Crystals are sure to excite you and your loved ones. The colors available in crystals are so vast that they satisfy any taste buds. The clear and transparent crystals give a glistening effect while the opaque crystals bring sophistication. Choose a crystal pendant that satisfies all your choices and look stunning in them. This list of crystal pendant focuses on the types that are available in the market now.

Latest and Stylish Designs of Crystal Pendants for Womens in Fashion:

Let we have to look at the top 9 crystal pendants designs with Images.

1. Wire Wrap Crystal Pendant:

This is a really cool crystal pendant that has an uncut or rough cut crystal that is attached to the pendant with a wire. The wire wrapping technique is quite unique and creates an interesting shape and outcome. The wire ends are normally curved in a spiral at the end.

2. Swarovski Crystal Pendant:

The Swarovski crystal pendant is one of the most famous and expensive jewelry collection. Here you have a wonderful orange crystal that is cut in the tear drop shape. The crystal is set in silver and has diamonds on the silver frame. This is a perfect gift for anyone you cherish.

3. Crystal Point Pendant:

Choose this crystal pendant necklace for a casual and quirky style image. The crystal point pendant is made of a crystal that is cut in the shape of a pointed edge. The top of the crystal is held by a silver frame is kept simple. Select this kind of pendant in any of the gorgeous colors of crystals available.

4. Glass Vial Crystal Pendant:

This is another unusual pattern that is loved by many. Here you have a glass vial that is filled with Moldavite and Herkimer crystals that are tiny in size. The glass vial is cylindrical in shape and is held with silver capping. The necklace that holds the pendant is also made in silver.

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5. Uncut Crystal Pendant:

This necklace with crystal pendant is very unique. The crystal used here is rose quartz crystal that is not cut or polished into any of the classic shapes. The crystal is kept in its natural form and this is what brings out its beauty. The capping for this crystal pendant is thin gold sheet that is again kept rough and unpolished to achieve the same effect.

6. Large Crystal Pendant:

Go in for this extra large crystal pendant for a really bold and daring look. The crystal size here is quite large and is kept simple with just black wiring for the necklace. This pendant crystal necklace is great to go with deep neck dresses and gowns.

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7. Fashion Crystal Pendants:

Choose this one of a kind fashion crystal for a wonderful and dainty blue crystal pendant. The pendant is designed like a half butterfly and the centre of each wing is fit with a glistening blue crystal. This gives a wonderful shine to the pendant and looks stunning when worn.

8. Natural Crystal Pendant:

Heart shaped pendants are very much sought after by everyone these days. Select your favorite heart shaped pendant with this natural crystal in blue. The silver crystal pendant has the blue crystal in heart shape and a chunky pendant collar.

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9. Gold Crystal Pendant:

This lovely gold crystal pendant is the perfect gift for your mother. The pendant pays tribute to the love of a mother. The clear crystal set in the gold round frame is very beautiful. There is a gold inlay with the words ‘Mom’ and a lovely rose too that add to the beauty of this gorgeous pendant.

Select your favorite crystal pendants that is either rough cut or cut into the classic shapes like tear drop, round, etc. Get the stones that are polished for a more stylish look or let them be unpolished for a raw effect. Either way you are sure to fall in love with your crystal pendants.

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