Girls and boys needn’t be lovers to be together, they can be best friends too. However, when it comes to befriending girls as friends, most boys shy out, and if this is your story. Please read on and be well-informed on how to strike a chord with a girl as a friend. There are many boys who secretly want to be friends with a girl they like. They love talking to them since they find the girl witty and a good conversationalist. Hence why not be friends with her? Boys like girls who are fun loving, humorous and kind, and someone who they can just hang around with for coffee and a movie sometime. Who knows where this would go, but here is how you too could be friends with her.

How to Become Friends with a Girl

Here is What you Should Do:

1. Know What She Likes:

Know what she likes, where she likes to hang out and if she is okay with an unknown person coming forward to be friends with her or not. However, to find out all of this, do not stalk her online or otherwise, because if she gets to know it she would hate you inside out, and it is a criminal offence too. Most girls wouldn’t be that comfortable having a male stranger walk up to them and ask to be her friend, just like that. However, if the girl has seen you hanging around the same place as her, or maybe have common friends with her, you then could say goodbye to one barrier and walk ahead with politeness to ask her as a friend.

2. Understand Her:

Put yourself in her shoes and try and understand if she would like to be friends with you or not? Try and notice the kind of people she likes to interact with. What she likes to eat, and what are her hobbies? Where does she go with friends for a weekend, a fun time, and more? If you share the same classroom with her. Check where she sits, try sitting somewhere close to her. But don’t suffocate her with your presence too much, or she would run away.

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3. Interacting with Her:

Now that you have smiled and made the first move, assuming. She has accepted you as a friend don’t be hasty. Take one thing at a time; understand her better by interacting with her and making small talk. Start small and don’t be afraid even if you cannot communicate very fluently. Laugh at your own mistakes and show her that you are someone who makes no bones of accepting his own flaws. In doing so she would respect you more, and one more thing, girls hate pomp and show, hence be simple and natural. One doesn’t need to color their hair or wear piercings and ride a cool vehicle to be her friend; she needs a friend, not a clown or a chauffeur.

4. Treat Her with Care:

She is a girl, and you should treat her with care and respect. Be chivalrous and open the door for her. Pull the chair for her to sit comfortably at an eatery or maybe walk her home. Remember, she feels nice and safe when you do all that for her, and she would respect and trust you more. Make her laugh, women love men who have a funny bone that can tickle them. make the good times happen, laugh together, share an ice cream, dig into pastries, pet a puppy when she does with true intentions, and watch how she falls for you.

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Have fun and don’t push:

In all of this, sometimes you may harbor feelings of love for her. HOLD ON; don’t rush into anything as of now. Lovers were best friends once, this is what you need to respect and understand!!

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