Necklaces are a significant part of the jewellery worn by women. Pendants form an important part of it. Gold, diamond, silver and others are among the innumerable options for pendants. They range from the most casual ones to the eye-catchy and attractive ones.

Beautiful and Stylish Pendant Necklace Designs with Images:

Pendants are available in great numbers. Among those, here is a list of the top 9 pendants you can choose.

1. Simple Circle Gold Pendant Necklace Design:

The simple circle-shaped hollow pendant in gold is a sober one to buy and wear. A saying that goes,” Beauty lies in simplicity” This pendant would surely add to your beauty with the simple design and the aura it carries.

2. Scenery on The Pendant for Girls:

This is a plain circle pendant with the scenery designed on its surface in scattered colours. It also gives a beautiful and general look and can be worn with a Western outfit. Girls interested in art and drawing can easily opt for this pendant.

3. Three Ocean Blue Pendant in Silver:

The three blue stones with dark tones in the corners and the light blue in the middle provide a soothing look. Attached, the spiral strands look like the colour of an ocean and symbolise a pleasant atmosphere as well. Any girl can buy this as a part of her creative jewellery and wear it with a Western dress.

4. Black Germia Pendant Necklace Design:

The pendant is a light green coloured, very haphazardly designed on the sides in black with small stones studded in it. A girl can wear the pendant in combination with a Western dress in black.

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5. Treble Clef Pendant Necklace:

An attractive piece of ornament for a girl who loves music. The pendant designed as a clef symbolises the trough and crests formed when the sound is produced. The thinly designed silver treble gives a sharp look with great labour to produce this pendant.

6. Wood Pendant Jewelry:

The flat wooden plank as the pendant gives a sober look. The simple font proverb adds to the pendant’s “simple yet splendid look” of the pendant. The line circling with the arrows in one direction also increases the beauty of the written words. Girls fond of books and literature, and those with a geeky or nerd character would love to buy this pendant.

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7. Green Banded Agate Pendant in Silver:

The green shade in the stone, the encircled spiral, and the silver half-ovals give a sober look to the pendant. This simple pendant can be worn at a simple get-together and a party. Any girl or woman can buy who desires multipurpose jewellery.

8. Red Stone Large Pendant Necklace Designs for Women:

This pendant with small and big red stones crafted in the pendant gives out an ethnic and traditional look. The pendant can be worn with any red-coloured outfit or an ethnic one. Red is a colour most women desire, and this jewellery would be a perfect option for them.

9. Multiple Layered Pebbles in The Pendant:

The unique pendant with the double-sided golden strand with multiple pebbles placed inside gives the pendant an elegant look. Worn with a similar outfit or funky one, the pendant would go with any of it, adding a lot to your personality.

Thus, the simple pendants are the most elegant ones anyone can find among the various options in the pendants category. These 9 simple pendants above are the chosen ones among them.


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