If you are someone who is wondering what lipstick will suit you as per Indian skin, then this guide by us on lipstick shades for Indian skin is for you. You often see yourself struck between going towards the evergreen trend of reds and pinks and going safe by picking up nudes. However, we also know that one cannot match all lipstick shades to every skin tone, given that the fairer, medium or duskier skin tone have different suitable options for best looks. Most girls often dwell around this issue on lipstick colours for Indian skin, and it can be as hard as picking up the right tone for yourself. Hence here we come with making it easy with choosing the best lipstick shades for Indian skin tones as best suited for you. So girls, why wait and what are we waiting for, here are best lipstick shades for Indian skin tone.

Skin Tone, Undertone and Lipstick Shades: (Quick Facts)

But before we enter more into lip colours for Indian skin, here are some quick tips from us. How do you know which skin tone is yours? It is not just like many of us assume, and we are in the dark colour range and so are not suited for red lipsticks and vice versa. It is rather about undertones. Different undertones for skin include warm, neutral and cool. But how do you know which skin tone and undertone you belong too?

Check your veins near wrists. If you can see green veins, then you are in a warm undertone. If you are in blue, then you have a cool undertone. But if you can’t quite tell, then you may be a neutral undertone. Undertones of skin also play a significant role in determining which lipstick shade may suit you the best.

Best Lipstick Shades for Indian Skin Tone:

Now let us see top trending lipstick shades for Indian skin tone. There are essentially three skin tones for Indian skin, namely fair, dusky and whitish skin. Here we see which one is the best suitable shade for you as per undertone and skin tone.

Fair Skin Tone:

If you have a fairer skin tone, that is if you look fair, then these may be the best options suited for your tone. Do not miss having fun with red shades (dark red, corals or lighter reds), hot pinks and all nudes!

1. Love for Red Lipstick Shade:

Most Indians think and assume that red may not suit them the best. Well, you are wrong, and it is a myth. Here is the proof. Red lipsticks are gorgeous and can suit several skin tones, including dark and fairer skin tones too. Now given that you are into a fairer skin tone, here is how you select the best red lipstick for yourself. If you have cool undertones, go for wine red lipstick shades and blood-red lipstick shades. But if you have warmer and neutral tones, you may want to go for the tint of orangish-red lipstick or with plum colour red shades.

2. The Hot Pinks and Purples:

Well, pinks may be a common lipstick shade for Indians. However, purples are often considered too bold. But trust us and believe us, this is among the coolest shades we have come across for this generation and modern age. In case you have cooler undertones, opt for brighter pink shades like berry pink, baby pink, and hot pinks. But if you are into warmer undertone then go for brownish pink. These can be the best options as per your skin tones. Let us see how these pink lipsticks are for Indian skin fare.

In case you want to try out something bold, then this can be the best choice for you. You have a range of purple shades of pink and bolder pinks which can be best suited for fairer skin tone with neutral and warmer undertones as well.

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3. The Safe and Simple Nude Shades:

There are, however, girls who choose to remain simple and safe. They don’t want to try out something too bold and go out in too loud colours. Then we understand you. Here are some best nude colour shades suited for Indian fairer skin tones with different warm, cooler and neutral undertones. While there is a range of shades within, the most common and trendy shades are these. Since you are in fairer tones, go for nude lipsticks with pinkish undertone within the lipstick. These best lipstick shades for fair Indian skin will enhance and brighten your lips naturally and go with darkening the lips. If you have a very warmer undertone, go for beige shades. Here is an example of how brown lipstick shades for Indian skin will suit you.

Wheatish and Olive / Medium Skin Tone:

In case you have wheatish and medium coloured skin tone, one can try out reds (yes, you heard it right! Experiment with the red’s) and bold nudes. These are among best-suited lipstick shades for wheatish Indian skin for you to try out.

1. The Bold Red:

Well, worry not, the red colour lipsticks also will be best for you and will be well suited to you. If you are into olive skin tone or wheatish skin tone, go for orangish reds and more of coral reds. These are best suited red lipstick for Indian skin and to you and will complement your lip colour well. You do not need to worry at all, and they would do your job and work well with your skin tone. Be it any undertone with wheatish, the secret of the best red for you is a tint of orange and coral coloured reds. The orange lipstick for Indian skin is as follows.

This is among the best suited orangish colour dark red lipstick which can go very well with medium skin tone. You can otherwise also go for brick reds and berry colours if you want to go overbold with it.

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2. The Safe Nudes:

Well going for best lipstick shade for Indian skin and wheatish skin tone is quite tricky. Here is why we are here with other safe option of Nudes. These are best and safest for all skin tones and most of all for medium and dark skin tones. Go for lighter nudes (not dark) and with pale and beige shades. Sheer lipsticks are the best bet to go safe with your skin tone. Be it cooler undertone or warmer ones, go for yellowish nudes and caramel nudes.

Or go with a nice pale nudes pink option which can suit you the best. Here is how the best pink lipstick for Indian skin may suit you well.

Dark and Dusky Skin Tone:

Now comes the toughest of all. Choosing a lipstick for dark and dusky skin tone can be quite challenging. However, most of the dark skin tones fear for brighter coloured lip shades. Hence the top-recommended shades include Magenta (for those bolder days, a shade of pink), and nudes. Read for further details on how to match.

1. Magentas are the Best Bold:

If you want to go for bold looks for parties, these magenta colour pinks and reds are the best for dusky skin tones. These lipstick shades for brown skin are quite safe to go and yet make you stand apart in a crowd. They are all peppy and yet very elegant and stylish. But let us warn you to not go near orangish shades at all. These are just not fit for dusky skin tones in Indian skin colours. They may totally fade out the way your face will look in the end. Further, these magentas will go well with dusky skin tones and warmer undertones. Most Indian dusky skin tone women are automatically into warmer undertones here. Here are a few examples of how these best lipstick shades for dark Indian skin may look on you. In case you want to go for bolder parties or events, these are among the best fit for several young modern women.

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2. Darker and Chocolate Nudes:

Remember, you may think nudist shades are your best friend, but all are not entirely good on you. Always stay away from lighter nudes, which can make your face look ashy and faded. Go for dark browns, nude shades with rich chocolate shades or with rose brown colours. The darker the complexion, the darker your lipstick shade should be for you or else you may not look apt for the shade to fit on you. Here are some perfect fit lipstick shades for dark Indian skin.

Additional Tips:

Let us see some tips on how best to maintain lips for better shades on you,

  1. It is just about the lipstick shades. The more moisturised your lips are, the better the shade will appear on your lips.
  2. Often use good lip balm to nourish and take care of your lips well. The cracked lips can take away the brightness of lip colour. Hence always make sure they are well moisturised.
  3. If you are into bolder lip makeup, always maintain neutral eye and face makeup and vice versa. Hence if you are into lighter nude lip makeup, go for brighter eye makeup. These, in turn, will be good for balancing the overall face make-up well.

I hope this extensive guide on lipstick shades for Indian skin is good for you. These are among top trending lipstick shades that go well with different skin tones and undertones. They are totally cool, neutral and bold as well. You can easily choose the best-preferred lip shades in the given options for every skin tone. They will match you well and let you stand out from the normal and routine days. Try these out and tell us how you feel about these.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers:

Q1. Do Purples Suit Dusky Skin Tone?

Ans: Purples aren’t generally a good option for dark and dusky skin tone. They may make skin look and appear ashy. However, if the nude brown lipstick with purple undertones is present, it may suit dusky skin as well.

Q2. Is it Okay to Directly Apply Lipstick on Cracked and Dried Lips? Will it Look Good?

Ans: Dried and cracked lips do not look good for applying lipstick. Hence apply a lip primer before you apply lipstick on dried up lips. In case you have dried up lips, you should also exfoliate lips very well to make them look good and smooth.

Q3. How to Make Sure Lipstick Lasts Longer?

Ans: If your lips are well exfoliated, then your lipstick automatically lasts longer. Further, apply petroleum jelly and leave it on lips for half an hour or so after you wake up. Then once you are done with routine, apply lipstick. These steps will ensure that lipstick does not spill out and helps to act as a good lip primer too.

Q4. How to Exfoliate Lips for Better, Smoother Skin?

Ans: Exfoliation of lips plays an important role to make sure lips are not dry and are quite smooth and well moisturised. The way lipstick is shown when applied depends on the health of your lips. Hence exfoliate it every week with butter and honey. Rub well and wash the lips. Further, use brown sugar and butter mixture and rub heavily on lips every week. Wash that off. These help to remove flaky lips and dried lips and also dead skin cells if any.

Q5. Do Shimmer Lipstick Suit Dark and Dusky Skin Tones?

Ans: Yes, absolutely the shimmers do not matter to the skin tone. Many often assume that the shimmer lip shades do not suit dusky and dark Indian skin tones. However, it is a myth. The only difference between lipstick and skin tone is the shade. If you choose the right lipstick shade as per your Indian skin tone, it does not matter even if the shimmer is present on lips or not.


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