage, usage, and safety.

11. Leather Chequebook Wallets:

This is ideally suited and designed exclusively for carrying chequebooks. With space for a chequebook, it has space to hold a pen and a few card slots. These are genuine leather in brown or black shades or other classy colours. These are elongated for holding chequebooks, unlike those small regular wallets.

12. Coin Wallets for Men:

These small, tiny leather men’s wallets are designed only to store coins. Storing coins in normal wallets makes them bulky and heavier. So an additional coin wallet is just what a man wants to store coins. Also, taking out coins becomes easier, and coins are easily accessible. These are not even the size of a regular wallet, as they are much smaller.

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13. Leather Wallet with Coin Purse:

Regular leather wallets in amazing shades are a must-have accessory for a man defining his overall personality. Leather wallets also come with a fitted coin purse on them. So in totality, these are one for storing cash, cards, identity documents and coins. These look stylish and are high on the fashion index and the most preferred leather wallets.

14. ID Wallets for Men:

Wallets for storing a few cards but mainly for storing the ID (identity) cards are these ID wallets. These have a transparent/translucent cover on the upper side of the wallet where the identity card can be inserted and kept. Flashing the ID when someone asks for it is easier than taking it out of the wallet. So this is also high on convenience.

15. Travel Wallets for Men:

Every man needs an exclusive travel wallet fulfilling all his travel requirements essentials. Men need this to arrange their documents and be sorted properly. These are genuine leather men’s wallets with many modifications. These have many card slots for carrying international cards, forex cards, along normal cards. Further, it can hold a pen and has slots for cheque books, tickets, papers etc., along with slots for storing cash. It comes with a key holder on the inside.

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16. Taxi Wallets:

This is one of the smallest minimalist wallets for men. made of leather; these have pouches to carry cash, coins, bills, etc. and a secret pouch to hold important papers. The secret pouch can be used to hide anything, for that matter. Men love this for the size of the wallet and the bigger purposes it serves. It is just what one requires, neither more nor less but perfect for storing everything in one tiny wallet.

17. Cell Phone Wallets for Men:

This is like a bifold wallet with buttons and a flap. They have a lot of flaps for cards and a separate area designated for cell phones. The cell phone can be properly kept inside the wallet without any hassle, and since the cash and card area is separated, it can easily manage a cell phone. These can be kept in the bag or also can be a clutch phone case. These are elongated and hence can hold even huge big cell phones.

18. Neck Men’s Wallets:

Neck wallets are popular with men who travel frequently or who love to travel and explore places. The wallet is attached to a string like a belt and can be worn on the neck. They have separate flaps and pouches for storing cash, cards, passport, cheques etc. This also has a transparent pouch for storing identity documents for easy access. So men who love hassle-free travel need this neck wallet for sure.

19. Velcro Nylon Wallet:

Nylon Men’s wallets are in vogue, for they are water-resistant and have Velcro for closing the wallet. These can be even bifold or trifold and have flaps and pouches for cards and cash. They come in various colours and are best flaunted by teenagers and youth. They can up their cool quotient by using these cool nylon wallets. They have a cashing at the edges, so the wallet doesn’t tear off easily. These are also long-lasting, durable, and low maintenance compared to leather wallets.

20. Stainless Steel Wallets for Men:

These stainless steel wallets for men exude class and bang-on fashion. Made of high-quality stainless steel, these are the most durable wallets and are preferred over leather. Leather is high maintenance sometimes, so men are switching to these classy wallets too. They have slots for cards, cash and coins and are sleek too.

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21. RFID Men’s Security Wallets:

RFID is Radio frequency identification used to protect personal and secured information by adding chips and tags to personal belongings. Men use RFID-secured leather wallets to protect personal information and documents. The normal leather bifold and trifold wallets can be RFID tagged and double up to be a secure wallet, preventing all the possibilities of theft.

22. Best Magic Wallets:

These are nice unique wallets, indeed magic wallets. These are extremely sleek and thin and have two parts, one for cards and cash. The cash area has a cross strap for securing cash and two vertical straps for holding cards and identity documents. One gets misguided because of the appearance that it is a wallet and hence the name magic wallets. These wallets can be made at home too. Men use these for small usage activities.

23. Men’s Belt Wallets:

Securing the wallet in the belt is also the best way to carry all the required stuff in one place simultaneously. These can also be concealed inside the trousers safely. They have separate slots and spaces for cards, passports, cash, cheques, keys, identity cards etc. They are that one wallet required by everyone for carrying most things at the same time. These are mostly made of genuine leather only for lasting and durability.

24. Cool Credit Card Wallets:

Exclusively for storing only credit and debit cards, these are perfect for storing all plastic money in one place for easy search and access. These are made of leather and have many plastic or leather slits for storing cards. They are very compact and just the size of a credit card.

25. Titanium Wallets Men:

These are the classiest wallets for men. These are made of titanium and have two metal sheets, and the cash and cards are stored in between these sheets. The classic colour of titanium reflects the class and personality of a man. There is a cut-out in the middle where a man can slide his finger, take out the lid, and remove the required things.

Fashion has become synonymous with lots of accessories. Wallet stores all the money, cards etc. and is extremely important. Good quality and well-made wallets are one of a man’s prized possessions. They have become essential for everyday activities for a man. Carrying a good, branded wallet according to the requirement also highlights the persona of a man. They silently speak a lot about a man. Flaunt those nice, stylish wallets and create a lasting impression.

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