Wallets have been an important accessory for the men since they were invented. They are filled with each and every necessary thing the men need to carry with them. But initially they seemed to be bulky due to the heavy amount they used to carry or the credit cards, visiting cards etc. Such wallets when carried seemed to be a burden.

Different Types of Men’s Slim Wallets:

With the changing in the fashion accessories, a change also emerged in the wallet designs. This gave a new wallet design namely slim wallet design which is quite popular in the market. Let’s have a look at some variety of such slim wallets for men.

1. Envelop Slim Wallet in Red:

A new men’s slim wallet design which is given a envelop design is quite popular these days. The slim leather wallet is given a folded opening to give security for your valuable money and cards. Moreover the brown color attracts mostly all the men with its charming shine.

2. Metal Slim Wallet:

Looking for a more dashing accessory to carry on! Try a metal slim wallet with a silver shinny. The metal wallet provides security to your cash and cards when slipped between the metal walls. It is the safest way to carry your valuables with a stylish look.

3. Plain Leather Black Wallet:

Want a simple but trendy looking accessory! A slim leather wallet in plain black color is the best that suits you. The trendy wallet is given special pocket that can store your money and cards separately with a water proof packing. You can also store the more used thing in the front pocket to avoid opening the full wallet every time.

4. Wooden Card Wallet Slim:

A unique best slim wallet for men made out from wood gives a secure look to the carrier. The wallet is made from wood and leather for a unique combination. The wooden front gives security to the cards it holds from bending. The wooden design it holds adds to its uniqueness.

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5. Multi Pocket Slim Wallet:

A super slim wallet designed in leather is widely used by the business men to store their valuables. The wallet has several pockets to store the cash, credit cards, visiting cards, etc. in different places. This also gives comfort while searching for any card or cash.

6. C Cut Wallet for Men Slim:

A slim wallet men with a c-cut at the edge is widely used by the men for a quick removal of cash or cards. The wallet is made with carbon fibre which makes it more attractive with its amazing design. The wallet is slim enough to carry for a stylish look.

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7. Dual Side Slim Wallet for Men:

A dual side wallet is the widely used wallet among the men. The slim leather wallet has a wide pocket to store your cash without folding it. While there are several other card pockets to store the cards of banks and visiting cards too. The wallet divides the burden in several pockets which gives a slim look when carried.

8. Mens Slim Card Wallet:

A super slim wallet made especially for the cards is popular these days among the common men and the entrepreneurs to save their cards. The card holder is open at one side which is tight enough to deny the slipping of any card from it due to its elasticity.

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9. Banded Wallet:

A wallet with a fancy look gives an excellent impression to the viewers. The wallet is capable to carry cash and 6 to 8 cards along with it. It can also carry a small diary fixed in it which would be tightening with a black belt. It gives a classic look with formals and casuals.

The slim wallets for men help to give a fabulous appearance rather than carrying those bulky wallets in your pants which give your back a filthy look. Mostly all the branded wallets are giving with several stylish slim wallets to choose from according to your needs.

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