Nothing happens by magic and certainly not overnight. Yes, you have that instant attraction to someone, but that’s only at a coffee table where everyone speaks well. A friend indeed is someone who understands you, every bone and cell in your body, as though they have created you in their own image. The same can be said about best friends, it’s like searching for the right one, a soulmate of sorts, and all soulmates need not be lovers, some have been best friends for year’s altogether. If you have been blessed with a best friend or many besties around, consider yourself lucky. Now the next step is how to improve your friendship that you share with him or her, or them for that matter. So let’s take a look, shall we?

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Tips for How to Improve Your Friendship:

Be a Good Listener:

As time passes by, you would understand that friendship has deeper levels than what is otherwise seen and perceived. It’s like an onion, the juiciest part is always deep within. So as a friend, it is up to you how you unravel the puzzle, the emotions, the lifestyle, the drama they go through or even the mental state they are in at the moment.

Friends are not for fun times only, such friends then are not friends, to be honest. There would be ups and downs in your life, and through the storm, your true friends would stand by you like a tree against the strong winds. And that’s why it is so important to cherish what you have, your best friends. Listen to them and hear them out, and pay attention to their likes and dislikes, small acts of kindness sure do go a long way.

Maybe not now but in future the acts of kindness will pay you back, ten times ten. And when least expected, you too may find many answers to the questions you have, all by listening and hearing your best friends story. The power of listening to them pathetically and with appropriate verbal nods cannot be undermined, it shows that you care. This instills trust and loyalty between you and them, and the relationship thus grows stronger in times to come.

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Be There for Your Friend:

Sometimes we fall into curve ball scenarios and don’t know what to do. There are things which we cannot ask parents to help out with, this is where your bestie comes into play. Your sole confidante is he or she or them, and by speaking with them you would find answers and solutions.

The same goes for you when it comes to being there for them. Remember, friendship is a two-way street, and there is a lot of give and take in equal measure. Now just because you aren’t in town or maybe somewhere far from the scene at the moment, doesn’t mean that you cannot be there for them. True friends are there in spirit, pick up that phone and let your soothing voice calm their nerves. You really don’t know what they may be going through at the moment, but a gentle loving voice can be therapeutic.

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Finally, make no expectations and drop your ego. When you give, do so with an open loving heart. And when you know you are wrong, flush your ego down the toilet and let go. Communicate, interact, email, SMS, WhatsApp, skype or socially network if need be, but stay in touch. This is because those who take time to stay in touch, with a line or maybe a few minutes, are the ones who truly care. Friends as we say are precious gems; they can bail you out of any and every situation. Don’t let them go away, for one day you would feel desolate and alone, is that what you want?


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