A living hall is one of the important rooms in a house. That is why a lot of efforts are given in making living rooms look attractive, aesthetically pleasing and appealing. One has to look into factors like light, space, colours such as to create a nice ambience in the living hall. A living hall must be more than just a relaxing space; it should be spacious, well ventilated, lighted and stylish at the very same time. Here look at our some latest living hall designs with photos.

Modern Living Hall Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 9 simple and best living hall designs with pictures. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Subtle Pattern Living Hall Design:

This simple, yet classy living hall design gives a soothing effect to the onlookers. The room uses subtle white colour and patterned floor maintaining simplicity and style at the same time without overwhelming it. The furniture is grey and really elegant. Overall the living hall is comfortable and cosy.

2. Light and Airy Living Hall Design:

This is such a dreamy living hall, isn’t it? This living hall interior has chosen peach and pastel colours, both for walls and the furniture. The room has dim lights creating an ambient environment inside. The hall has proper ventilation; airy and spacious too. One can enjoy the view outside. Such designs are most favourable by people these days.

3. Natural Texture Living Hall Design:

If you are a fan of Nature, then this living hall interior must be your dream. There is the proper use and blend of woodsy colours like brown, yellow, olive green and grey. The furniture looks decent and uses a neutral colour like white and fuchsia. There are indoor plants which creates a healthy atmosphere inside. This is the Inspirational living hall designs for home.

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4. Bold and Bright Living Hall Design:

If you want something as colourful and vibrant as your mood, then this is the theme for you are looking for your living hall. The living hall interior uses bright, moody, energetic hues which reflect jolliness and fun. You can experiment with the furniture, cushions and wall colours too. You can further use colourful wall hangings and pictures as shown.

5. Rustic Appeal Living Hall Design:

Create a fun environment in your living hall by being experimental by choosing this interior design for living hall. The hall uses shades of brown and yellow for the rustic feeling. The hall more or less looks like a rustic old cabin. The furniture reflects the theme too, so does the lights and walls.

6. Black and White Living Hall Interior Design:

Black and white pair is always a hit, don’t you agree? This stylish living hall interior uses black and white colours very efficiently giving it an urbane touch. The floor and ceiling use white while the furniture chooses a black colour. Overall the living hall looks attractive and appealing to the eyes.

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7. Perfect Symmetry Living Hall Design:

If you want a neat and balanced look for your living hall then you can go for this theme. This living hall decoration is perfectly symmetrical with its furniture placed at the centre. You can place a centre table in the middle and that makes the whole hall more spacious and gives a seemingly large look.

8. Contemporary Living Hall Design:

This interior design for the living hall is the favourite among most. The room looks elegant, classy and super cosy. The furniture is comfy and gives a luxurious appeal. You can use vintage stuff, LCD TV or a wall clock to give the room a more contemporary look. The lights should be stimulating and bright enough for balance.

9. Minimalist Living Hall Design:

This chic and stylish living hall design gives a serene effect on the eyes. By placing minimal things in the hall, you can create a neat and yet sophisticated look. Temper the liveliness by placing some vintage items, beanbag or two, coffee table etc. Add natural light from windows and thereby the hall will be properly ventilated too.

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For your dream living hall, many things have to be kept in consideration. Be it lights, decor, space or colours, everything needs to be perfect and on point. The hall should be cosy and effortlessly stylish and comfortable.

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