Laptops and mobiles have many security features and levels. But our wallet holds most of our valuable and personal items. The wallet needs to be protected from all at all times. Keeping our credit cards and money intact and safe is of paramount importance. Here are the 9 best security wallet types to protect your money and credit cards from thieves.

Latest Security Wallets Designs for Gents and Ladies:

Let’s look at the top and trendy models of security wallets for protection.

1. Chest Security Wallet:

These are top-quality chest security wallets that are very lightweight. The wallets are great for storing passports, money, etc., that must be safeguarded at all times. The colours that the wallets come in are varied from pale to dark colours. These wallets are comfortable to wear and are easy to clean with an adjustable strap.

2.  Neck Travel Security Wallet:

This travel pouch is the best to wear under your clothes that hang on the neck for added security. The wallet has easy storage pockets for passports, money and credit cards. The closures are made of Velcro, making it easy and adding an extra security layer.

3. Men’s Security Chain Wallet:

Here is a great option to secure your wallet even when not on travel destinations. The wallet is made from leather and has a security chain that can be attached to the pant’s belt loops. The wallet has a secure button opening too. It contains four credit card slots and more space for cash.

4. Credit Card RFID Security Wallet:

This security wallet is one of the latest to be invented. It is made of aluminium panels and comes lined with RFID-blocking material that protects from credit card scanners and prevents identity theft. It has six slots for credit cards, ID and any other material you would like to keep. The design is perfect for women.

5. Cable Security Wallet:

You can easily get this security wallet with a retractable cable. The cable is then connected to the belt loops of the pants. If anyone tries to steal the wallet, it will snap back and coil into the cable holder.

6. Waist Band Wallet for Security:

This waistband security wallet is made from nylon or polyester. The modern security wallet has RFID-blocking material that helps guard you against security theft. The nylon and the zippers used are high quality and durable. It has a special fabric that keeps away moisture too.

7. Leg Security Wallet for Men:

Leg wallets are a great way to protect your important items from thieves. The leg wallets are worn around the leg near the ankle and hidden under the pants. The wallets can hold cash easily. These are best for people who love to run daily and exercise, as this frees them from carrying items in their pockets.

8. Men’s Security Belt Wallet:

Another great idea is this travel belt that doubles as a secure wallet. The belt has an inner lining that houses pockets. Each of these pockets can hold cash and keep it secure. The belts are normally worn on trousers and pants, which can easily conceal any extra cash you may want to carry.

9. Bio-Metric Security Wallet:

This is one of the most advanced security wallets. The wallet can open only when the owner’s identity is confirmed. The users need to connect the wallet to the computer initially. They must then scan their fingerprint and set it as the security code. The wallet can then be opened by swiping a finger over it. An alarm will also sound on the user’s cell phone if the wallet is away from the user for more than 10 feet.

Choose wallets with anti-theft and RFID technology to safeguard your items. These are a great buy if you travel in densely populated areas.

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